Personalisation: An Untapped Opportunity for APAC Marketers

| May 16, 2018

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Brands such as Amazon have tapped data-driven personalisation to drive effective marketing plans, but this opportunity remains largely untapped by agencies and advertisers in Asia-Pacific. In this industry byliner, James Sampson, DataXu’s Asia-Pacific vice president and general manager, explains why brands in this region need to focus on interpreting user behaviour. Consumers have embraced multiple devices to the point where smartphones, activity trackers, and tablets have become the norm rather than the exception. According to Appier, the number of multi-device users, on 4+ screens, in Asia increased by 40% between the second half of 2015 and the first half of 2016.

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AI in Buyer’s Journey: How Important It Is for Marketers to Know About It

Article | April 10, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently one of the fastest evolving technologies in the world. In 2016, the AI market was valued at $4.06 billion. By 2025, this sector will have a market capitalization value of $164.41 billion, signaling a 55.6% rise in compound annual growth rates. Today AI is everywhere you turn. You will find it in the auto, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, legal, retail, and marketing industries. The technology now runs self-driving vehicles, crucial medical equipment, and various programs and platforms online. Businesses such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and IBM are heavily invested in AI development. These platforms are also continuously making this technology more accessible to users. You can, for instance, access Google’s AI via its RankBrain search engine algorithm. This AI interprets search queries to provide Google’s users with the most relevant results.

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SEO and Content Marketing: How to Combine Them Effectively to Achieve Results

Article | August 6, 2020

There seems to be a lot of confusion in the marketing world about two vital, but different, digital marketing techniques: SEO and content marketing.It is easy to see how someone would be confused since they often appear in articles and blogs as separate entities, and many marketing specialists draw a line in the sand somewhere between the two.The truth is a lot more complicated. Content marketing and SEO are natural complements to each other. They both fuel each other and act as the necessary gears of any successful digital marketing campaign.

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These Are the 10 Basic Marketing Skills Everyone Needs to Master

Article | March 11, 2021

Want to brush up on your business skillset? Mastering these 10 basic marketing skills can pay off with better brand awareness and a boost in leads and sales. The 10 basic marketing skills everyone needs to master Imagine you’re on a first date. You’ve heard a lot about him from your friend who set you up. He’s sharply dressed, has a smile that could light up the night and smells good (I hug people – that’s how I know he smells good). Expectations are high for an amazing date. Fifteen minutes into the date, you are mapping out a swift exit. What happened? He won’t stop talking about himself. You are being sidelined by a monologue. Any chance for an engaging conversation has faded. You could switch the above scenario out for a business lunch meeting. Why on earth would I want to work with you if you seem to only care about yourself rather than me or my needs? (I don’t care how good you smell. Also, I’m married, so this date is pure imagination.) Marketing is like dating. The goal of your first interaction (date) is not to close a sale (get married). It’s to get to know each other. If you both like what you see/hear/learn, your relationship will progress. Creating client-centric messages Anytime you sit down to write, whether it’s a social media post or an article, make sure you are talking to your audience, not at them. Your main messaging and copy should not be about you. Don’t lead the conversation with “I am an expert at …” and “We offer …”. No one cares. It needs to be about what you can do for them. Your messages should lead with “You need …” or “You deserve …”. Once you talk to them, you can slip in, “That’s exactly what we provide!” Writing an email subject line So many people get this completely wrong. Luckily, the fix is easy. You want to write email subject lines that are interesting, creative, focused on the reader, and provide a sneak peek at what is in the email. Here at Jansen Communications, questions work really well. Please do not every use “ABC Company June Newsletter” or “What’s new at ABC Company” as your email subject line. I have no idea if the email is relevant or not, and I’m not going to bother opening it to find out. Delete. Segmenting lists Segmenting your email list allows you to send out the most relevant information to each subset of your audience. It’s totally worth doing, because when you segment your lists, you will see a significant improvement in your open and click-through rates. On average, segmenting a list results in a 14% higher open rate and a 100% higher click-through rate. You can segment your list by any number of criteria: gender, location, industry, purchase behavior, monthly spend, age, lifestyle, interests, job title, etc. Setting up an automated email campaign An automated email campaign is also known as a drip campaign. It’s simply a series of emails that start sending once they are triggered by an event, like downloading a free ebook. They are super easy to create and set up. Every email marketing platform offers this service, and they walk you through the process. Once you write the email subject lines, compelling copy and the call-to-action, watch the results. The open and click-through rates will let you know immediately if the campaign is working or not. Using hashtags Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter, Instagram or celebrity influencers. They are relevant on LinkedIn as well. In fact, LinkedIn suggests hashtags to use when you publish an article or update. Why bother adding them? Hashtags make it easy for people to find content they are interested in. Use them if you want to be more findable online. Creating custom graphics in Canva Canva is a free online graphic design tool for non-graphic designers. It’s easy to use, and it comes pre-populated with numerous templates you can quickly customize. A word of warning: it can be easy to go down a rabbit hole on Canva, so I suggest customizing (or creating from scratch) one template to use consistently. This is a time-saver AND it ensures your “look” on social media stays the same. Once you have a template, start creating bite-size content to share on social media: Quick tips Favorite quotes (your own are OK, too) Testimonials Statistics Questions (people LOVE to share) Spying on competitors Seriously – get good at spying on competitors. Don’t you want to know what they are doing – and what is working for them? This isn’t as awful as it sounds. Just look up their websites and social media feeds. Take a look at their offerings, the topics they are writing about and any trends that appear to be taking off. Better to be in the know than be left wondering. Optimizing blog posts for search Want your blog post to get found in the sea of content out there? You need to optimize your blog post so search engines can “read” and index it. That way, when someone is looking for content on that topic, you are more likely to appear in search results. I highly recommend installing Yoast for SEO on your WordPress website. You can also optimize blog posts on a DIY platform, like Squarespace or Shopify. Choose one keyword for each blog post and make sure it appears in: Your blog post title (preferably at the beginning) First paragraph of your copy A couple of more times in your post (but not too often, or you’ll get penalized!) In your meta description In the alt text of your image Using categories and tags Categories and tags organize content (blog posts) on your website. Categories are the main topics you write about; you shouldn’t have more than five for your blog. Tags allow you to get more specific about the main topic. Think of these in terms of a grocery store: categories are grocery departments: produce, dairy, meats, bakery, and so on. Tags are subcategories. In the produce department, you’ll find bananas, kumquats, Romaine lettuce and tomatoes. Understanding Google Analytics Google Analytics was created by engineers for technical people. I am neither, but I can still glean a lot of useful information from the main dashboard (home) and various reports. Let’s just stick with what you can find on the home page. You can learn a lot just by looking at: Number of users and sessions – is traffic to your website increasing or decreasing? User acquisition by source – where are website visitors coming from? Pages users visit – what are people reading/interacting with once they get on the website? If you don’t know whether or not you have Google Analytics connected to your website, ask your website developer. Did I miss anything? What basic marketing skills do you think are most important to master?

