Premier BPO Launches Partner Alliance Program

Premier BPO | September 08, 2022 | Read time : 03:00 min

Partner Alliance Program
Premier BPO, a Co-Sourcing firm that helps companies manage a blended workforce, recently inaugurated the Partner Alliance Program. Enrolled partners can refer leads or co-sell services. The program is not meant for “white-label” or sub-contract arrangements.

Eligible Partner Types
- Consultants,
- Call centers, shared services, and back-office outsourcing industry influencers,
- Technology companies and systems integrators,
- Private equity and VC firms,
- Industry affiliates, professional trade organizations,
- Professional firms such as CPA’s, law firms

The business process outsourcing market revenue is expected to reach US$ 330 bn in 2022, with most revenue generated in the US ($122 bn), in global comparison. It is also projected to show a CAGR of ~ 6.7% between 2022 – 2027 resulting in a market volume of US $ 450 bn by 2027. - Statista

For channel partners with influence across IT functions, the IT outsourcing marketing is on a growth trajectory.

Partner Benefits
As an enrolled channel partner, our dedicated team, led by Sheraz Chaudhary, will keep a pipeline cadence and serve as a liaison for partners. Partners can expect to earn commissions for introductions and helping to open up new relationships for Premier BPO.

Co-Sourcing Services
Partners can represent Premier BPO across our entire portfolio including call center services and back-office functions aimed at helping companies grow their business, focus on retention or other business outcomes.

Learn More
To learn more about the services provided by Premier BPO or learn the steps involved in enrolling, please contact our Partner Alliance Team via our dedicated Partner Alliance Program webpage.

About Premier BPO:
Premier BPO seeks to be a seamless extension of its client’s business processes. This is done by immersing itself in the client’s values and objectives and by providing dedicated resources that serve as a blended workforce within the client’s organization. The company offers co-sourcing, a hybrid approach to outsourcing, across multiple functions for several industries through world-class global sites. Premier BPO has invested in security and compliance processes including obtaining PCI compliance and has been serving clients since 2003.


