Introducing MerkleONE: The First Integrated People-Based Marketing Solution


Marketers must take advantage of today’s digital marketing opportunities that are increasingly data-driven, programmatic, and addressable. This can only be achieved by understanding and reaching actual people with advertising and content that's relevant to them as individuals.

This webinar introduces the new MerkleONE solution, which enables people-based marketing at scale across leading digital marketing ecosystems. Gerry Bavaro, SVP, Enterprise Solutions, Merkle and Ruth Kirshner, Director Advertiser Sales, Google discuss how you can capitalize on the shift from data-based to people-based marketing that's shaking up the marketing world.

Viewers will:

•Gain a better understanding of the fundamental components required to shift your marketing from data-based to people-based.   •Learn how to rationalize the increasingly complex tech and data supply chain that powers people-based marketing.  •Identify key gaps and opportunities that exist across your organization and how Merkle can help.
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In a few short years, Programmatic Trading has emerged from the back rooms of digital networks to front and centre in the battle for customer engagement.


Next-Level Email Strategies to Dominate Your Market in 2018

Force Marketing

In this live webinar event, Director of Interactive Marketing Christopher Fitch will discuss the state of email marketing in 2018, and share strategies that will help keep your dealership ahead of your competition.
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Introduction to Content Marketing


We’re going back to the basics on content marketing. Join Ellen Gomes, Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Marketo, as she discusses strategies for creating and distributing content, why content marketing can’t be ignored, and how to identify metrics that indicate success.
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SEO and Content Marketing should work seamlessly together to boost your search marketing efforts. A solid content marketing plan is going to be the key for any successful SEO campaign in 2015.
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4 Lightning Talks: B2B Marketing Predictions for 2016


As we wrap up 2015 we wanted to take stock of this transformative year in marketing. To help us, we asked 4 of the top minds in B2B marketing a question: what are the biggest ideas that will impact the world of B2B marketing next year? And we’ve asked them to give us an answer in 8 minutes or less.
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