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Zeta Becomes Leader in IDC MarketScape for B2C Omni-Channel Marketing

  • The IDC MarketScape evaluation assesses 14 active vendors in the domain of omnichannel marketing platforms tailored for B2C enterprises.
  • The Zeta Marketing Platform simplifies multi-vendor complexity, streamlining marketing for improved revenue performance.
  • The Zeta Marketing Platform unifies identity, intelligence, and activation to elevate consumer experiences and drive brand success across all channels, including emerging ones.

Zeta Global, the provider of AI-powered Marketing Cloud solutions, has announced its recognition as a leader in the IDC MarketScape for omni-channel-marketing platforms catering to B2C enterprises in 2023.

The Zeta Marketing Platform has garnered recognition for its ability to streamline the intricacies associated with multiple vendors in areas such as email service providers (ESP), customer data platforms (CDP), demand-side platforms (DSP), and omnichannel engagement. Zeta's comprehensive integration of technology, data, and services is a valuable resource for large-scale enterprises, enabling them to streamline their marketing efforts and enhance revenue performance.

Gerry Murray, Research Director at IDC's MarketScape for Enterprise Marketing Technology, acknowledged that the Zeta Marketing Platform's integrated technology, data, and services effectively simplify marketing across various areas, including email service providers (ESP), customer data platforms (CDP), demand-side platforms (DSP), and omnichannel engagement, ultimately driving improved revenue performance for enterprise organizations.

The IDC MarketScape report highlights several key strengths of the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP). Firstly, ZMP is meticulously designed to empower enterprises in acquiring, expanding, and retaining their customer base, offering a comprehensive suite of core products, add-on modules, and specialized services tailored to specific market opportunities and vertical segments. Secondly, Zeta stands out with one of the most extensive consumer and business-to-business datasets in the industry, boasting over 2.4 billion consumer IDs, including 750+ million deterministic data points, as well as valuable location, transaction, and intent signals. These data assets are sourced from one of the world's largest repositories of personally identifiable information (PII), positioning Zeta as a prominent presence in the market.

Zeta's strategy is to empower CMOs and their teams to make intelligence-based business decisions that deliver stronger results, said Christian Monberg, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product at Zeta Global.

[Source: Business Wire]

Within the ZMP, marketers can harness intelligence that unlocks their capacity to construct, optimize, and activate marketing programs that accelerate growth and provide individualized consumer experiences across every channel. Recognition in this IDC MarketScape is appreciated and reinforces the continued investment in innovation while designing solutions for customers.


Cloud (Saas) technology is known for being a cost-effective solution with quicker implementations, minimal use of hardware, and low maintenance costs. For your indirect tax function, regardless of whether you use native ERP functionality or an integrated on-premise tax engine to calculate tax, there are both external and interna


Cloud (Saas) technology is known for being a cost-effective solution with quicker implementations, minimal use of hardware, and low maintenance costs. For your indirect tax function, regardless of whether you use native ERP functionality or an integrated on-premise tax engine to calculate tax, there are both external and interna

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Optimizely Debuts Industry-First Marketing Operating System At Opticon 2023

