Social Marketing: The New Form of Marketing

Earlier, it took only six impressions to make sales; now, companies need 16 to 18 impressions for the same sales. It's a massive loss of revenue, opportunities, and business growth. With the penetration of technology, marketing has become a social subject.

Most professionals think that marketing is about being viral and trending, but that is not marketing. Because of misinformation, everyday small businesses and start-ups look for trending topics, viral content, or methods to be famous or be in the news.

That is not marketing, and it's a never-ending race that leads the brand on the opposite path. There were many incidents where businesses used methods that caused negative sentiments in public and led to the bad reputation of the band. Marketing stands for brand awareness and how you reach a large audience.

Social Marketing is the new way of marketing. Here are 10 points for social marketing:

1. Serve the People:

No matter what service your business provides, you are in the business of solving the problem. Whether you are a news portal, business consultancy, delivery app, or PR agency, you solve people's problems. So, give your focus on serving the people. The best marketing campaign is always your product and service as it carries your name.

2. Build a Community:

From Apple to Facebook, tech companies to automobiles, fashion to the health industry, every industry and company holds a community of believers. They are their friends, believers, supporters. This community is more important than any viral ‘Trend’. Build a community that believes in your work.

3. Influence Support:

Between September 2020 - May 2021, I did many small tests to check which form of marketing holds more advantage. In the current tech scenario and digital penetrations, influencer marketing gives maximum returns. In most cases, influencer brings the maximum return. Ask influencers to show your brand most creatively and socially.

4. Target Audience:

The target audience holds much more weight than the random audience. If your audience is not at the center of your campaign, then you don't have the right strategy.
If your target audience is decision-makers, intellectuals, scholars, then you should reach to LinkedIn. If your target audience is the youth with some influence, then reach out to Instagram and so on.

5. Number vs. Quality Game:

In marketing, one thing you need, either number or quality. Maybe you don't have any control over numbers, but you can certainly bring the quality. For social marketing, the less is more, but the problem is that most professionals miss this point. Make sure you present your brand for quality instead of numbers.

6. How your Customers See your Work:

No matter what statistics say, people still believe in stories and kindness. Reach out to those customers who believe in your service and brand. Share their story with the world about how your service makes a difference in their life. Every year Apple uses this method to highlight success stories from all over the world.

7. Priming:

Priming is a concept of psychology, and it means focusing someone to the point of belief. Marketing is not about being everywhere to show your brand but about building trust among those who don't even use your brand.

Make your marketing as a message to those who are not your customer and give them reason enough to trust you. Those who already use your brand are not your target audience as they are already with you, so give them enough return to stay with you. Most companies mistake making their campaign for their customers, that’s not right but no one has pointed out this loophole so far.

8. Social Norms:

Every society has a social norm, and they approve the campaigns from their social norms. There are many events or ideas accepted in one country and not in other parts of the world. Many small businesses, marketing agencies tried creative ideas, which ended up with failed campaigns. See what is socially acceptable and what is not before designing your campaigns.

9. Eduketing: Education + Marketing

These days people are conscious, aware, informed, and care for their social responsibilities. Marketing that educates people about the product, service, and social causes gets the maximum reach in the market. The best form of marketing is Eduketing (education + marketing).
Youth are cautious about social norms and causes, and they give priority to those brand that supports the social cause and help society. Educate your audience on how your brand brings the change.

10. Why:

Every business prepares the best product, service, system, and marketing as per their knowledge, and so do their competition and others. In today's world, we all have the same information, technology, team, and policies, so what makes the differences in marketing.
What is your purpose, and why are you in the business in the first place? What business problem do you want to solve. People are more inclined to those businesses that work to make a change in the world. People are more interested in your brand story and purpose.

Marketing is no longer about being everywhere but about making an impact around.
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