MMA Global Introduces Data Think Tank

MMA Global | July 01, 2021

MMA Global, the business association devoted to architecting the future of marketing for CMOs, introduced the Data in Marketing Think Tank (DATT) to make a basic space for data solutions providers to work straightforwardly and cooperatively with marketing pioneers as they speed up their application of data. The worldwide research organization comprises foundations that will discover, analyze, and roadmap different aspects of data application in advertising. Initiating and coordinating each of DATT’s institutes will be global tech leaders, LiveRamp, Snowflake and The Trade Desk.

“Data is a substantial part of the marketing budget, but the data ecosystem is in a state of rapid growth with continuously changing dynamics and amplified regulation. Unfortunately, a disconnection between marketers and data solutions providers has disallowed effective navigation of the now vast and complicated global data ecosystem,” said Greg Stuart, CEO of MMA Global. “By uniting the companies driving the world into a data-driven future and the marketers on the forefront of the industry, we will bring order and understanding to the world of options and difficulties in data.”
Once the three institute leaders finalize members from the MMA’s board of 80 senior marketers and 35 CMOs, they will initiate to deliver white papers, design strategy roadmaps and host events. The institutes will focus on producing critical research and tools such as, case studies of cookieless cross-device data optimization driving business outcomes and upstream approaches and processes for successful data journeys (1st, 2nd, 3rd party data). MMA Global and EY have already kickstarted the think tank with their Data Maturity Impact Survey, which found less than thirteen percent of companies have mature consumer data skills and capabilities. As part of DATT, that survey will be used to develop an extensive data maturity benchmarking tool for all marketers.
LiveRamp’s Data Strategy Institute – Deliver the best practices, approaches and tools to guide marketers as they design their data strategy and look to measure the impact of their decisions. “Whether you are a marketer who is worried about having to balance performance and privacy, wants to collaborate with partners but doesn’t want to give up control or move data beyond your four walls or prefers choice to being locked into a tech stack, at DATT, you’ll learn that you don’t have to make tradeoffs,” said Dan Buckstaff, CMO at LiveRamp. “Our institute members are all thinking deeply about the enormous shifts taking place right now in data access and how the application of data across the customer journey will be impacted. The ideas and actions being considered are leading to a redefinition of customer engagement and deepening of first-party data strategies. We look forward to learning from this group and sharing the insights with the community at large.”

Snowflake’s Data Capabilities Institute – Provide guidance and education to help marketers build world-class data capabilities and innovation across their entire organization. “In today’s constantly evolving world, it is critical for marketers to address the age-old problem of removing data silos and to bring all their data together for a complete picture of their business,” Snowflake CMO, Denise Persson said. “For the first time, technology like the Snowflake Data Cloud is enabling marketers to power their marketing analytics with real-time, granular insights from all of their data in one platform. The launch of DATT and the Snowflake Data Capabilities Institute will provide the world’s top marketers with the tools and capabilities needed to enter the age of integrated data and tie marketing investments to business outcomes.”
The Trade Desk’s Future of the Data Ecosystem Institute – Share perspective, research and insight of the major trends – future of identifiers, activating first-part data at scale to drive outcomes, simplifying a complex ecosystem, balance of consumer trust and privacy, while improving the advertising experience. “The marketing landscape has seen dramatic shifts in the last year. From the accelerated consumer shift toward connected TV, to the imminent depreciation of third-party cookies, to new pressures to prove the ROI of advertising campaigns, marketers have to adapt at an unprecedented pace,” said Jed Dederick, SVP, Global Client Development, The Trade Desk. “Working with DATT, The Trade Desk intends to arm marketers with the data and resources they need to succeed in this rapidly changing environment, so they can pioneer the future of modern marketing.”


Just because your small business has a website doesn’t mean customers are knocking down your doors. When it comes to generating more customers online, it’s not enough just to BE on the Internet. You need to have a detailed marketing plan that turns your online presence into a customer-converting machine.


Just because your small business has a website doesn’t mean customers are knocking down your doors. When it comes to generating more customers online, it’s not enough just to BE on the Internet. You need to have a detailed marketing plan that turns your online presence into a customer-converting machine.

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Netformx and Taleka Enter Partnership