PR Newswire | October 18, 2023

Optimizely, the leading digital experience platform provider, today announced a new operating system for marketing practitioners built on its industry-leading digital experience platform: Optimizely One. Up until now, the market has had to make the difficult choice between building a stack that caters more to either developers – think open and highly customizable but complex – or to practitioners – resulting in disparate point solutions that create a lot of overhead costs and disjointed workflows. Additionally, with AI rapidly evolving and its value exponentially growing, it has never been more important to streamline the way content gets created and data gets actioned. Comprised of Optimizely's seamlessly integrated best-of-breed capabilities, all built on a modern SaaS, Optimizely One offers a highly composable architecture giving teams the flexibility to choose exactly what they need in their marketing ecosystem. Optimizely One is enriched through a single, unified workflow accelerated by AI, making it simple for marketers to create, manage, deliver, and optimize content all in one place. Secure and scalable, Optimizely One provides teams with the future-proof stack they need to create and optimize digital experiences for their customers. Marketing is the only remaining enterprise function that doesn't have a go-to platform, so we designed Optimizely One to be the operating system for marketers, said Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely. "Content is at the core of every digital experience, and Optimizely One provides exactly what marketers need to orchestrate their content, monetize experiences and experiment across all touchpoints – all enriched through smart workflows and accelerated by AI. The time is now for companies to seize the opportunity to reinvent how marketing, product and growth teams work together to create content-driven digital experiences." With Optimizely One, customers can now enjoy: Fully-Composable Stack: Optimizely One is fully SaaS, fully decoupled, and highly composable to empower teams to build their stack, their way. New capabilities include: CMS SaaS Core: Design entire web experiences with a low/no-code interface, and benefit from automatic upgrades, SLAs, and managed services Graph: Aggregate content from any source, manage it from a single hub, and deliver it to any channel, app or device Visual Experience Builder: Apply pre-built templates and customer data to create and preview engaging experiences via an all-new, user-friendly editor Unified Workflow: Optimizely One connects your team via a fully connected workflow — from planning to analysis – all based on a single unified platform that allows you to log in once and seamlessly navigate across all Optimizely applications. New capabilities include: Experiment Collaboration: Manage every aspect of your experimentation program with a purpose-built tool Omnichannel Authoring: Create content once and pull it into multiple content types and formats, to deliver to any channel, device or platform AI-Accelerated: Taking an ecosystem approach, Optimizely One embeds both native and external AI capabilities into the entire marketing lifecycle, helping teams work faster and make better decisions. New highlights include: Opal, a new identity for AI: Engage with Optimizely's AI to surface insights, review recommendations, create new content, and serve as your co-pilot when you need it Partnership with Writer: Utilize business-focused language learning models (LLMs) to create enhanced AI-generated content that includes specific industry knowledge With Optimizely's newly announced solution partner, Writer, the full-stack generative AI platform for enterprises, Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) customers will be able to leverage sophisticated language learning models (LLMs) within the context of their existing marketing workflows. With a strong AI offering that meets B2B needs, this partnership will allow joint customers of Optimizely and Writer to finally harness the power of AI by leveraging the Writer platform to develop content that is relevant, compliant and consistent with their existing brand tone and voice. "We're continually reinventing the way marketers work, so they can more easily deliver exceptional digital experiences to their customers and drive maximum business impact without having to make any tradeoffs," said Rupali Jain, Chief Product Officer at Optimizely. "Optimizely One is a shared operating system that gives teams unprecedented levels of transparency, flexibility and simplicity to manage their entire marketing lifecycle. With the guidance of Opal and power of experimentation data, every part of the lifecycle is rooted in science." Optimizely leverages powerful experimentation capabilities, comprehensive digital commerce tools and intuitive content management to enable exceptional customer experiences for over 10,000 of the world's top brands. Proven by its 8 leader recognitions from analyst firms in the last 24 months, Optimizely continues to deliver the industry's best digital experience solutions. About Optimizely At Optimizely, we're on a mission to help people unlock their digital potential. We do that by reinventing how marketing and product teams work to create and optimize digital experiences across all channels. With Optimizely One, our industry-first operating system for marketers, we offer teams flexibility and choice to build their stack their way with our fully SaaS, fully decoupled, and highly composable solution. We help companies around the world orchestrate their entire content lifecycle, monetize every digital experience and experiment across all customer touchpoints – all through Optimizely One, the leading digital experience platform that powers every phase of the marketing lifecycle through a single, AI-accelerated workflow. Optimizely has nearly 1500 employees across our 21 global offices and has 700+ partners. We are proud to help more than 10,000 businesses, including H&M, PayPal, Zoom, Toyota and Vodafone, enrich their customer lifetime value, increase revenue and grow their brands. At Optimizely, we live each day with a simple philosophy: large enough to serve, small enough to care. Learn more at

