Uniform Launches the World's First Composable Digital Experience Platform

Uniform | October 06, 2021

Uniform announced the availability of the world's first composable digital experience platform (DXP) that enables brands to deliver fast, engaging, personalized omnichannel digital experiences.

Available today, Uniform offers marketers, merchandisers, and developers a vendor-agnostic, composable DXP that allows customers to choose their own technology stack.

Marketers and merchandisers can use no-code tools to build personalized, omnichannel digital experiences that blend content from multiple sources, including content management and commerce systems, without having to depend on developers to build custom integrations, enabling the fastest delivery across all channels. Built-in high-performance testing and personalization allow business users to easily optimize experiences for better engagement and higher conversions.

With Uniform, developers can build a front-end using their preferred libraries and frameworks; the first-class developer experience empowers them to deliver faster, and to leverage CDNs and edge-computing platforms to achieve the best possible performance, scalability and security.

Our team has spent the last two decades building, selling, implementing and supporting DXPs, content management, and digital commerce software and solutions for some of the largest global brands. Most organizations struggle to adopt new technologies that can handle today's performance and omnichannel requirements because of the shift in control from business users to developers,We started Uniform because our years in the trenches with digital marketing and commerce practitioners showed us how critical it is for these users to be able to build and manage digital experiences without depending on developers. We built a platform that offers the best experience to both marketing and development teams.

Lars Birkholm Petersen, CEO and Co-Founder, Uniform

Before Uniform, brands interested in adopting a new generation of technology had to replatform. Uniform eliminates the need to replatform; Smart Grid™ technology enables brands to connect their existing monolithic and legacy systems to new, headless systems that use Jamstack or MACH architectures. Whether the intention is to incrementally migrate away from the legacy systems, or to build a hybrid tech stack that combines existing with new, Uniform lets brands adopt new technology on their own terms, and at their own pace.

"I really hope people realize the strategic importance of Uniform, both in terms of unlocking some currently perceived barriers to adopting MACH tech but also in terms of providing a path forward from re-engineering, re-integrating, and code refactoring," said Matt Webb, Group Head of Digital at LAB Group and MACH Alliance ambassador. "Since Uniform is vendor-neutral, the product exemplifies the essence of composability and MACH architectures."

"Uniform is the first digital experience platform built from the ground up to be composable. Legacy DXPs are built from one application and then other applications and functionality are added on top; this is an architectural game changer," said Alex Shyba, Uniform CTO and Co-Founder. "Uniform sits one layer below the technologies that a brand uses. This simplifies switching applications because in a composable system, you can add/remove/replace components without touching the rest of the stack. In designing this, we realized we can orchestrate across the systems in the stack, even if those systems come from multiple vendors."

About Uniform
Uniform is the world's first vendor-agnostic composable DXP, built for today's performance and scalability demands. A frictionless, pre-integrated composable digital experience platform gives companies the choice to continuously adopt traditional and headless best-of-breed technologies without replatforming, allowing businesses to deliver omnichannel orchestration with built-in high-performance testing and personalization - which allows tech stacks to evolve over time. Several top brands use Uniform to power their digital experiences, including Cirque du Soleil, Life Extension, Sunweb and Trimble.


In May we shared the second infographic in this post from Email Monks which summarises the importance of creating mobile responsive Email designs. In September Litmus published another infographic on responsive email design. We thought this was well worth sharing also since it adds to the first with a technical explanation of  How to Create a responsive email design with a code sample.

