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What we do is defined by who we are. With our various skills, backgrounds and insights, we create successful brand and advertising solutions. We develop the complete experience: one that is thoughtful, engaging and clearly communicates the intended message to the intended audience. And to do this, we start by doing our homework: building the right team, paying attention to details and keeping our eyes open. We're constantly learning and refining what we present.We're and company, we love what we do and we're pleased to meet you.


Video is the new darling of digital marketing. With more than 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, consumers have grown increasingly comfortable with video. Smart marketers are responding by generating compelling, shareable content that delivers relevant brand messaging across multiple devices. Join us as video marketing expert Mark Robertson and senior research consultant Karen Burka discuss what goes into a successful video marketing campaign, and where software can add efficie...


Nordic airline Norwegian’s “challenger mindset” will help it crack the UK market, according to vice-president of marketing, Stine Steffensen Børke. The brand is growing at a rapid rate in the UK alone, with nine new aircraft joining its fleet next year, paving the way for a 55% increase in flights from London Gatwick next summer. As a challenger in an already saturated market, the brand has to have a clear proposition in order to make its mark. And so it is on a huge bra...

Employing IBM’s artificial intelligence technology has become a popular move for brands seeking to make better use of data in their marketing efforts.Havas Group this week is officially unveiling Havas Cognitive, a new practice in partnership with IBM Watson, to help clients develop tailored marketing campaigns and products....

On Thursday, Nov. 17, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) releases the first-of-its-kind report card that shows how well states protect patients from dangerous doctors. This is the latest in a groundbreaking national investigation into doctors and sex abuse.

The AJC studied laws in every state in the nation to determine which states are the best — and the worst — at shielding patients from sexually abusive doctors. The statutes it examined covered everything...


Internet marketers who have found success make a lot of money and can dominate a variety of niches because they know what they have to do. You too can join their ranks. If you need help with your internet marketing endeavors, read on for some tips....

Curalate, the leading visual commerce platform, announced today that it has been selected as an official Facebook Marketing Partner, joining a select group of technology companies recognized as proven partners in helping brands achieve their marketing objectives through Facebook....


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