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Facebook Provides More Insight into Hyper-realistic Virtual Avatars through a new Research Paper!

September 06, 2019 / Ali Siddiqui

Facebook’s AR/VR R&D group Facebook Reality Labs recently provided more insight into how it would implement hyper-realistic real-time virtual avatars. A system capable of animating virtual avatars in real-time with exceptional fidelity from compact hardware has been devised. In the headset, three cameras have been placed for capturing user’s eyes and mouth and through this setting, the particular user’s complex face movements will be better represented than they were through the earlier methods. The main specialty of the new method is how the incoming images are used to craft a user’s virtual representation. The method is dependent on computer vision and machine learning. According to one of the authors who published the detailed research on the system, it runs live in real-time and functions for different expressions including puffed-in cheeks, biting lips, etc. Minute details like pimples are also accounted for in this method. A technical video to explain ...