Phonexa Announces All-In-One Suite for Calls, Leads, Clicks, Email and More

Phonexa | June 23, 2021

Software Company Phonexa is rehashing how advertisers build strategies around calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and accounting by disclosing an exceptional, all-in-one suite of products that are each designed to merge and support business for brands across an assorted blend of verticals. The five-year-old organization has appeared three new services with Lynx (click following), Opt-Intel (suppression list management), and Cloud PBX (cloud phone system).

The trilogy of solutions complement Phonexa's prevailing pillar products in Call Logic (call tracking and distribution), LMS SYNC (lead tracking and distribution), E-Delivery (email and SMS marketing) and Books360 (automated accounting).

Now supplied with 7 distinctly exclusive turnkey solutions, Phonexa is bundling the profits of its integrations and presenting a new monthly pricing model that begins at just $100 with no set-up fee. The best-in-class rate is designed to further separate Phonexa from competition who offers just one or two niche services. Phonexa's first-to-market development is a groundbreaking one for the industry because this is the first time calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and accounting products are all compound together under one uniform entity.

Phonexa's reimagined model is crafted to enable brands with newfound avenues to customize, optimize, and enhance lead flow and consumer engagement in order to upsurge conversions and ROI.
The all-in-one suite's reporting and analytics will also allow companies to efficiently consider new end-to-end integrated marketing strategies at a much lower cost.

Phonexa's new robust platform bundle now features the following purposes:

Call Logic: Call tracking and distribution, real-time call analytics and reporting, interactive voice response, and predictive modeling
LMS SYNC: Lead tracking and distribution, and real-time lead analytics and reporting
E-Delivery: Multi-channel distribution, behavioral segmentation, A/B email marketing integration, and ESP integration
Lynx: Click tracking, lead attribution, journey control, precise targeting, and dashboard overview
Opt-Intel: List sharing, compliance notifications, automated data transfers, and opt-out domain white labeling
Cloud PBX: Call scoring, outbound calling, and uninterrupted service
Books360: Automated customer invoices, vendor payments, automation and history, and cash flow tracking

Ever since entering the market in 2016, Phonexa's formative tools have been leveraged by an array of industry-leading marketers in the insurance, home service, and financial sectors, among other verticals."The archaic days of segmentation and depending on niche-based marketing solutions are over. Much like Google and Adobe have revolutionized industries with their set of foundational tools, Phonexa is following in their path but in a parallel lane by arming marketers with an all-in-one suite of products for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and accounting," said David Gasparyan, President and CEO of Phonexa.

"I'm humbled to say that today's announcement is a transformative and landmark development for our company, and the industry alike. We're doing something that's never been done before, and I couldn't be more excited or proud of our team, and the future. We're uniquely positioned to further differentiate and separate ourselves from the competition with a distinct value proposition. It's a great new era for Phonexa."
Phonexa also launched a new customer-facing website and doubled-down on its robust white label desktop platform, as well as its iOS and Google Play mobile app. Phonexa remains the only market leader that powers its clients — and the customers clients serve — with an app. Phonexa will maintain its commitment to customer care and service with continued 24/7 onboarding and support with its team of dedicated experts.

Phonexa will debut additional complimentary digital marketing products in the coming months as part of its new bundled pricing model that also includes premium and enterprise options.

To Know More Phonexa:

Phonexa is an all-in-one suite for marketing automation that empowers companies to optimize inbound web and call campaigns, and outbound call, email and SMS campaigns, all while having the ability to enhance consumer journey every step of the way. Complete with 7 turnkey solutions, Phonexa's customizable tools for calls, leads, clicks, email, and SMS marketing maximize workflow efficiency for direct advertisers and lead generators alike. Phonexa has the scalability, tools, and partnerships to serve clients in all industries, especially those with high consumer demand products and services.