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Other News

Nile Launches its Ecosystem Program to Bring New Growth and Profit Opportunities

Nile | September 15, 2022

Nile, a new provider of enterprise network technology and services, today launched its partner program Nile Connect, focused on driving channel partner success via accelerated business growth, and profitability enabling partners to represent Nile’s new campus network platform. Nile Connect puts partner success at its foundation, equipping the channel with a wired and wireless service reimagined from the ground up to be delivered entirely as-a-Service (aaS) grounded in unheralded network simplicity, security, performance, and dramatically lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for both the partner and the customer. The unveiling of Nile Connect comes as the company emerged today from stealth to lead a significant market transition that will redefine enterprise networking forever, changing how organizations design, acquire, deploy, secure, and maintain a connectivity experience defined by simplicity. Nile was formed by co-founders Pankaj Patel (former EVP and Chief Development Officer at Cisco) and John Chambers (former Executive Chairman and CEO at Cisco, and founder and CEO of JC2 Ventures) working together as one of the network industry’s most powerful leadership duos, combined with experienced channel executives and engineers, powered by unprecedented IP and innovation, and with strong financial funding. Nile said more than 50 solution providers were already engaged with Nile Connect at the time of launch, including network ecosystems leaders like Presidio and CBTS, among others. Nile Connect appeals to partners of all sizes and offers a compelling partnership framework designed around: Simplicity: a tier-less program structure designed for a quick-ramp with simple requirements and processes, with no time-consuming technical certifications, and a value-selling approach; Profitability: an expanded market opportunity with strong margins to fuel ARR (annual recurring revenue) growth, designed to deliver a net-cash-flow positive revenue stream for partners; Opportunity: an opportunity to be a part of leading an as-a-Service market disruption with an end-to-end service at a lower TCO and a better network experience; and Outcome Focused: with the objective to change the technology consumption experience and deliver business and technical outcomes while easing partner service delivery and cost model concerns “As network incumbents have attempted to adapt to increasingly evolving customer needs, partners have felt manufacturers’ profitability comes first, ultimately squeezing them financially and relationally,” said Lou Serlenga, Chief Revenue Officer, Nile. “Our approach is different. Nile Connect is designed to work with and through partners, not around them. Our partners’ success is at the forefront of everything we do with a commitment to a quick ramp and faster path to revenue. This true collaboration is a win-win-win – for partners, for Nile, and most importantly, for customers.” “As network incumbents have attempted to adapt to increasingly evolving customer needs, partners have felt manufacturers’ profitability comes first, ultimately squeezing them financially and relationally,” said Lou Serlenga, Chief Revenue Officer, Nile. A Program Designed to Eliminate Channel Pain Points Nile Connect provides a simple, tier-less approach that ensures partners are able to achieve the highest levels of margin as they start, and no longer have to wait until much later after meeting requirements for multiple technical certifications and revenue ramp to get to higher tier and discount levels. Simplified program tools and processes further ensures that partners are not adversely impacted by complex workflows that add to operational overheads that dilutes profit. Nile brings a differentiated and innovative technology unveiled into a market transition, along with an opportunity to bundle more solutions and support customer outcomes, Nile Connect is designed so partners seamlessly fit in to the ecosystem and truly pioneer transformation for their customers – all without the complexity, competition, and confusion they’re increasingly experiencing today from entrenched incumbent manufacturers. “We are incredibly excited about the prospect of bringing such an innovative and differentiated offering to customers,” said Dave Hart, President and COO of Presidio, the leading global digital services and solutions provider. “Nile offers what many of our customers have been asking for – a simple approach to IT infrastructure that provides a scalable operating model combining innovative technology for deployment, monitoring and support with a predictable financial model that removes the operational and financial headaches of owning and supporting the network. At the same time, Nile’s leadership is equally committed to the success, profitability, and differentiation of its partners, which is always welcome news in this industry. We see Nile’s offer as a real win-win for Presidio and our customers.” An Ecosystem Ready for the Disruption Nile’s innovation and delivery model disrupts traditional sales motions, built from the ground up to be delivered as-a-service, providing consumption-based connectivity and services in conjunction with its partners and ensuring the partner-customer relationship remains intact. Nile’s revenue-sharing approach also eliminates variables and streamlines the process—it’s simple, straightforward, and focused on what matters most: customer success. The Nile Connect program is ideal for partners of all sizes, from large national solution providers to regional and local partners. Nile is also an ideal play for the MSP (managed service provider) channel, as its innovative network solution simplifies service delivery, reduces help desk calls, automates management to maintain guaranteed service performance levels, removes the need for lifecycle management, and delivers a net cash flow positive financial model. “As the network model shifts to aaS, Nile is redefining what a partner-first approach should look like – one where partners have guaranteed growth and profitability, where value for the customer continues to evolve, and where the friction of ownership, configuration, and transactions is eliminated,” said Bob Burlas, Chief Product Officer, Pomeroy IT Solutions, Inc. “We are excited by the potential of this innovative offering and are committing our resources to bring a differentiated solution to our customers and prospects.” “Eliminating complexity, especially as it relates to the solutions that we can offer our customers and prospective customers, has been a challenge for far too long,” said Joe Putnick, Chief Innovation Officer, CBTS. “Nile’s approach takes direct aim at this—it’s simple, it’s straightforward, and it puts the customer first while also making partner growth a priority.” North American partners interested in Nile Connect can learn more at or can contact Vivek Khemani, VP of Worldwide Channel Sales at About Nile Nile is redefining the network experience for customers with disruptive simplicity, delivering true network-as-a-service consumption, built in hardened security, lifecycle management without the management and backed by the industry’s only verified, performance-based SLAs. For more information, see