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Channel Partnerships

Doug Balut Assumes Senior VP Role in Global Alliances at Meltwater

Meltwater | November 06, 2023

Doug Balut has consecutively received the CRN Channel Chiefs Award in 2021, 2022, and 2023. He led global teams and forged partnerships with organizations such as SAP, Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, and Intel, among others. At Meltwater, Doug Balut will be crucial in growing the company and enhancing client satisfaction through partner programs and strategic relationships. Meltwater, which empowers companies with solutions spanning media, social, consumer, and sales intelligence, has announced the appointment of Doug Balut as Senior Vice President of Global Alliances and Partnerships. In this new position, Doug Balut will be cultivating a dynamic partner network, establishing a resilient channel sales structure, and formulating go-to-market strategies. These initiatives are all geared toward advancing the company's expansion, enhancing customer value, and reinforcing its standing as a comprehensive set of enterprise-grade solutions. Doug Balut possesses over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, with a strong background in building and leading strategic alliances, channel sales, and business development within the SaaS sector. Before this, he worked as Senior Vice President of Global Alliances at Sprinklr. During his tenure at Sprinklr, he was pivotal in establishing a partner organization and successfully implementing a growth-oriented methodology, culminating in Sprinklr's IPO in 2021. Before his time at Sprinklr, he held various leadership positions in sales, both in direct sales and indirect partner sales, at Cisco. He directed teams on a global scale and established collaborations with entities like SAP, Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, and Intel, among others. John Box, CEO of Meltwater, remarked I am thrilled to welcome Doug Balut to the Meltwater team as our new SVP of Alliances and Partnerships. He has a proven track record of driving revenue growth, expanding market reach, and creating value for customers and partners. [Source – Meltwater] John Box emphasized that Doug Balut will be pivotal in fortifying the company's partner ecosystem and expediting its worldwide expansion. He added that the company anticipates a fruitful collaboration with Doug Balut to provide clients with excellent media, social, and consumer intelligence solutions. Doug Balut expressed his enthusiasm upon joining Meltwater, expressing his profound excitement about the opportunity to establish a novel partner ecosystem in support of Meltwater's growth and enterprise transformation initiatives. He emphasized that the current moment is opportune for directing attention toward expanding large accounts on a global scale, marking the next phase in Meltwater's dynamic history. He acknowledged that partnerships serve as a driving force for this expansion and affirmed his readiness to construct an organizational framework and a network of influential partners to facilitate the attainment of these objectives.

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Channel Partnerships

CrowdStrike Launches Innovative MDR Program for Service Providers

CrowdStrike | September 15, 2023

CrowdStrike's latest program bolsters partner networks by expanding security services and addressing skill gaps for businesses of all sizes. Service partners can harness Falcon Complete's resources to create co-branded, white-labeled security services or custom solutions atop the platform. CrowdStrike's Falcon Complete for Service Providers offers 24/7 monitoring, proactive threat hunting, integrated threat intelligence, and end-to-end remediation to MSSPs, SIs, and GSIs. CrowdStrike has unveiled a specialized platform meticulously designed to offer a comprehensive range of managed detection and response (MDR) services uniquely crafted to cater to the specific needs of its service provider channel partners. This platform highlights CrowdStrike's unwavering commitment to delivering tailored, state-of-the-art solutions that empower its partners in the service provider channel. Within the framework of CrowdStrike's Falcon Complete for Service Providers, various types of entities, including managed security service providers (MSSPs), managed service providers (MSPs), system integrators (SIs), and global system integrators (GSIs), are empowered to provide their clientele with a comprehensive array of security services. These encompass round-the-clock monitoring, proactive threat identification, seamless integration of threat intelligence, and a full spectrum of remediation measures. Moreover, partners can provide protection equivalent to CrowdStrike's flagship Falcon Complete platform. It entails the ability for service partners to leverage Falcon Complete's pre-existing team and service offerings, thereby facilitating the development of co-branded or white-labeled managed security services as well as tailored services that are built upon this robust platform. This expansion empowers partners to deliver high-quality security solutions aligned with CrowdStrike's industry-leading standards. Daniel Bernard, CrowdStrike's Chief Business Officer, expressed that Falcon Complete for Service Providers simplifies the process for customers to access the industry's leading managed detection and response (MDR) services while also incorporating additional capabilities from their selected service provider to ensure a seamless security experience and peace of mind. Customers not only have the freedom to choose their preferred provider but can also enjoy the highest levels of protection against advanced threats. John Senn, Ernst & Young Cyber Managed Services Managing Director, said, "Working with CrowdStrike's managed security services deepens our relationship, helping EY to offer specialized, high-touch managed detection and end-to-end response capabilities to our clients, enabling them to stay ahead of sophisticated cyberthreats and derive data-driven insights to improve their overall cyber threat defenses." [Source: MSSP Alert] As part of its ongoing commitment to empower its partner network and enhance the value proposition for businesses of all sizes, CrowdStrike has introduced this program to assist partners in expanding their managed security services portfolios, bridging skills gaps, and bolstering internal teams. This strategic initiative is positioned as the company's latest endeavor to provide partners with increased value and a broader range of options.

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