Forethought Enhances Omnichannel Support with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations Integration

Forethought | March 16, 2022

Forethought, the human-centered AI platform, today announced that Solve – its sophisticated conversational AI agent that automatically answers common customer questions – has integrated with Zendesk Inc.’s Sunshine Conversations to help support teams deliver a seamless customer experience across any channel.

Zendesk’s Sunshine Conversations API gives users access to the richest features across the broadest set of messaging channels, allowing organizations to stay connected at every point of the customer journey. With this integration, customers can now connect their messaging channels – SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. – to Sunshine Conversations and leverage Forethought’s AI capabilities to provide automated support through preferred channels. This allows customers to unify and integrate communications across multiple touchpoints without losing context.

“As customers continue to engage across a variety of channels, expectations of a consistent experience across those channels increase, We’re excited to expand our partnership with Zendesk with this integration in order to provide Forethought customers the opportunity to be at every touchpoint of their customer’s journey and deliver the best customer experience at scale.”

Deon Nicholas, CEO & Co-Founder of Forethought

“Sunshine Conversations helps businesses provide custom interactions and individualized support,” said Pascal Pettinicchio, Vice President of Technology Alliances at Zendesk. “The integration with Forethought enables our customers to take advantage of Forethought’s Solve product and their AI technology across any channel.”

For years, voice and email were the primary channels for customers to engage with customer support. However, with consumer behavior changing over the last few years, there has been an upwards trend on chat and direct messaging via SMS and social. This integration is the first step in building the next generation of customer experience and empowers customers to enable intelligent support experiences at every touchpoint.

“Meeting our customers where they are at is a critical part of our mission of obsessing over our customers’ success at Kajabi,” said Jared Loman, Vice President of Customer Experience at Kajabi. “Forethought’s Sunshine Conversations integration has allowed us to do exactly that while continuing to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to provide the answers our customers need in a fast, modern, and efficient manner they expect from a customer-obsessed company like ours.”

About Forethought
Launched in 2018, Forethought is a leading AI company providing customer service solutions that transform the customer experience. Forethought’s products enable seamless customer experiences by infusing human-centered AI at each stage of the customer support journey: resolving common cases instantly, predicting and prioritizing tickets, and assisting agents with relevant knowledge — all from one platform.


A methodology that embodies this school of thought is Participation Marketing, which centers around brands understanding what motivates, interests, and connects their consumers in order to create experiences that entice consumers to participate with the brand.


A methodology that embodies this school of thought is Participation Marketing, which centers around brands understanding what motivates, interests, and connects their consumers in order to create experiences that entice consumers to participate with the brand.

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Loop Insights Rebrands as Fobi AI to Unify Messaging And Branding As It Enters The Next Phase Of Enterprise Level

Fobi | June 01, 2021

Fobi Ai Inc., a leading data intelligence company that uses artificial intelligence to assist customers in transforming real-time data into actionable insights and personalized customer engagement, is pleased to announce the rebranding of Loop Insights as Fobi AI today. The new name, logo, website, and messaging for the Company will be revealed tonight. Furthermore, the Company's ticker symbols will be changed to match the company name soon, with the TSXV changing to "FOBI" and the OTCQB changing to "FOBIF." The primary objective of the rebranding is to align the Company's image with that of its industry-leading Fobi IoT platform, which has quickly become the Company's key differentiator, representing our real-time data collection and insights with some of the world's largest enterprises, including data companies, retailers, and point of sale operators. This rebranding became a top priority as we transitioned from a burgeoning startup (Loop Insights) to an enterprise player (Fobi) on the verge of accelerating revenue-generating deals with large enterprise-level clients, requiring a unified brand and messaging for all of our audiences, from investors to partners and clients. With the Company now working towards several commercialized agreements as its previously announced major pilot implementations enter their completion phases and anticipating continued success from world economies now set to reopen fully, Fobi is perfectly positioned to capitalize and deliver continued success from the major venue and business operators for the remainder of 2021. Moving ahead, Fobi's message will focus on five critical areas of differentiation that distinguish us as a leading data intelligence firm that provides solutions to global enterprises: 1) Connectivity + Engagement. Fobi provides data from numerous sources and transforms it into actionable insights that companies can use to engage with their customers. 2) Automation - Fobi eliminates manual processes from the equation, enabling businesses to move more swiftly and intelligently, backed by smarter data. 3) Real-time - The Fobi approach empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions in real-time. 4) Collaboration - Fobi's partnerships across the entire product portfolio offer our clients end-to-end solutions. 5) End-to-End Approach - Fobi connects siloed data across companies and examines the entire customer journey from beginning to end, regardless of whether the technology exists within Fobi or with our partners. Through our vast partnerships with leading global companies, Fobi will continue to excel in offering real-time insights and engagement tools across industries to our enterprise clients. We look forward to delivering more Fobi news and insights soon. About Fobi Fobi is a cutting-edge data intelligence company that assists its clients in transforming real-time data into actionable insights and personalized customer engagement to increase profits. Fobi's one-of-a-kind IoT device can seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure to provide data connectivity across online and on-premise platforms, resulting in highly scalable solutions for our global clients. Fobi collaborates with some of the world's top companies to deliver best-in-class solutions and operates globally in the retail, telecommunications, sports and entertainment, casino gaming, and hospitality and tourism industries.

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Showpad Named a Strong Performer in Sales Content Solutions by Independent Research Firm

Showpad | September 18, 2020

Showpad, the leading sales enablement platform, has been named a Strong Performer by Forrester, an independent research firm, in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Content Solutions, Q3 2020. In this evaluation, Showpad received the second-highest score in the current offering category and the highest score possible in the criteria of guided selling, buyers’ content consumption and ABM/account-based engagement support. The report states that Showpad remains a “good fit for midmarket to enterprise organizations that want to create a highly engaging and consumer-like sales experience for their customers and prospects.” In the report, Showpad was among the three highest scores in the content activation and reporting and analytics criteria. Additionally, Showpad was among the four highest scores in the sellers’ experience criterion and received the highest possible score in the partner and community ecosystem criterion. Reference customers praise Showpad’s support for most onboarding, implementation work, and flexibility to shape the way their sellers need to use the platform.

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INOC launches the New Channel Partner Program to address NOC Services' growing demand

prnewswire | February 03, 2021

INOC, an ISO 27001-affirmed 24×7 NOC and an honor winning worldwide supplier of NOC Lifecycle Solutions®, today reported its new VISION Partner Program to address the growing NOC administrations market. Channel program veteran Thomas Hempel has joined INOC as Director of Partner Development, drawing on more than 25 years of involvement building and driving channel programs with huge worldwide innovation organizations and imaginative new companies to lead channel deals endeavors. The VISION Partner Program empowers accomplices to offer a scope of capacities from white-name administrations to exceptionally tweaked NOC administration contributions. Accomplices can allude, exchange, actualize, create, coordinate, counsel, or give any blend of INOC's administrations relying upon their plan of action and the customer opportunity. "INOC is well-positioned and primed for scaling out its NOC services delivery through its growing strategic partnerships with system integrators, communications service providers, and OEMs," Hempel stated. "By offering partners flexibility in the types of capabilities they can offer, the program can complement and enhance many different business models, even as they evolve over time." Notwithstanding offering different accomplice classifications to fit an assortment of plans of action, the VISION Partner Program gives an industry-driving accomplice experience based on an exhibition based motivator and prize design. VISION Partners get select admittance to deals computerization, deals devices, preparing, advertising efforts, and backing adaptability through a high level Partner Resource Management (PRM) stage.

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