Netformx | April 28, 2022

Netformx announced that Taleka, Ltd. had become its channel partner. Netformx is a leader in automation tools for Cisco partner operations and incentive optimization for solution providers and distributors. Taleka will help customers of Cisco Collaboration software through technology to solve their problems. Taleka has an experienced team that handles processes to help Cisco Partners pre and post-certification to drive revenues through lifecycle selling, LCI incentives, and delivery. It is also helping the partners to scale their customer success practices. Through the partnership, Taleka will leverage Netformx LifecycleXpert application globally to maximize LCI rewards. LifecycleXpert is powered by ChannelXpert. It analyses, manages, and prioritizes Cisco LCI opportunities so that LCI management is streamlined and there is an increase in reward payouts. It also determines where to act on plans and activities, the needs to meet milestones and due dates and track payments. “We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Netformx, offering a holistic approach to customer experience, and delivering real value to our shared customers and partners. Our people and process focus, combined with the Netformx LifecycleXpert application removes the pain for partners, and allows them to focus on what they do well - delivering great experiences and helping customers achieve outcomes.” −Tracey Kingston, Managing Director at Taleka “Taleka has a proven track record of delivering value through the Cisco Customer Success Program. Taleka’s customers see them as trusted advisors to deliver value and meet LCI requirements. We are delighted to be part of Taleka’s ecosystem of best-in-class technology partners by providing the tools needed to streamline LCI program management.” − Mark Bickerstaffe, General Manager of Netformx (An Orchestra Group Company) Netformx Application Suite offers automation and insights to ease the complex process of providing end-customers with future-ready IT solutions that can help increase profitability for Cisco partners and solution providers to increase rewards and rebates. The result is a better customer experience right from presales to renewal with consolidated vendor and distributor data that is combined with applied logic so that users have the right data at the right time. They can use this data to deliver value to customers throughout their digital transformation journey.

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SE Ranking Academy Introduces Free SEO Courses

SE Ranking | December 29, 2021

SE Ranking, one of the prominent search engine optimization technology organizations, introduced an SEO program for business entrepreneurs and digital marketers. The company launched this course to make SEO more accessible and help people learn about SEO thoroughly and utilize it to promote businesses online. The academy designed the course comprehensively and well-structured. Digital marketing veterans and SEO experts maintained this course in order to assist in comprehending every aspect of SEO and its advantages. This course is suitable for them: Business entrepreneurs, who is running and business and looking for enhancing Google visibility of their business. SEO Beginners, who have no experience in SEO and want to learn incredible techniques to begin their careers in marketing, Digital marketers, who want to know more about SEO and want to use that data for online advertising. The SEO Basic course coversthorough informationinvolved inoptimising websites for search engines and achieving high rankings in search results. 6 hours of video are broken down into 40+ simple segments. Users can step by step through nine primary themes to educate themselves with basic SEO concepts and practises that can help them reach their digital marketing objectives. Everyone can take the course for free right now. All alumni receive a certificate of completion upon completion of the course. We have put all the knowledge gathered over the last eight years into the SE Ranking Academy, where we collaborate with leading specialists to deliver a thorough step-by-step description of all the SEO nuances." Bogdan Babyak, CMO at SE Ranking About SE Ranking SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO software with over 30 tools for every task in search marketing. The platform provides analytical data and monitoring features that help specialists, agencies, marketers and business owners bring their websites to the top of the search engine result pages and stay there. With more than 600,000 users worldwide, SE Ranking has been top-rated by G2 in 2019, 2020, 2021.

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TechTarget Named a Leader in Multiple G2 Summer Grid Reports on Buyer Intent Data, Marketing Intelligence and Sales Intelligence

TechTarget | August 30, 2021

TechTarget, Inc. the global leader in B2B technology purchase intent data and services, today announced that it has once again been named a leader in multiple recent quarterly reports published by G2, a top industry destination where buyers go to read and write authentic reviews about software products and services. TechTarget was named a leader in the Grid® Report for Buyer Intent Data Tools Summer 2021 and the Grid Report for Marketing Account Intelligence Software – Summer 2021, the 7th consecutive quarter the Company has achieved this distinction. G2 Grid Reports are released quarterly and rank products based on reviews gathered from its community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Products in the Leader quadrant are “rated highly by G2 users and have substantial market presence scores.” TechTarget was recognized specifically for the success customers of all sizes are having with Priority EngineTM, its SaaS-based purchase intent insight platform and the services it offers. According to the latest Grid Report on Buyer Intent Data Tools, TechTarget is one of the top-rated providers in Market Presence and serving Enterprise customers. 9 out of 10 users gave TechTarget 4 or 5 star ratings and 95% ranked the Company as a top vendor in the market to do business with. “Being named a Leader in these reports is an incredible honor as it is driven 100% by our customers’ satisfaction and success,” said Michael Cotoia, Chief Executive Officer, TechTarget. “Our #1 goal is to ensure that our global customers, no matter how big or small, achieve the results they need to drive their business to the next level. They are able to do that by leveraging our purchase intent insights, extensive marketing & sales services and direct guidance from our world-class customer success teams.” TechTarget has cemented its leadership in its space because of the significant value and ROI its customers achieve. TechTarget purchase intent insight is uniquely powerful because of how it is made and how it is delivered to B2B tech marketers and sales professionals. The actionable insights within the Priority Engine platform are achievable because of the depth of original decision-support content spanning 10,000 unique IT topics across TechTarget’s network of over 140 enterprise technology-specific websites as well as its suite of marketing and sales engagement services. About TechTarget TechTarget is the global leader in purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services that deliver business impact for enterprise technology companies. By creating abundant, high-quality editorial content across more than 140 highly targeted technology-specific websites, TechTarget attracts and nurtures communities of technology buyers researching their companies’ information technology needs. By understanding these buyers’ content consumption behaviors, TechTarget creates the purchase intent insights that fuel efficient and effective marketing and sales activities for clients around the world.

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