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Matt Hayes

Managing Director

With National Storytelling Week beginning the 30th January, branding expert Matt Hayes of Champions brand agency explains about how storytelling has become the must have marketing tactic for 2021 in an era where brands must create genuine and emotive connections with consumers in order to engage them. Speaking of the impact a story can hold when creating personal and relatable connections with consumers, Matt Hayes delves deeper into how telling a story will keep your brand relevant in an age that's inundated with advertising and competitive price points.


Champions UK plc

Champions (UK) plc is an award-winning, family-run brand agency that challenges conventional groupthink. We know it’s people and relationships that make the difference. Now in our 16th year and with a string of national awards to our name, we’re among the UK’s leading full-service brand agencies, with a deep well of experience and knowhow. We blend outcome-driven services across ten key areas – Digital, PR, Marketing, Creative, Advertising, Web, Events, Media, Publishing and Talent Management.

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