The CMO Club with Claro Enterprise Solutions Publishes "The Social Media Playbook" Report

The CMO Club | June 04, 2020

  • Claro Enterprise Solutions and The CMO Club Partner to Produce "Social Media Playbook"

  • Report Examines How Marketers Can Use Social Media to Engage with Customers and Build Brands

  • The report identifies best practices and keys to success in defining and executing a social strategy.

The CMO Club, in thought leadership with Claro Enterprise Solutions, a leading global technology services company, today announced the publication of "The Social Media Playbook: Five Pillars of Success."

Based on interviews with six senior marketing executives across the globe, the report identifies best practices and keys to success in defining and executing a social strategy.

The report examines the evolving role of social media platforms in marketing and defines specific ways businesses can use social media to engage with customers, build brands and compete more effectively.

Social media is becoming an essential marketing tool for every business

~ Camila Casale, Chief Marketing Officer at Claro Enterprise Solutions

"By drawing on real-world experience and the insights of marketing leaders, this report provides a useful guide and practical advice that CMOs can apply to optimize their use of social media."

The CMO Club members interviewed for the report are senior marketing executives in organizations representing a range of industries that include leading global consumer brands, travel and leisure, technology service providers and manufacturers. "The Playbook" explores best practices, lessons learned and examples from the front lines. The five pillars of success identified by the report are:

• Measurement & Analytics: Marketing leaders are taking an increasingly structured approach to using data, analytics and measurement to gauge the effectiveness of social initiatives.
• Targeted Content & Messaging: Rather than repurpose generic content, effective initiatives focus on tailoring stories to the specific requirements of each platform.
• Innovation & Creativity:  Effective use of technology and talent is essential to taking advantage of the spontaneity of social media.
• Structure & Talent: Key social media roles are typically filled in-house. In terms of talent, leaders find that a wide range of personality types, experiences and backgrounds can be effective in social media roles.
• Global Strategy & Local Action: The unique characteristics of social pose some challenges for large, global organizations that have built a carefully crafted and closely guarded brand identity.

CMOs are continuously looking to social media to build brand value and take a more integrated and personalized approach to engaging with customers

~ Pete Krainik, Founder & Head of Global Engagement, The CMO Club

"We have a unique ability to access the expertise of our CMO Club members regarding effective strategies based on real-world experience. That's why we are calling this the 'The Social Media Playbook.' It shares key insights and specific actions every CMO can apply to optimize their organization's use of social."

About Claro Enterprise Solutions

Claro Enterprise Solutions, LLC is a global technology services company that provides proven, tailored solutions and a seamless customer experience to help businesses evolve and adapt to constant change.  The company has two decades of experience across 25 countries and focuses on continually developing new approaches to enterprise solutions for businesses of all sizes. From digital innovation to streamlined operations, from enhanced security to guaranteed reliability, our products and services help businesses run better, faster and more efficiently.

About The CMO Club

The CMO Club is the world's most innovative and engaged community of CMOs, committed to helping each other solve our biggest challenges in a behind closed doors, candid, and trust-worthy environment. Our Membership is 650+ CMOs strong and growing, representing B2B and B2C client-side brands with over $33B in collective annual marketing budgets and with over 40% of our Membership representing billion dollar brands. You can find us in 30 CMO Club Chapters across the globe. Our success, fueled by dynamic and innovative peer-to-peer problem-solving and inspirational and educational events, continues to raise the bar for CMOs around the world.



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