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Cooler Screens Builds Visionary Leadership and Advisory Teams for Accelerated Growth

Cooler Screens | May 19, 2022

In response to accelerated growth, Cooler Screens is expanding its leadership and advisory board with industry leading talent from customer centric organizations to optimize the expansion of its platform, re-define and improve the in-store consumer experience and solidify the company as the world's largest digital media platform for retail. Cooler Screens was founded on the core idea that consumers deserve a far better experience than what is available today in bricks-and-mortar retail and the new leadership team will enable this mission. "This is retail media 2.0., and with a world-class team of accomplished innovators in place we are poised to not only bring the digital and physical worlds together and transform omnichannel marketing but also create an industry gold standard. This collapses the consumers' path to purchase into a few feet of retail space and a few seconds as opposed to traditional sequential ads that require much longer periods of time and much more physical space to drive sales," Cooler Screens Cofounder and CEO Arsen Avakian New Team Members Will Bring the Science of E-Commerce to Physical Retail Cooler Screens' leadership team additions include Lindell Bennett from Amazon as chief revenue officer and Shelly Schaffer as chief financial officer. Additionally, Cooler Screens' Chief Customer Experience and Operating Officer John Gomez was promoted and will take on additional responsibilities as president while retaining his former responsibilities. As chief revenue officer, Bennett brings extensive experience building new teams and businesses, while also launching new technologies and products. He will focus on helping brands capture the attention of customers already in the aisle, to build brand equity and increase sales simultaneously. His goals include establishing an insights-led revenue organization, strengthening the direct sales team, expanding distribution of Cooler Screens through programmatic partnerships, helping agency partners activate new in-store media opportunities and developing deeper omnichannel measurement for brands. "I spent over a decade helping define something new: the nascent retail media landscape," Bennett explained. "This experience is important because, at Cooler Screens, we are redefining the in-store experience by meeting customers where they are at – in the aisle – and finding new ways to help them make decisions while there. The question is, how do we make the experience better for customers while also providing an opportunity for brands to stand out? That's a question that I want to help answer, because there is a huge opportunity here for brands, not just in terms of messaging, but also in terms of measurement. I can't wait to help unlock this potential." In just over ten years at Amazon, Bennett held a number of US roles, leading enterprise CPG, running the mid-market and pioneering the enterprise cable and wireless business. He also spent time in Asia, leading the mid-market and enterprise sales teams for Japan, while also launching Amazon's first ad sales team in China. Additionally, he started and led the task force that built Amazon's narrative and reporting framework and was a key contributor to its brand-building and omnichannel measurement suites. As chief financial officer, Schaffer brings more than three decades of experience in financial and strategic planning, investor relations, business development, compliance and governance to her role at Cooler Screens, where she will be instrumental in accelerating and broadening growth across the ecosystem of retailers, brands, agencies, resellers and programmatic partners. Her extensive background has focused on technology and software, online platforms and branded consumer products in public, private and venture-backed companies, including The Coca Cola Company,, Yahoo, Mercury Interactive, Catalina Marketing, Nestle and more. Gomez, now Cooler Screens' president, chief consumer experience officer and COO, executed Cooler Screens' expansion in Walgreens, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Chevron, and CVS stores. Prior to joining Cooler Screens, he was president and CEO of KKR-owned Cardenas Markets, where he doubled the size of the $1 billion-plus food retailer. He also held the positions of EVP of operations, marketing and merchandising at Trader Joe's and chief operating officer at Argo Tea. New Advisory Board Members Will Inform Cooler Screen's Cutting-Edge Strategy Three leading growth and innovation experts will join the startup's advisory board: Andrew Appel, former president and CEO of the predictive analytics service IRI; Andrew Hill, chief data officer of global CPG marketer Unilever; and John Clavadetscher, who is transitioning from his full-time role as Cooler Screens' president and chief commercial officer. Appel, who was president and CEO of IRI for nine years, brings substantial experience in data and analytics to Cooler Screens advisory board. At IRI, he led the company's transformation from an insights provider to delivering growth as a technology focused Big Data global company. Over his approximately six years at Aon, Appel was CEO of two multi-billion-dollar divisions and was promoted to COO in his last year at the organization. Hill is responsible for Unilever's global data, advanced analytics, and information agenda spanning the full enterprise. He was named DataIQ's most influential person in data for 2022, as well as data visionary. Prior to coming to Unilever, he spent 20 years at global customer data science company Dunnhumby in leadership roles across North America and Europe. "Starting from the C-suite and advisory board and throughout the entire organization, Cooler Screens has assembled a team of innovators with a sure footing in uncharted terrain," Avakian said. "Their forward-looking leadership will put our technology at the service of consumer trust and the user experience. This is the team that can bring the data-driven science of e-commerce to retail, fusing these two channels to enable true omnichannel marketing." About Cooler Screens Cooler Screens is creating the world's largest in-store digital media and merchandising platform for retail. We transform retail surfaces into digital IoT smart screens that deliver in-store retail media and merchandising for the ultimate consumer experience at the intersection of commerce, context, and content. Cooler Screens has brought innovation, transparency, and relevancy to the channel with its audience-based point of decision platform that puts customer privacy first with certified identity-blind technology. With 90% of food, beverage and health category purchases still taking place in physical stores, Cooler Screens enables retailers to quantify and improve consumer experiences and allows brands to drive sales and build brand equity by connecting with consumers at the first moment of truth. Retail partners span grocery, drug, and convenience stores, including Walgreens, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Chevron, and CVS.

