Vendavo Expands Partner Program and Hires New Global Vice President of Partnerships and Alliances, Matthew Kenneally

Vendavo | December 15, 2022 | Read time : 02:03 min

Vendavo, the global market leader in B2B price management and commercial excellence solutions, today announced the addition of Global Vice President of Partnerships and Alliances, Matthew Kenneally to lead their growing partner program.

Kenneally has a long tenure of growing mutually successful partnership programs. He joined Vendavo from Anaplan where he was Vice President, Partner and Alliances for the Americas. Prior to that, he spent more than a decade in escalating leadership roles at SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle.

Investing in new partnerships and delivering additional value to current relationships are key areas of focus for Vendavo in 2023. Kenneally will focus on elevating synergies with good-fit companies for helping joint customers along their pricing and selling journey and maximizing enterprise profitability.

"Vendavo adds value across the people, process, and technology continuum for commercial excellence. Matthew's distinguished tenure at technology companies that so many of our customers rely on will help us scale a dynamic partner program that delivers seamless experiences and prosperity for our joint customers."

Vikesh Gumpalli, Chief Revenue Officer, Vendavo.

Kenneally will lead the global Vendavo program that encompasses consulting partners, ISVs, and system integrators. "I am thrilled to join a team so well-versed and committed to supporting the profitability capabilities of their customers," Kenneally said. "I look forward to building a growth strategy that benefits everyone involved, from our partners to our joint customers."

About Vendavo
Vendavo empowers global manufacturers and distributors to accelerate growth, profitability, and revenue with leading pricing, selling, and rebate management solutions. Enterprises like Ford, Emerson, Medtronic, GAF, and AmerisourceBergen rely on Vendavo to manage, optimize, and digitize their end-to-end commercial processes. Vendavo's SaaS solutions, team of pricing and selling experts, and proven, repeatable process accelerates value and outcomes that are not only predictable, but unrivaled. With Vendavo, the world's most ambitious B2B organizations can develop dynamic customer insights and execute optimal pricing strategies that maximize margin, boost sales effectiveness, and improve the customer experience.


While electronic signature technology has done much to speed up the agreements, many organizations still use on disconnected, manual systems. Valuable legal resources are diverted from critical tasks and instead spent searching for completed agreements, shepherding contracts and managing communication. This eBook discusses some


While electronic signature technology has done much to speed up the agreements, many organizations still use on disconnected, manual systems. Valuable legal resources are diverted from critical tasks and instead spent searching for completed agreements, shepherding contracts and managing communication. This eBook discusses some

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Domino Data Lab Expands Partner Program to Advance Data Science Innovation

Domino Data Lab | January 30, 2023

One of the leading providers of MLOps platform Domino Data Lab recently introduced its dynamic new offerings in its rapidly expanding partner program. Training, new accreditations and validated ecosystem integrations will enable Domino's partners to expand the utility of its platform. In addition, compared to other industry-leading data science ecosystem technologies, new solutions are built on Domino to accelerate data science innovation at scale. Two new Domino partner accreditation programs, which are a part of Domino University, are designed to enable implementation and consulting partners. Additionally, solution partners assist clients and customers in quickly to start realizing enterprise value from their data science investment through the following: The Domino Data Science Practitioner Accreditation's focus is on training the practitioners of data science on proven ways to create data science and machine learning projects on Domino more easily from scratch. The Domino App Administration Accreditation concentrates on training Domino administrators identified by data science and IT teams in best practices for managing the installed Domino platform as a hub of innovation. The foundation of Domino's partner-first services model, these robust new programs train consultants to quickly get their clients up to speed. Solutions partners can also build intuitive custom offerings on Domino's platform. These offerings will be geared towards specific vertical use cases, such as Accenture's IntientTM Clinical solutions, Moody's Analytics' CAPTM financial services solution, Biorankings' Virtual Biostatistics Core solution for companies of life science, and others. Thomas Robinson, Chief Operating Officer at Domino Data Lab, said, "As Domino continues to blaze new trails in the data science platform market, scaling through partners is a critical part of our strategy." He also said, "These new partner offerings expedite customer time to value from data science investments and augment solution partners' ability to build differentiated, best-in-class solutions tailored to their respective industries." (Source: Cision) About Domino Data Lab Domino Data Lab Founded in 2013, Domino Data Lab powers the model-driven enterprises for the world's most advanced businesses, which includes 20% of the 100 Fortune's fastest-growing companies. The company's MLOps platform accelerates the development and deployment of data science work to scale data science into a competitive advantage while increasing governance and collaboration. Its platform allows thousands of data scientists to develop better medicines, adapt risk models to major economic drafts, grow more productive corps, build better cars, improve customer service, or recommend when the best time is to purchase.

