EMEA Transform Partner Summit to Be Hosted by SolarWinds

SolarWinds | February 03, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Transform Partner Summit

SolarWinds, a leading supplier of easy, powerful, and secure IT management software, recently announced that it would host its annual Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Partner Summit 2023 from February 13–17 in Barcelona, Spain. This event is part of a series of Partner Summits hosted by SolarWinds throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.

At the EMEA Partner Summit, SolarWinds will discuss improvements to its partner program, its most recent product strategy and developments, and how partners can expand their businesses with SolarWinds solutions, including the company's new observability services. In-person participants will also access SolarWinds Sales Expert (SSE) certification training and SolarWinds Certified Professional® (SCP) trainings to enhance their sales skills.

SolarWinds announced last year the launch of the SolarWinds Transform Partner Program, which is meant to assist and accelerate development for the company's respected worldwide channel partners. The program offers various advantages to SolarWinds partners, including cash incentives, performance rewards, enablement and training programs, an upgraded Partner Portal, and expanded marketing and sales assistance.

EMEA Partner Summit 2023

SolarWinds is thrilled to sponsor networking events at this year's Partner Summit that will enable partners to interact with SolarWinds executives, product specialists, and other partners from their area. In addition, SolarWinds will also recognize its partners' accomplishments at an exclusive SolarWinds Partner Awards Ceremony.

About SolarWinds

SolarWinds is a leading provider of easy, powerful, and secure IT management software designed to drive digital transformation for companies. Its solutions provide businesses of any kind, size, or complexity with a global, unified picture of today's contemporary, dispersed, and hybrid network environments. The company continually engages with IT service and operations experts, DevOps and SecOps workers, and database administrators (DBAs) to understand their problems sustaining high-performing and highly available IT infrastructures, applications, and environments. The insights we gather from them in locations like our THWACK community enable us to meet our clients' current and future demands. SolarWinds is a global leader in solutions for observability, IT service management, application performance, and database management due to its emphasis on the customer and dedication to excellence in end-to-end hybrid IT management.


Corporate legal teams are accelerating their adoption of digital solutions, like contract lifecycle management, to automate repetitive, manual processes. As a cost center with an increasingly important strategic role, legal is faced with increased demand, shrinking budgets and an often overextended workforce. This makes improvin


Corporate legal teams are accelerating their adoption of digital solutions, like contract lifecycle management, to automate repetitive, manual processes. As a cost center with an increasingly important strategic role, legal is faced with increased demand, shrinking budgets and an often overextended workforce. This makes improvin

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Robocorp, a provider of robotic process automation (RPA), has launched an enhanced partner program for its partners and service providers. The program includes the Partner Portal, a training and certification system, deal registration, and partner and account planning, as well as updates to pricing and RPA managed services. Robocorp's new partner program shows how serious the company is about giving partners and service providers the tools they need to upgrade their system automation. The program also includes a tiered system that encourages partners to improve their skills and increase their investments in order to advance in the program. The Partner Portal will be the main place where partners can find information. It will give them access to product documentation, marketing materials, training resources, and opportunities to get certified. The updates are meant to support the growth of Robocorp's partner ecosystem, which currently consists of more than 200 organizations around the world. The Partner Portal and the training and certification system are key features of the program, providing partners with access to all the necessary resources for their success. During the first quarter of 2023, feedback from partners will be used to keep making the new partner program better. Robocorps is always working to improve its new partner program. Updates are made to make it work better and meet the needs of its partners. About Robocorp Robocorp enables businesses and teams to work more efficiently by breaking down previous RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and intelligent automation limitations. The company provides simple, inexpensive, and quick process automation tools that enable users to create software robots and automate manual tasks. It also offers a secure platform for orchestrating and executing both cloud-based and self-managed robotic automations, as well as a consumption-based pricing model. Robocorp is based in San Francisco and has been funded by Benchmark, Canvas Ventures, Slow Ventures, FirstMinute Capital, Harpoon Ventures, Uncorrelated Ventures, Artisanal Ventures, Haystack, and individual investors. The company's main offices are available online.