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Balbix Hires Virsec Systems, Tech Mahindra Vet as Channel Leader

Balbix, Virsec Systems | June 14, 2022

Balbix, a security automation provider, has appointed Saurabh Sharma as vice president of strategic alliances and channels. Sharma plans to deliver more than 50% of the company’s revenue through its partners. He’ll do so by expanding its network with GSIs, MSSPs and VARs. He’ll help Balbix partners add security posture automation to their portfolios to reduce their customers’ cyber risk. By investing in new routes to market, Balbix aims to accelerate its momentum. In March, the company announced its $70 million Series C funding round. Its funding now totals more than $100 million. “With the exploding attack surface, SIs and MSPs are struggling to mitigate vulnerabilities and manage risk for their customers,” Sharma said. “Customers … have begun to demand more automation and proactive cybersecurity posture management. Partners that add Balbix to their portfolio will deliver reduced risk to customers at lower costs, as well as actionable insights for improved decision making.” Previous Roles with Virsec Systems, Tech Mahinda Sharma brings over 22 years of experience in sales, business development, alliances and strategy. Before Balbix, he was Virsec Systems‘ vice president of strategic partnerships. There, he opened new revenue streams via partnerships with leading GSIs and VARs. Before that, he worked at Tech Mahindra for over a decade, most recently as vice president of its communications business. Balbix allows partners to help their customers by providing automated capabilities. Those include asset inventory, vulnerability management and cyber risk quantification in dollars. Partners can extend their portfolios and gain new revenue streams delivering services around these technologies. “We are excited to welcome Saurabh to the Balbix team as we expand our partner ecosystem and accelerate adoption of our technology,” he said. Gaurav Banga is Balbix‘s founder and CEO “We are excited to welcome Saurabh to the Balbix team as we expand our partner ecosystem and accelerate adoption of our technology,” he said. “Saurabh has a track record of building win-win models for partners and technology vendors stemming from his experience working at both a world-leading GSI and at technology vendors where he partnered with top GSIs, MSPs and MSSPs.”

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Splunk Announces Partnerverse Enhancements at Global Partner Summit