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Introducing Robocorp's Enhanced Partner Program for RPA and Intelligent Automation

ROBOCORP | January 04, 2023

Robocorp, a provider of robotic process automation (RPA), has launched an enhanced partner program for its partners and service providers. The program includes the Partner Portal, a training and certification system, deal registration, and partner and account planning, as well as updates to pricing and RPA managed services. Robocorp's new partner program shows how serious the company is about giving partners and service providers the tools they need to upgrade their system automation. The program also includes a tiered system that encourages partners to improve their skills and increase their investments in order to advance in the program. The Partner Portal will be the main place where partners can find information. It will give them access to product documentation, marketing materials, training resources, and opportunities to get certified. The updates are meant to support the growth of Robocorp's partner ecosystem, which currently consists of more than 200 organizations around the world. The Partner Portal and the training and certification system are key features of the program, providing partners with access to all the necessary resources for their success. During the first quarter of 2023, feedback from partners will be used to keep making the new partner program better. Robocorps is always working to improve its new partner program. Updates are made to make it work better and meet the needs of its partners. About Robocorp Robocorp enables businesses and teams to work more efficiently by breaking down previous RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and intelligent automation limitations. The company provides simple, inexpensive, and quick process automation tools that enable users to create software robots and automate manual tasks. It also offers a secure platform for orchestrating and executing both cloud-based and self-managed robotic automations, as well as a consumption-based pricing model. Robocorp is based in San Francisco and has been funded by Benchmark, Canvas Ventures, Slow Ventures, FirstMinute Capital, Harpoon Ventures, Uncorrelated Ventures, Artisanal Ventures, Haystack, and individual investors. The company's main offices are available online.

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Proofpoint Launches New Simplified Partner Program for Channel Growth

Proofpoint | February 20, 2023

Proofpoint, Inc., a market leader in cybersecurity and compliance, has introduced a new partner program to enable the channel to grow sales, strengthen client relationships, and expand income streams. The Proofpoint Element Partner Program removes the complexity associated with many current partner programs, allowing thousands of Proofpoint managed service providers (MSPs), managed security service providers (MSSPs), distributors, and value-added resellers (VARs) to leverage the company's expanding cybersecurity and compliance platform portfolio to grow their businesses and increase their revenues. Proofpoint Element has a streamlined structure with two levels, "Core" and "Elite," as well as increased advantages that are readily apparent. With a clear route to Elite status, all Proofpoint channel ecosystem partners can tailor their offerings to market demands. In addition, with substantial sales enablement, accessible training materials, marketing development, and technical support, the newly revised program offers the channel the tools to strengthen its client connections while achieving more excellent win rates. Core Tier: All channel partners begin at the core tier, whether they are MSPs, MSSPs, or VARs. Minimum criteria must be met to retain Core status, and Core partners get various perks for selling and supporting Proofpoint products, including deal registration, sales certifications, technical training, and prizes. Elite Tier: Elite channel partners engage in sales and technical training, promote Proofpoint products, and reach the highest revenue targets. Elite-tier partners enjoy considerable deal registration savings, a dedicated channel account manager, marketing money allocation priority, and other top-tier incentives. They may get a value incentive refund for revenue growth commitments in a combined annual business plan. Partners may also select specialization in information protection with product emphasis areas like CASB, endpoint DLP, insider threat management, or Proofpoint Security Awareness training. About Proofpoint, Inc. Proofpoint, Inc. is an industry-leading cybersecurity and compliance firm that protects enterprises' most valuable assets and largest risks: their people. Through an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, it assists businesses across the globe in preventing targeted cyberattacks, protecting their data, and bolstering their users' resistance to cyberattacks. Proofpoint's people-centric security and compliance solutions eliminate the most significant threats across email, the cloud, social media, and the web for 75 percent of the Fortune 100.

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