Other News

Independent Research Firm Names Stensul a Vendor in Now Tech Email Marketing Report

Stensul | December 23, 2021

Stensul, the platform for collaborative email creation, is recognized in Forrester Research's "Now Tech: Email Marketing Vendors, Q4 2021" report in the workflow collaboration category, the first time the category appears. Stensul is honored to be acknowledged by Forrester. Our technology enables teams to address the major headache around email creation and collaboration. We are especially pleased to see a new category in their 'Now Tech' report that we believe reflects the ability of the Stensul Email Creation Platform to enhance collaboration around complex workflows." Noah Dinkin, Stensul's Founder and CEO Forrester describes the new workflow collaboration category in the Now Tech report as including "vendors that aid email creation among stakeholders like operations, designers, agencies, and brand and compliance teams. These vendors automate approvals and content permissions, store assets, and integrate with enterprise collaboration tools like Slack to speed the pace and quality of email message development." The Forrester report pointed out the pandemic prompted a 94% rise in email volume in 2020. The firm suggests that marketers may want to "prioritize integration capabilities" and notes that "vendors that connect easily to others give you the flexibility to assemble a best-of-breed suite and to accommodate present and future internal tech stack requirements." New Stensul integrations with Asana and Wrike are the two latest examples of that orientation. They join Stensul's increasing portfolio of deep integrations. They enhance collaboration, so teams can create better emails in less time. Email program performance increases once teams have more time to test, analyze, and optimize email strategy. "Creating an email is already a collaborative process, involving stakeholders across functions and management levels," Dinkin said. "Yet most companies are still suffering from not having a proper platform to support a collaborative way of working, often using disconnected single-purpose tools. The result is a painstakingly slow process that prevents companies from being more competitive in their market." Asana and Wrike join Stensul's existing integrations with Adobe Campaign, Marketo, and Workfront, Oracle Eloqua and Responsys, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Iterable, Braze, Liveclicker, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Outlook, among others. About Stensul The Stensul Email Creation Platform dramatically reduces email creation time - by up to 90% - so teams can better focus on improving email performance. Stensul makes this possible by streamlining the collaboration process and simplifying email creation for all marketers, so they can create high-performing emails that drive stronger results. Stensul integrates with all leading ESPs/MAPs, including Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Adobe Campaign, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, as well as workflow platforms, image libraries, live content, link tracking, and messaging platforms. Top brands that trust Stensul to solve their most demanding email problems include ASICS, BMW, Capital One, Clover Health, Greenhouse, and Yahoo, among others.

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Bill Wittenmyer joins DealerOn as Chief Sales Officer

DealerOn | January 04, 2022

DealerOn, the premier digital marketing technologies provider for manufacturers and dealerships, welcomes Bill Wittenmyer as its new Chief Sales Officer. Bill brings 25 years of experience driving revenue, profitability, and performance as a leader in the automotive industry. As a former partner at ELEAD and VP of Sales at CDK Global, Bill has a proven track record of delivering data-driven strategies that have helped dealers grow their businesses. I could not be more excited to have Bill join the DealerOn team. Bill is an absolute rainmaker in this industry. He is a sought-after automotive retail expert and a proven sales leader who understands dealership retail operations inside and out." Ali Amirrezvani, CEO of DealerOn While at ELEAD, Bill Wittenmyer helped grow ELEAD's sales 25% year over year, servicing over 6,000 dealerships, and making it the leading CRM provider in the automotive space. "I have known Bill for a very long time, and I can't imagine a better marriage of talent and company," said Amir Amirrezvani, Co-Founder of DealerOn. "He is uniquely qualified to help achieve DealerOn's long term vision." Highly regarded as a dynamic and motivational speaker, Wittenmyer is featured at several prominent automotive forums each year and contributes to top news publications and television shows that influence industry business leaders across the U.S. Bill Wittenmyer will be overseeing all sales operations at DealerOn, including the growth of the new Cosmos platform set to be released in early 2022. About DealerOn, Inc. DealerOn, Inc. is a leading digital marketing technology company serving the retail automotive industry. DealerOn websites have won several industry awards, including multiple Driving Sales Top-Rated Website, Digital Dealer's Overall Website Excellence Award, AWA's Pinnacle Award, and Dealer Marketing Magazine's Technology Award for Website Providers. DealerOn is noted in the industry for their Lead Guarantee, based on their Digital Marketing Dashboard. Since creating this process in 2009, DealerOn has documented an average increase of 150% in website lead volume for their auto dealer clients.

