How-to: Orchestrating a Customer Experience Across Marketing Channels


Creating outstanding customer experiences can be like conducting an orchestra. Marketing elements, including content, personalization, omni-channel, and commerce, need to fit together in harmony to help you gain customer insight to deliver the right content at the right time.
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Are you looking for ways to increase the number of visitors to your business website? Want to know how to improve your rankings on Google?


Multichannel Marketing in Real Time

The drivers fueling real time in multichannel marketing How multichannel marketers take advantage of marketing in real time How enabling technologies support real-time online/offline orchestration
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Digital Vidya

With digital, B2B marketing can be more targeted and savvy marketers are improving their ROI on their marketing plans. However, to be successful in this digital age, B2B marketers and business leaders need to constantly update themselves on the latest trends, technologies and most importantly, hunt for what will make their business grow.
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How to Make Video for Mobile Audiences


This presentation will explore not just who is my marketing video audience, but how are they viewing the video? David, Mark, and Mark will discuss the different approaches required for mobile video from the storytelling and the aesthetic/technical perspective. We'll breakdown these important questions: Can you be sure that your audience will have the audio turned on? Why does direct address to camera work so well for mobile? What’s the ideal length for a mobile video? Could a slick, commercial style video actually be less successful than a playful more personal story? Addressing these ideas through the concepts of mobile aesthetics, user authenticity, personalization, humor, narrative, and serialization, David, Mark, and Mark explain how to optimize your video marketing for the vast mobile audience.
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IAB Make Mobile Work Webinar Series #3: Mobile Inventory and Targeting for Agencies and Brands.


Learn best practices from brands and publishers on how to buy and target mobile inventory to reach your desired audience.
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