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iMDsoft expands its presence in Europe and selects Viridian Polska Sp. zo.o. as channel partner in Poland for its MetaVision Software Suite

iMDsoft | October 28, 2022

iMDsoft, a global leader in clinical information systems and the developer of the MetaVision Suite for critical care announced today that it selected Viridian Polska Sp. z o.o as its Channel Partner, authorized to market and sell licenses for the MetaVision Suite, and provide implementation and support services to MetaVision customers in Poland. As a leading medical device distributor, representing global brands in Poland for 20 years, Viridian Polska is ideally positioned to offer strong coverage of hospitals throughout Poland with a clinically driven, product-centric approach and a steadfast commitment to providing customers with the best solutions and highest level of service possible. This channel partnership marks an important milestone in iMDsoft's mission to make its state-of-the-art MetaVision Suite available in new territories. With Viridian Polska, iMDsoft now has 10 channel partners operating globally Through its channel partner program, iMDsoft teams up with leading healthcare technology companies around the world and empowers them to lead marketing and sales activities relating to the MetaVision Suite for critical care and anaesthesia, and provide related implementation and support services. With channel partners driving local market activities and leveraging their physical proximity to the customer, iMDsoft dedicates its full attention to the development and enhancement of the MetaVision Suite, as a fully-scalable market leading solution. "We are excited to partner with Viridian Polska and have the opportunity to bring our solutions that are designed to improve the quality of care for the benefit of patients and clinicians, now also to Poland. We are confident that Viridian Polska has the right combination of customer reach, understanding of market dynamics and commitment to success, necessary to develop a substantial business," said Shahar Sery, Executive Vice President, iMDsoft "We are proud and content that from now on we are partners with iMDsoft . We start this cooperation with a large dose of optimism, curiosity and commitment! Our knowledge of the local market, the trust of Polish customers and the quality of iMDsoft's products, are a combination that promises a successful long-term partnership," said Tomasz Woźnicki, CEO, Viridian Polska "We are proud and content that from now on we are partners with iMDsoft . We start this cooperation with a large dose of optimism, curiosity and commitment! Our knowledge of the local market, the trust of Polish customers and the quality of iMDsoft's products, are a combination that promises a successful long-term partnership," said Tomasz Woźnicki, CEO, Viridian Polska iMDsoft is a global leader in clinical information systems, with a specialty in critical care, anaesthesia, and acute care. Hundreds of hospitals and health networks in 24 countries use its MetaVision Suite, the company's flagship product, to improve care quality and enhance financial results. The global channel partner program offers an end-to-end approach for distribution partners to deliver iMDsoft's best in class software. iMDsoft is a wholly owned subsidiary of N. Harris Computer Corporation. MetaVision has played a pivotal role in hospitals throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic with its flexible capabilities to manage Covid-19 related workflows. Learn more at Viridian Polska Ltd. specializes in creating modern solutions in medical technology. The core of the business is designing and implementing patient monitoring systems. For almost 25 years, the solutions it proposes have been used in ORs, ICUs, surgery, cardiology and many other hospital wards. It works in the Integrated Quality Management System certified by TUV Nord, in accordance with ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015. Viridian Polska also provides technical services for medical equipment. Employees have all the necessary knowledge, experience and skills that are confirmed and certified by manufacturers. The goal of the Viridian Polska team is to create optimal and innovative solutions based on good relations with its customers and business partners. All this leads to a harmonious, coherent and trustworthy motto of the entire company: "Partnership for the Patients' Good".

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StormForge Extends Kubernetes Efficiency at Scale to More Enterprises Than Ever Before with New Channel Partner Program

