Xumo Enterprise Expands FAST Channel Management Capabilities, PGA TOUR First to Adopt

Xumo | January 10, 2023 | Read time : 02:02 min

Xumo Enterprise Expands FAST Channel Management Capabilities, PGA TOUR First to Adopt
Comcast and Charter's business-to-business streaming platform, Xumo Enterprise, has announced a new set of software and technology solutions to help content owners, advertisers, and streaming platforms program, manage, and make money from a customized streaming solution.

As part of the new solution suite, Xumo Enterprise is now offering content owners the ability to manage their own free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels within its new content management system (CMS), designed to make channel management for the emerging FAST business simple and intuitive. With Xumo Enterprise, content owners can manage their own channels, ensuring that their content is visible and accessible to a broad audience

“As more streamers look to supplement their subscription services with free programming, FAST services are becoming an increasingly popular way for content owners and advertisers to reach new viewers,” said Stefan Van Engen, Vice President of Content Acquisition and Programming, Xumo. “Since 2016 we have powered many of the leading FAST channels and services globally, and today’s announcement provides the growing industry with even more tools to maximize an existing FAST offering or create a new one.”
(Source: Businesswire)

PGA TOUR is the first content partner to utilize Xumo Enterprise’s CMS to manage its FAST channel across available platforms. As FAST adoption increased in the industry, the company's existing enterprise solutions grew 65% in 2022. With the introduction of Xumo Enterprise’s CMS, content owners are now empowered to manage their own FAST channels in an efficient and streamlined way With Xumo Enterprise, content owners are empowered to manage their own FAST channels quickly and easily.

About Xumo Enterprise

XUMO offers users live and on-demand entertainment. XUMO has over 180 channels spanning 12 genres. XUMO offers live news, comedy, sports, and family-friendly programming. XUMO has partnered with LG, Hisense, and Panasonic. XUMO has developed native integrations through partnerships to make its content accessible. The XUMO-powered Channel Plus app, available on 2012-2017 LG smart TVs, lets users watch linear and VOD content. XUMO for Hisense is available on select 2017 and 2018 Hisense and Sharp smart TVs.  XUMO is available on Samsung and VIZIO smart TVs, set-top boxes, iOS, and Android devices. Its content recommendations, curated programs, and dynamic ad insertion make it more than an ordinary OTT company.


While electronic signature technology has done much to speed up the agreements, many organizations still use on disconnected, manual systems. Valuable legal resources are diverted from critical tasks and instead spent searching for completed agreements, shepherding contracts and managing communication. This eBook discusses some


While electronic signature technology has done much to speed up the agreements, many organizations still use on disconnected, manual systems. Valuable legal resources are diverted from critical tasks and instead spent searching for completed agreements, shepherding contracts and managing communication. This eBook discusses some

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