A Closer Look at 5 Brands Winning the Mobile Ecommerce Game


Does it surprise you to learn that mobile commerce accounts for nearly a third of all US ecommerce sales? It's a high number, and it's growing fast.  But not all digital marketing strategies are created equal, and some brands are pulling away from the rest with innovative ideas that are finding customers earlier on in their buyer journey, and extending the relationship beyond checkout.
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HMGC 2015 - Powitanie - Havas Media Group Conference 2015 - Organic Marketing


Using Social Data To Enhance The Customer Experience


Not too long ago, gathering customer and social data required a lot of work: surveys, focus groups and customer reviews. Now, however, social media makes data gathering easier than ever and so is using that data to enhance the customer experience. In this webinar, Catie Ivey, VP of Client Partnerships at Insightpool, shares some actionable advice on gathering social data and using it to make your customers happier.
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Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Changes 2018: What You Need to Know and Why You Should Ignore Fear Mongers


Check out my free on-demand Facebook in 2018 Webinar training that provides you in simple english what you need to know about marketing your business on Facebook in 2018 plus the details of the latest announcement from Facebook.
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The Definitive Guide to the Ambiguous Role of Product Marketing


Product marketers are not building a product, nor are they selling a product, so what do they do? Most often, they find themselves at the intersection of product development, sales, and marketing. The role is ambiguous sometimes strategic with persona development, pricing, and messaging responsibilities or tactically focused on collateral, webinars, and research. Great product marketers thrive on the role’s ambiguity and cross-functionality. Attend this webinar for an inside look at the high-demand role of product marketing
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Facebook Business Manager Mastery


Business Manager is Facebook’s portal for advertisers, allowing you to quickly manage multiple assets such as business pages, ad accounts, pixels, product catalogs and employees all in one place. It’s a very powerful tool that every advertiser should be using, but the downside is it can be complex to master, which is why we created this Business Manager Mastery live webinar.
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