27 Design & Content Tips for Creating Clickable Email Campaigns


Learn the top 5 email marketing trends and get a ton of easily digestible email design and content tips. You’ll also see a couple of before and after email campaigns.
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Check out these seven types of digital marketers in this funny infographic below. If you're a digital marketer, do you see yourself reflected in any of these characters?


Twenty reasons why B2B loves account-based marketing


The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in the awareness of account-based marketing. Wanting to know how this is impacting B2B marketers, Demandbase recently teamed up with Demand Metric to conduct a research study on account-based marketing adoption and usage among B2B marketing companies.
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How to Use Agile to Drive Marketing Campaigns


Agile Marketing is a hot topic right now, but not everyone is doing it right. Changing the copy or content during your campaign does not make you agile.To be agile, there is a methodology to follow, which allows your marketing campaigns to shift and change faster and easier.In this webinar, Aniel Bhaga, Head of Growth at Ungapped, will show you how to use the Agile methods to drive your marketing campaigns to a higher level.
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Turn Competing Goals into a Balanced Content Strategy


Watch this webinar and learn how to strike the right balance between system-wide content and content unique to certain services, locations, and providers. You’ll learn the latest in health consumer search trends – particularly around location-oriented queries – and why user behavior should drive your content decisions.
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Agile Content: How to Increase Quality and Cut Costs in B2B Content Marketing

Agile Content

One of the main problems facing B2B marketers is that content simply doesn’t work as well as it used to. We have to get used to a new normal – where content is everywhere and we have to compete harder to be seen. But we can’t simply throw more money at the problem; we need a new solution. Agile content marketing is an approach that reduces costs and improves quality – for those brave enough to embrace it. Attend this webinar to find out how to: • Be more competitive against B2B rivals • Make better use of resources • Streamline processes • Reduce costs • Create outstanding B2B content
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