StormForge | November 11, 2022

StormForge, the leader in cloud-native application performance testing and resource optimization, today announced its Channel Partner Program. The StormForge Channel Partner Program focuses on providing distributors, resellers and other partners with the most effective resources to put the StormForge machine learning-based optimization platform within every enterprise's reach. The Channel Partner Program complements the StormForge Cloud Provider Alliance Partner Program, which includes highly collaborative relationships with industry powerhouses such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Datadog. New partners include CLIMB, Amazic and SIOS. Resellers include A-Var, Oteemo, Mobia and Ahead. "The Kubernetes developer and user communities are incredibly large and diverse - and they're growing rapidly. So it's natural for us to design a Channel Partner program that extends the reach of StormForge's patent-pending machine learning technology to as many enterprises as possible," said Amy Medeiros, Head of Marketing, StormForge. "StormForge optimizes Kubernetes at scale in ways that no other solution can. We want to help as many customers as possible achieve success with their Kubernetes journey, and that means arming our partners with game-changing solutions that make that process as smooth and effective as possible. The Partner Program keeps customer relationships front and center, while also offering a simple, collaborative, and rewarding experience for our partners." The StormForge Partner Program consists of solutions, training including hands-on certification and tools that enable its partners to offer customers the most effective platform for optimizing Kubernetes at scale. Partners gain access to an exclusive partner portal, deal registration, integrated campaign kits, sales tools, technical training support, sales incentives and a dedicated StormForge Certified Kubernetes expert. "Kubernetes performance and optimization is one of the most challenging things our customers are navigating in today's enterprise environments, and being able to offer StormForge gives us such a strong opportunity and position to support them," said Frank Shepherd, VP of Engineering, A-Var. "StormForge's platform delivers that magic combination of increased efficiency and higher performance that results in our customers' ability to innovate." "StormForge really brings to bear the missing component for our customers' digital transformation journey," said Dale Foster, Climb CEO, Climb. "StormForge really brings to bear the missing component for our customers' digital transformation journey," said Dale Foster, Climb CEO, Climb. "StormForge's machine learning technology combined with its holistic approach that spans production and non-production environments makes Kubernetes resource optimization a reality for a lot of our customers for the first time. Working with StormForge is a strategic move that we expect to drive real impact for our customers." StormForge's flagship product, StormForge Optimize Live, delivers ML-powered Kubernetes resource optimization through analysis of observability data, intelligent recommendations, and automated action based on that analysis. The ML focus goes beyond cost or performance alone, optimizing both at any scale to enable intelligent business decisions with minimal trade-offs. Just last month, the platform added the industry's first bi-dimensional Kubernetes pod autoscaling, which minimizes cloud waste during the autoscaling process without sacrificing application performance. This powerful platform puts the best possible offerings in the hands of partners and resellers, whose customers need flexibility across cloud environments and the ability to optimize in production and non-production environments. Purpose-built for Kubernetes, StormForge runs in any CNCF-certified distribution and integrates easily with existing Kubernetes environments, including all Kubernetes cloud services, management platforms and observability solutions. It also enables fast time-to-value with one-click deployment and continuous, automated Kubernetes resource optimization. "We sincerely welcome this partner program. StormForge's M/L technology is essential for using the container platform technology that is indispensable for DX. This is because it not only increases the productivity of container utilization engineers, but also optimizes the infrastructure resources used. SIOS Technology, Inc.has had a strong relationship since StormFoge was founded. Through this Programme, SIOS Technology Corp. is promoting the further advancement of the Cloud Native in the Japanese market," said Minoru Aoki, Vice President, SIOS Technology, Inc. For more information about the Channel Partner Program, please visit: About StormForge StormForge brings together world-class data scientists and software engineers to enable businesses to drive breakthrough IT and operations efficiency. The StormForge Platform is set apart by its unwavering focus on building AI-powered software products that are designed to help people, not replace them. The StormForge Platform uses enterprise grade performance testing coupled with machine learning to drive major application performance gains and cost reductions in complex environments. In February 2020, StormForge announced funding from Insight Partners to accelerate the growth of its Platform. StormForge was founded in 2015 and is based in Boston and Washington, DC. Learn more at

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Code42 Appoints Key Leadership to Drive the Next Phase of Partner Growth

