The Context for Digital Transformation

Just about every marketer is faced with the impact of digital technologies that are changing consumer habits and shifting the way we work. So how can you equip yourself to deal with this accelerating pace of change? And what strategies can you adopt to drive meaningful and continuous change? Join Econsultancy, Marketing Week’s sister brand, for a session covering the core areas of digital transformation and how you can address them within your own teams.On the agenda: Organisational Structures and Resourcing for your marketing and digital teams, Insourcing vs Outsourcing key marketing roles, Securing Board Buy-in for digital initiatives.
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Creating content on a regular basis can be tough, especially when every post needs to be SEO optimized, hyper-targeted to your most lucrative audience segments, addressing key consumer queries, etc.


Kill the Website Relaunch: How to Iterate on Your Digital Experience


Every single person in your organization has an interest in the website. The CEO is a stakeholder, as is the customer support rep. The website is the company’s most visible brand and communications asset and a key part of the sales and marketing funnel. In order to best leverage this asset, the Marketer needs to keep the website content updated and the brand innovative. The traditional approach has been the website relaunch that's often exhaustive and counterproductive. Now there’s a better way! Join Josh Koenig and Sarah Fruy of Pantheon, as they teach you how to stop relaunching your website and start iterating on your digital experience.

Total-Funnel Facebook: Social Advertising for Every Stage of the Buying Journey

Digital Commerce 360

Most of today’s online retailers know to advertise on social media. But how many of your campaigns are leading to actual connections with consumers? Or worse yet, how many of those campaigns are targeted to the complete wrong audiences?.


Digital Vidya

Have you ever wondered how big brands are using digital marketing for social media campaigns? How much money they invested in the campaign? If you have not tried videos for your business marketing, then you are really missing out on an opportunity for more reach and shares.

Stop the Spray and Pray: Tips for Optimizing Email Campaigns


Have you ever spent hours of valuable time building what you thought would be an awesome email campaign and then … nothing—no engagement, no leads, no sales? Don't worry—we've all been there. But it doesn't have to happen again. Join us for this free seminar to learn the key components of successful email campaigns. You'll discover a process for optimizing your campaigns so they are engaging and deliver results every time. That's right—there's no reason to take the spray and pray approach ever again.