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Kaseya Expands Global Partner Program with Increased Investment and Support for MSP Partners

Kaseya | February 06, 2023

Kaseya, which makes IT management and security software for MSPs, SMBs, and MMEs, has announced that it will expand its Kaseya + Datto Global Partner Program and invest more in channel partners. With this new expansion, channel partners can use the backup, security, and business continuity solutions from Kaseya and Datto together to offer full IT management services. The program offers different levels of benefits based on how much money customers spend each year. Customers can now combine their spending on Datto and Kaseya. The MSP Enablement team has grown from a three-person team under Datto to 60 people at Kaseya and offers support in event planning and execution. This new program will have a lot of benefits, such as access to more discounts and incentives for partners, co-marketing funds, and account managers who are only for that account. The CEO of Kaseya, Fred Voccola, said, “Since the Datto acquisition, we’ve been building on their highly successful Global Partner Program to extend its benefits across all of Kaseya.” He added, “Today we’re excited to take the program to a whole new level with enhanced benefits across all tiers along with a significant increase in our company’s investment in the program, including growing the team that directly supports our customers to 60 world-class channel professionals.” (Source – Businesswire) The company is also offering virtual MSP partner days to help MSP partners grow their businesses and learn about the market. The Channel EVP stated that the company will continue to innovate the program to meet the needs of MSPs. This program shows that the company cares about its MSP partners and wants to help them succeed. About Kaseya Kaseya is a leading provider of IT management and security software for MSPs and SMBs. It offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including well-known brands, to manage IT infrastructure, secure networks, backup data, and streamline operations. Kaseya's IT Complete platform is designed to maximize efficiency and enable businesses to manage all aspects of IT from a single platform. The company is headquartered in Miami, FL, and has a global presence in over 20 countries.

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ZineOne Launches Extension in Adobe Commerce Marketplace

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ZineOne, the in-session marketing platform that offers enterprises real-time behavioral intelligence and increased conversions for anonymous website visitors, has announced the availability of the ZineOne connector to Adobe Commerce in the Adobe Commerce Marketplace, bringing its in-session intelligence to Adobe's solutions and customers. Using in-session information, ZineOne determines the purchasing intent of each known and anonymous visitor to an e-commerce website. Brands using Adobe Commerce to power their websites can utilize it to further improve online experiences for each site visitor in real-time. The connector contains all the code required to link with any Adobe Commerce implementation, including cloud, on-premises, and open source, by automatically recording and sending visitor activity from the e-commerce website to the ZineOne cloud. Customers of Adobe Commerce can download the new ZineOne extension from the Adobe Commerce Marketplace, enabling companies to instantly begin collecting actionable data to offer relevant digital experiences to site visitors. The platform assists marketers in predicting which visitors are on the fence about their likelihood to buy. Businesses can rapidly influence purchasing choices with customized promotions or messaging when this occurs. The connection allows Adobe Commerce shop managers to forecast a visitor's tendency to make a purchase while their session is live on the storefront using machine learning. At the same time, Adobe Commerce users can create never-before-seen groups of unknown visitors that have never been available before. About ZineOne ZineOne is the innovator and industry leader in in-session marketing. Up to 90 percent of online traffic is often anonymous. In today's privacy-first society, top businesses must create innovative ways to engage customers in real-time while they are on their digital property. It is the only in-session marketing platform that automatically assesses behavior and personalizes the experience of every site visitor in-the-moment, while they are on your website or mobile app—regardless of whether they are known or anonymous. Top retail, eCommerce, travel, hotel, telecom, and finance companies can engage anonymous visitors with industry-specific AI models that anticipate buyer intent within five clicks and tailor the customer experience in milliseconds. Using ZineOne, prominent businesses such as Men's Wearhouse, KEEN, Wynn Resorts, Advance Auto Parts, and Kohl's enhance sales and site engagement from anonymous visitors.

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