11 Strategies to Grow Your Business with Email & Social Media

As a marketer, your goal is to find, nurture and retain customers, and they are no longer making buying decisions based on information from a single marketing channel. Your prospects and customers are surfing their social networks and reading your emails, so it’s critical to create a cross-platform digital strategy that connects you to your audience while sharing relevant information.
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Impressions of the Adobe Digital Marketing Days 2016: With our successful Adobe Roadshow we brought a lot of great ideas for mobile, cross-channel marketing, Customer Experience and Data-Driven Marketing in the five media cities of Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Zurich.


On-Demand Webinar | Facing the Facts: The State of Personalization Today

We’ve been talking about the value of personalization for ten years (or maybe more), and you’ve likely read dozens of articles explaining how personalization can help drive business results.. The personalization space has fundamentally shifted. Once a “nice to have” and competitive advantage, personalization is now a requirement

The Modern Marketing Leaders Dilemma

With expectations high and requests coming from every direction, it is crucial you set strategic goals and objectives for your team that quickly drive results. But how do you set your priorities? How do you get the right mix of quick short-term wins and long-term strategic initiatives? And all the while keeping your customers, o

Navigating Headless Content Management

Headless content management—backend-only content management systems built to act as a content repository—enables enterprises to deliver rich, innovative content experiences across any channel. Developers are granted the freedom to use website development frameworks of choice and empowered to deliver content anywhere by generatin


Managing and Personalizing a Multi-Channel Experience Progress Your consumers are multichannel mavericks. From web to mobile to smart devices, they’re engaging brands across every channel. Delivering a compelling, personalized customer journey across multiple digital touchpoints has never been more important. At the same time, i