Winning in B2B E-commerce: How ibSupply Grew Site Search Revenue by 40%

B2B e-commerce sites can no longer get away with just online processing added to their basic utilitarian print catalogs. Most leaders in the space have already made their move towards delivering a stellar customer experience that adds to their revenue.  ibSupply is one such leader that tirelessly worked towards improving their on-site search experience recently, which increased their site search revenue by 40%. “It was frustrating to see that buyers were not able to find the products they were looking for,” says Harley Thomas - Senior Director of Corporate and Digital Marketing, ibSupply.
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This white paper would not have been possible without the significant contributions of more than 50 executive-level thought leaders—including contributors, sponsors and reviewers representing all segments of the advertising, marketing, media and technology industries. In particular, Winterberr


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