3 Trends that Will Impact the Future of Marketing Performance Tracking


Not all marketing data is created equal. Measurement, metrics and daily advancements in technology are rapidly changing the landscape for marketers in all industries from education to consumer finance. Join us as DMS VP of Innovation & Strategy Akeel Haider reveals the top three trends that are reshaping how CMOs everywhere track performance and understand campaign ROI. Learn how cross-channel attribution can unveil the entire story behind a customer journey, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing our ability to quickly understand data scenarios and blockchain technology could be the next solution to reduce advertising fraud.
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SMG UK moves into their shiny new offices in Farringdon - the Turnmill Building!


Key Takeaways for Partner Performance Dashboards

Tune in for this extract ‘Key Takeaways for Partner Performance Dashboards’. Channel Mechanics VP of Sales John McArdle is joined by a panel of channel leaders consisting of Jeremy Butt, SVP, International & Strategic Alliances Partners at RingCentral, Balaji Subramanian, Global Channel Chief, SVP Channel Sales at IGEL and Kenneth Fox, CEO, Channel Mechanics.
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Top Demand Generation Trends to Unleash Your Marketing in 2019


As 2019 progresses, marketers should still be thinking about how to optimize their strategies to ensure a strong performance every single quarter. Watch Gurdeep Dhillon, Head of Global Demand Generation at Marketo, an Adobe Company for his webinar, Top Demand Generation Trends to Unleash Your Marketing in 2019, as he shared his thoughts on three trends that anyone in Demand Generation should focus on in 2019 in order to deliver business impact and a stronger partnership between sales and marketing.
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The key to achieving smarter programmatic marketing


Programmatic is an essential and powerful component of any marketing budget. However, it often involves many layers of technology that can lead to an opaque ecosystem and thus wasted ad budgets and time. In order to combat this lack of transparency, advertisers have developed multiple approaches to their programmatic buying. From taking the strategic lead with their agencies via analytics and data ownership to full in-house programmatic trading, there is a spectrum of ways advertisers are taking control of programmatic. In this webinar, Jay Wilder, product marketing lead, and Nate Sandford, solutions engineer, discuss how leading brands are using Datorama to own their programmatic campaigns, ultimately achieving transparency, moving faster to hit their objectives, and turning programmatic into a growth engine for their business.
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Top 5 SEO Myths Your Strategy Should Abandon

Digital Media Solution

A website with no traffic is like a ghost town! There are many SEO myths that could be keeping you from improving your website search traffic and rankings. Are you afraid your website is doomed to stay hidden in the shadows? Join Sparkroom’s SEO specialist as we lead you of out the darkness. Discover the real impact blogs, mobilization, and keywords have on your site traffic. In this webinar, learn how to ignore SEO myths and implement the best practices that could stimulate positive traffic for your websites.
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