Maximum Recognition, Minimal Effort: How Financial Services Meets Millennials’ Emotional Needs

Banks understand the need to walk the tightrope of evolving with millennials while remaining a source of established trust. Half of this generation still uses physical branch locations, but more than half would prefer to handle the majority of their personal finances on their phones. One in four has a person they know and trust at their primary financial services institution, but 87% trust new financial technologies. The banks that can understand and engage with this seemingly dichotomous mindset will find lifelong customers.

This webinar examines the motivational drivers millennials use to make purchase decisions in three financial services categories: auto insurance, mortgage lending, and digital wallets. It will discuss the Neuroanalytics process used to discover motivations and apply them to the strategic and creative process for optimal results. It will also look at fascinating consistencies in the millennial mindset that will help any company targeting millennials form a game-changing strategy that addresses their subconscious desires.
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