Find out how you can build the brand and generate leads for your business by marketing on LinkedIn. I’ll be sharing best practices that both large and medium companies have used to achieve success, as well as tips my own LinkedIn marketing team uses. After the session, you’ll be better able to meet your marketing objectives on LinkedIn by understanding: – How to build your company’s brand on LinkedIn – How to drive leads on LinkedIn – How large and medium companies are achieving success.
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We have entered the age of social networks that are mobile first. WeChat. Line and KakaoTalk are some of the fastest growing mobile social platforms. Replacing many of the applications we use daily with one that houses everything.


Mobile user acquisition fraud: How to find it and how to fight it


Last year, the number of mobile developers and publishers who were cheated when acquiring new app users doubled. That kind of fraud means a whole lot of people are paying good money for bad users. It’s not surprising. The mobile market has heated up so much that as your user acquisition campaigns scale – across more channels, more markets, using more sophisticated automation -- you’re bound to run across bad traffic. You know something’s up because conversion rates suddenly drop. Install numbers stop synching up. Your business intelligence is stumped. Someone is claiming conversions that never happened! The good news? You can greatly reduce the risk. We’ve brought together a stellar round-up of pros who have diagnosed, identified, and successfully pushed back fraudulent activity in extensive UA operations. Each will share their experience from the front-lines on how to combat mobile fraud.

Mobile Marketing Automation: How to achieve mobile marketing success


Is Mobile Marketing Automation the silver bullet to your apps success? How do you successfully leverage mobile marketing automation solutions to meet your business needs? With an increasingly complex market landscape, which solutions are tailored to your business? We surveyed 375 mobile developers with over 900 million monthly average users, analyzed 1.8 million apps in Google Play and the iOS app store, conducted 17 live interviews, and surveyed 19 MMA providers to find answers to these questions.

Top 5 Trends in Agile Market Research—How to Stay Competitive With Your Research


In a recent study of market researchers, 77% of respondents plan to increase adoption of agile research methods within the next 12 months.

Webinar: Social Media Marketing Made Simple

U.S. Small Business Administration

In this introductory session, we cover strategies and best practices to get the most out of your social media activities, including: hat social media marketing really is and why use it Introduction to social media channels and how to evaluate what's right for your business organization. How small businesses are using these low cost tools to gain visibility, develop relationships and drive sales and response. How to create great content for your social media marketing campaigns. Managing your time effectively when using social media. How to balance social media marketing with email marketing and your other marketing efforts.