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Email continues to be the most frequently used communication medium for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. From a marketing perspective, it’s been shown that email marketing easily outperforms social marketing when it comes to conversions, by as much as six times! No wonder email infrastructure and email value-added solutions are an area of interest for business organizations. But if you think email hasn’t changed in years, think again. Here’s the lowdown on some recent attention-worthy advances in email technology. Cloud’s role in affordable email bursts. The days when the email requirements of even large customer-facing enterprises used to be a few thousand at most, and not more than a few times a month, are long gone. Today, retail enterprises need to send out emails to millions (or tens of millions) of their customers and vendor partners — several times a day. Fortunately, advances in email technology and tools make this easy. Such requirements are not only limited to large e-retailers conducting flash sales. Even B2B enterprises need the capacity to be able to send out millions of emails in a few minutes when the need arises. As long as there is an unsubscribe option, though! That is how you know if a business is genuine or not. READ MORE