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IZEA Research Discovers 56% of Social Media Influencers Currently Participate in the Metaverse

IZEA Worldwide, Inc., the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the world’s leading brands, released its latest research initiative, “Influencing the Metaverse.” The U.S. consumer study examines how social media influencers are leading the way into virtual worlds.

IZEA fielded the study Nov. 17-18, 2021. Results are based on the responses from 1,034 U.S. internet users ages 18 to 60-plus. The report is the first in a series of research studies focusing on influencers’ key roles in adopting new trends, technologies, and platforms in and around the metaverse.

Key Insights for Influencers and the Metaverse:

  • 60% of social media influencers see themselves as creators in virtual worlds.
  • 72% say they are considering or are already making money in the metaverse.
  • 85% have played virtual world games like Minecraft and Fortnite.

Key Insights for Consumer Adoption of the Metaverse:

  • Top activities of those looking to participate in the metaverse include gaming (68%), exercising (53%), and watching media (48%).
  • When asked what is holding consumers back from joining the metaverse, 20% said they are waiting for virtual reality (VR) technology to become more affordable and 12% are waiting for VR tech to improve.
  • 66% of consumers looking to join the metaverse expect to purchase a VR device in the next three years.

Key Insights for Brand Sponsorships in the Metaverse:

  • 90% of influencers and 72% of social media users support brand sponsorships in virtual world games.
  • 73% of all respondents who have played virtual world games have seen sponsorships in those games, and 42.2% remember the brand names.
  • Respondents named Chipotle, Coca-Cola, Clorox, Google, Marvel, Cartoon Network, Nike, Red Bull, Skillshare, and Skittles as brands they have seen in the metaverse.

Key Insights for Brands that are Building the Metaverse:

  • 15% of social media influencers and 6% of social media users surveyed own VR devices.
  • Of the consumers surveyed who already own VR devices, 50% own a PlayStation VR, and 48% own an Oculus (Meta) Quest 2.
  • Consumers rank Apple and Amazon above Facebook, Microsoft, and Sony as the brands they believe will build the most compelling virtual reality experiences of the future.

We believe the future of virtual worlds is as vast as the web itself and will fundamentally alter brand collaborations and how they are executed. Our research shows that influencers are early adopters of these new platforms and share our excitement around the opportunities available in the rapidly developing metaverse. IZEA has already been executing collabs in the metaverse with customers and expects this trend to accelerate as adoption spreads.”

Ted Murphy, founder and CEO of IZEA

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About IZEA
IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (IZEA) is a marketing technology company providing software and professional services that enable brands to collaborate and transact with the full spectrum of today’s top social influencers and content creators. The company serves as a champion for the growing Creator Economy, enabling individuals to monetize their content, creativity, and influence. IZEA launched the industry’s first-ever influencer marketing platform in 2006 and has since facilitated nearly 4 million transactions between online buyers and sellers. Leading brands and agencies partner with IZEA to increase digital engagement, diversify brand voice, scale content production, and drive measurable return on investment.


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