Code42 | October 31, 2022

Code42, Inc., the Insider Risk Management (IRM) leader, today announced that it has unified its channel, advisory and technology partner programs under the leadership of Ananth Appathurai, senior vice president of channel and alliance partners. This move unlocks the synergies between Code42’s advisory and technology ecosystem partners and its channel partners to make it easier to collaborate and deliver Insider Risk Management programs and solutions that fit the specific data protection needs of customers. “We have seen tremendous growth from our channel program over the past year. Running parallel to that growth, our advisory and technology partnerships have continued to deepen. We believe that the best experience we can provide for security teams unites these programs and enables us to deliver unparalleled value to our customers,” said Ananth Appathurai. “We have seen tremendous growth from our channel program over the past year. Running parallel to that growth, our advisory and technology partnerships have continued to deepen. We believe that the best experience we can provide for security teams unites these programs and enables us to deliver unparalleled value to our customers,” said Ananth Appathurai. Today, nearly half of business leaders are concerned about the lack of visibility into the types of valuable data – IP, source code, product plans and customer information – leaving their organizations. Code42 helps organizations speed detection and response to data exposed by insiders by giving security teams streamlined access to its flagship IRM products, the Code42® Incydr™ product and Code42 Instructor™ micro-learning solution, through its broad ecosystem of channel, advisory and technology partners. Creating strong alignment between Code42’s channel partners, who have high-growth practices with many of Code42’s technology partners, including CyberArk, LogRhythm, Okta, Palo Alto Networks, Rapid7, Splunk, Sumo Logic, Tines and others, will deliver important benefits for both buyers and partners: For security teams: Code42 is unifying the orchestration of all partners in its ecosystem based on security buyers’ technology stacks, preferred purchasing vendors and advisors, and level of expertise in managing insider risk. Incydr and Instructor continue to hold a valuable place in ecosystem partners’ portfolios, offering data protection solutions that integrate to cloud and email services, SOAR, SIEM, PAM and IAM platforms. For partners: As part of the Accelerate Partner Program, Code42 is committed to a 100% channel go-to-market strategy and is making it easier to enable sales of Incydr and Instructor through access to partner enablement, communications, marketing and incentives programs, and a solutions-led approach based on Incydr’s numerous technology integrations. Ananth added, “Code42’s continued investments in our channel and alliance partner programs signal our commitment to the important role that channel, technology and advisory partners play in the company’s future growth. I am looking forward to leading the expanded partner program and leveraging the reach and influence of our partners to help security teams solve their data protection needs.” Learn more about Code42’s Insider Risk Management Offering Code42 Incydr: The Industry’s Leading Data Security Product for Exfiltration Detection and Response Incydr is an Insider Risk Management solution that provides the visibility, context and controls needed to stop data leak and IP theft. Organizations utilize Incydr to detect and respond to data exposure and exfiltration from corporate computer, cloud and email systems. It deploys in hours so security teams can address material risk to the business in a matter of days and drive the secure work habits needed to decrease how often employees put data at risk in the future. Code42 Instructor: Education-Led Insider Risk Response Instructor improves Insider Risk awareness by focusing on the creation of holistic, security-oriented cultures. The solution delivers actionable, hyper-targeted and bite-sized lessons to end-users when they’re needed most, helping to change security behavior for the long term. The Instructor solution helps organizations rapidly mature their Insider Risk Management programs by incorporating data-driven Insider Risk behavioral guidance for end-users. Combining the Power of Incydr and Instructor Instructor works in tandem with Incydr, allowing security, compliance and education teams to immediately send corrective lessons triggered by employee actions that create risk for the business. For example, when Incydr flags file movement to an untrusted location, like an unauthorized cloud application, an Instructor video specifically explaining the correct activity is sent to educate the employee in real-time through the Incydr solution. About Code42 Code42 is the leader in Insider Risk Management (IRM), offering end-to-end data loss detection and response solutions. The Code42 Incydr product is native to the cloud and rapidly detects data exposure, loss, leak and theft as well as speeds incident response – all without lengthy deployments, complex policy management or blocking employee productivity. Accelerating the effectiveness of Insider Risk programs are the Code42 Instructor microlearning solution, and Code42’s full suite of expert services. With Code42, security professionals can protect corporate data and reduce insider risk while fostering an open and collaborative culture for employees. Designed to meet regulatory control requirements, Code42’s IRM solution is FEDRAMP authorized and can be configured for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and other compliance frameworks. Innovative organizations, including the fastest-growing security companies, rely on Code42 to safeguard their ideas. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and backed by Accel Partners, JMI Equity, NewView and Split Rock Partners. Code42 has played a defining role in developing a vision and requirements for the IRM category – now recognized by Gartner, IDC and Forrester – and is a founding member of the annual Insider Risk Summit and Insider Risk Community. The Company has several offices across the United States and its clients include large multinational organizations, such as CrowdStrike, Exabeam, BAYADA Home Health Care, Lending Club, MacDonald-Miller, MACOM, North Highland, Ping Identity, Shape Technologies, Snowflake, University of Georgia, User Testing, UTEX and Xactly.

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