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Elena Alti Ortiz is appointed Chief Marketing Officer of Grupo Elektra

Grupo Elektra | February 01, 2022

Grupo Elektra's Supervisory Committee appointed Elena Alti Ortiz as the new Chrief Marketing Officer, aiming to continue strengthening the Company´s more valuable brands. Elena Alti will be responsible for reinforcing the value and positioning of Grupo Elektra's brands (Banco Azteca, Italika and Elektra), innovating and coordinating marketing strategies that efficiently communicate - through digital and traditional channels - the value proposition of these companies, for millions of Mexicans, in addition to sharing their purpose, mission and identity. Elena has more than 25 years of experience leading the marketing and communication areas of major multinational companies and advertising agencies. Throughout her career, she has led marketing projects, brand building, customer experiences and digitization. She has been distinguished as one of the ten most relevant women in the European marketing and communication industry, by AdAge magazine, and recognized among the 10 best valued professionals in Spain in 2019, by the Agency Scope of the consulting firm SCOPEN. She holds a degree in Information Sciences and a master's degree in Corporate Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid. Additionally, she has a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing, from The Valley Digital Business School, and in Digital Mindset, from Deusto Business School. Undoubtedly, with her experience and vision, Elena Alti will help consolidate Grupo Elektra's brands and identity, widely communicating its value propositions and generating happy moments for its thousands of customers.

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The Bay Appoints Alexander Meyer as Chief Customer Officer

The Bay | January 18, 2022

The Bay is pleased to announce the appointment of Alexander Meyer as Chief Customer Officer. Alexander will be responsible for the ongoing transformation of The Bay’s integrated marketing, media and customer success strategies, with a focus on high growth, brand and personalisation. Reporting directly to Iain Nairn, President and CEO, Alexander will oversee the brand strategy and customer insights, marketing and creative, loyalty, and communications functions for The Bay and Hudson's Bay businesses. Alexander brings more than a decade of experience with demonstrated success in marketing, digital transformation, product and business development at globally-recognized brands in the retail sector. In 2021, he was named among the top 3 in Australia’s TOP50 CMO list, for a second year in a row. Most recently, for the past five years Alexander served as Chief Marketing Officer for Australia’s THE ICONIC, Australia and New Zealand's largest fashion and sports destination. The Iconic is a member of the Global Fashion Group, the world’s leader in online fashion for growth markets. Prior, he served in senior and C-suite roles at organizations including adidas International, Vans, Quiksilver Inc., and social content start-up Hubrick. Alexander’s data-driven, agile approach to marketing will enhance our customer and digital-first strategy, accelerate our growth, build acquisition, enhance loyalty and drive profitability across channels. The Bay is one of the country’s largest premium lifestyle digital platforms, and we are thrilled to welcome Alexander to help us evolve the customer experience and build our business for the future.” Iain Nairn, President and CEO, The Bay On his appointment, Mr. Meyer said, “It has been impressive to see the rapid, innovative digital transformation of The Bay, especially over the last year, and I am truly looking forward to joining an iconic, purpose-led company while building a data-driven marketing organization that champions social commerce at the speed of culture to drive connectivity with consumers.” About The Bay Through a digital-first, purpose-driven lens, The Bay helps Canadians live their best style of life. The Bay operates, one of the largest premium life & style digital platforms in Canada featuring Marketplace, with a seamless connection to a network of 85 Hudson's Bay stores. The Bay has established a reputation for quality and style through an unrivaled assortment of products and categories including fashion, home, beauty, food concepts and more. Follow us on our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok. The Bay and Hudson’s Bay operate under the HBC brand portfolio. Founded in 1670, HBC is North America’s oldest company. The signature stripes are a registered trademark of HBC.

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In May we shared the second infographic in this post from Email Monks which summarises the importance of creating mobile responsive Email designs. In September Litmus published another infographic on responsive email design. We thought this was well worth sharing also since it adds to the first with a technical explanation of  How to Create a responsive email design with a code sample.