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What Are The Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

Article | January 18, 2021

As the New Year unfolds, the digital marketing trends for 2021 are expanding with it. And as the years go by, online marketing techniques are dominating the Internet. The pandemic’s recent surge has indeed brought more people closer to their virtual screens than ever before. This phenomenal change caters to a groundbreaking opportunity for businesses to shift their marketing strategies online. This encourages them to develop and advance a digital tactic for their business’s web adaptation. Luckily, the newest tools and methods also adapt to the convenience of the netizens. The Advent of Online Change In a world where progressive advancement is taking place, being conventionally inclined has never been enough. This is why marketers need to go beyond their limits and operate with the world’s movement by knowing the digital marketing trends for 2021. This will ensure the expansion of the customer base and, at the same time, heighten their marketing experiences. AI-motorized digital promotion For the past few years, online business has started utilizing artificial intelligence to power up conversational marketing. This tactic generates a customized, user-friendly product experience for the customers. Generally, it also provides a smoother transaction and familiarity with the help of Facebook messenger, LinkedIn broadcasts, and on-screen chatbots. This marketing trend’s main advantage doesn’t only enhance effortless communication between the marketer and the customers. It also conveniently keeps track of the sales by analysing the user’s behavioural patterns displayed in the client’s data. Conversational marketing also decreases the employees’ load with its user-centric feature and is expected to develop further in 2021. Shifting to the alternatives with advertising For most folks, advertisements are quite an eyesore to look at on the screen. Most people don’t know, though, that these spontaneous, annoying ads bring most businesses’ great profit. They also give the business a chance to influence in the marketing arena. In the year 2021, programmed advertisements will be one of the crucial marketing trends that allow businesses to gather a giant mass of specific audiences. The constant alteration of search engine results will result in a much higher need for consumers to search for traffic. With the heightened increase of competition in the digital space, advertising methods will safeguard an elevated level of trust from the target consumers. In utilizing this marketing strategy, businesses are always encouraged to find a suitable advertising platform. Boosting customer-friendly experiences with voice optimization The online medium is a much more competitive market than conventional ones. Crafting exclusive deals, spot-on markdowns, and low rate expenses are never enough for attracting online purchases. In the world of digital evolution, customers will always crave first-rate shopping experiences to tend to their needs. That being said, businesses must develop more hassle-free counter experiences to ensure customer satisfaction. As most businesses started to invest heavily in mobile marketing, producers need to ramp up their capitalization efforts. One prime example is optimizing the voice searching feature to provide a smoother customer experience. As predicted by online marketing analysts, 55% of the Internet search queries utilized voice searching optimization. Therefore, the search-friendly feature will only grow in 2021. Optimising the Augmented Trends For starters, it is never enough for a business to be complacent in formulating what the digital marketing trends for 2021 are. Experienced and qualified consultants in the virtual platform should help enterprises to work out the designed strategies. Doing so will allow the marketing specialists to analyse the operation until effective marketing segments are chosen at the endpoint. Refining the traditional approach With the high-end development of technology swinging in most netizens’ sights, the classical method will not help businesses expand. So going with a specific marketing channel would no longer be relevant. Companies must be aware of developing all accessible spheres, such as native promotion, advertisement, and engaging content. Rising above the limits with neuromarketing One of the most futuristic trends in the year 2021 would be neuromarketing. This type of marketing trend involves scrutinizing and studying how that influences a customer’s behaviour. Doing this process, one would analyse the human brain’s scientific bustle. This would allow owners to modify their existing strategies to trigger the audience’s liking. Conclusion The central core of Internet marketing to expand a profit doesn’t only rely on digital marketing trends for 2021. For a company to achieve a tremendous feat in the digital and competitive space, crafting a positive image in the limelight is essential. Moreover, businesses are always encouraged to think outside the box to connect with their ever-changing consumers in the most convenient, relevant, and adaptable approach.

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Spotlight cooperates with hundreds of supply and publishing partners around the globe and provides full access to massive premium ad inventory, including the world's leading open and private media sources. Quick and easy access to these resources enables world-class marketers to launch a frictionless and efficient ad campaign.