Splunk | June 17, 2022

conf22– Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), the data platform leader for security and observability, today announced Splunk Partnerverse program enhancements and underscored its commitment to accelerating partner success during its Global Partner Summit (GPS) at .conf22, Splunk’s 13th annual user conference. GPS provides Splunk partners with the tools and knowledge to sell, build, manage and advise with Splunk solutions as well as how to best align and take advantage of the Partnerverse program benefits. The new Partnerverse enhancements will help Splunk’s 2,400+ partners expand and differentiate their offerings. “Splunk is investing in our partners’ success through our Partnerverse Program with new features and resources to support and enable our expanding global partner network,” said Bill Hustad, Vice President of Alliances and Channel Ecosystems, Splunk. “Partnerverse enables the Splunk partner community to maximize impact by developing the necessary skills, achieving the right certifications and building capabilities that support customers. Together with our partners, Splunk customers can realize their vision for security, resilience and innovation.” New Partnerverse Features During GPS, Splunk introduced new Partnerverse benefits and tools designed to accelerate partner impact. Enhancements include access to the Splunk Cloud Sandbox, a dedicated, persistent, and non-production Splunk Cloud Platform environment. For a duration of 12 months, eligible partners can access a 50GB, single tenant, cloud stack environment to learn about Splunk cloud products, build and test solutions, and demonstrate their solutions on Splunk Cloud to existing and new customers. Splunk also released a new online Solutions Catalog where partners can showcase their expertise and Splunk-based offerings and services to attract and connect with potential customers. In addition, Splunk launched a new Funded Partner Training benefit as part of its Partnerverse program to help Splunk partners build solution competencies and drive enablement. Each eligible partner will receive two coupons for Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect and/or the Splunk Cloud Administration course. These trainings help prepare partners for certifications that validate an individual’s skills and knowledge of data management and system configuration for data collection and ingestion in a Splunk Cloud Platform or Splunk Enterprise environment. Eligible partners will continue to have access to a 50 percent discount on all individual instructor-led and self-paced Splunk training. Splunk Announces New Customer Immersion Experience Center Splunk also announced it will work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a new and groundbreaking Customer Immersion Experience Center in its Splunk office in London Paddington to demonstrate the impact of data and digital transformation. This immersive experience will provide each Splunk customer with tailored, real-world applications to unlock innovation, enhance security, drive resilience and deliver an inspirational vision of their cloud journey. All attendees across core industries, starting with retail, will engage with Splunk’s cloud-based solutions to see first-hand how an effective data strategy can elevate their innovation in a fast-paced world, reduce costs, and ensure they can stay ahead of the competition. “We work very closely with Splunk and Splunk partners, and are committed to providing our joint customers with opportunities to innovate with confidence, migrate and modernize existing environments, and scale without limits,” said Ruba Borno, Vice President, Channels and Alliances, AWS. “The Customer Immersion Experience Center will take this one step further in developing effective data strategies to help our customers expedite digital transformation and drive success.” Splunk Wins Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year - Marketplace Splunk received the 2021 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year - Marketplace award for its achievements in the Google Cloud ecosystem, helping joint customers to transform their businesses. The combination of Google Cloud’s AI-powered, industry focused products and services and Splunk’s industry-leading data platform has empowered Splunk’s global customers to accelerate their cloud transition while helping them digitally transform and reimagine their business. “This award recognizes Splunk’s commitment to customer success, and its delivery of innovative and impactful solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace,” said Bronwyn Hastings, Vice President of Global ISV Partnerships and Channels, Google Cloud. “We’re proud to recognize Splunk as our Technology Partner of the Year Marketplace, and we look forward to continuing our work together building and creating business value for customers with cloud technologies.” Congratulations to the Splunk Partner Awards Winners Splunk recently recognized a number of global high-growth and strategic partners at the Splunk Global Partner Awards. These partners drive positive business outcomes, as well as help joint customers leverage Splunk to solve their challenges and share Splunk’s customer-first mentality. To learn more about the Splunk Global Partner Award winners, please visit the Splunk blog. .conf22 is an opportunity to see the strength of the Splunk Partnerverse in action and Splunk appreciates the support from its .conf22 sponsors. For more information on .conf22 announcements, visit the Splunk .conf22 website. About Splunk Inc. Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK) helps organizations around the world turn data into doing. Splunk technology is designed to investigate, monitor, analyze and act on data at any scale.

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Apica Announces Global Channel Partner Program for Digital Performance Monitoring

Apica Systems | May 21, 2022

Apica Systems, the leader in digital performance monitoring, announced the Apica Partner Program designed to empower global channel partners to increase the adoption and integration of advanced synthetic monitoring and load testing tools. The program supports resellers & MSPs, system integrators, and technology partners. By establishing a global partner program Apica enables its partners to increase revenue and accelerate their growth. The two-tiered program includes incentives, training, and streamlined contract management across all tiers. "Our goal is to help partners become highly effective and more profitable in solving some of the most complex digital performance challenges their customers face today, As the demand for greater visibility into complex and distributed IT environments continue to grow, we offer global channel partners the expertise, speed, and scale enterprise teams need to rise above the risk, cost, and complexity of today's end-user performance needs." Gord Boyce, CRO at Apica Apica's platform ensures early detection that helps companies with complex IT infrastructures monitor and test business-critical applications and APIs. The result is better insights that quickly solve outages and issues before your customers notice. Apica is committed to being a strategic, channel-focused partner that offers the following benefits: Powerful active monitoring platform: Apica's platform combines active monitoring and load testing to ensure the health and performance of all applications. The result is an early warning and detection system that closes the visibility gaps in end-user monitoring while eliminating revenue loss and increasing customer and employee satisfaction. Grow Sales Revenue: Partners who leverage the Apica platform gain greater access to organizations of all sizes that are increasingly focused on improving digital experiences and performance needs. By solving these complex monitoring gaps, partners will grow revenue and market share with unrivaled active monitoring. Deep Knowledge: From sales to full implementation training, partners will have the tools and resources necessary to maximize success with Apica through a complete training curriculum. Recurring revenue streams: The Apica Partner Program creates recurring revenue streams through its subscription-based model. The flexibility of the program allows partners to leverage the technology directly and build a professional services or managed services practice around the platform. "We are excited to see the momentum happening in the digital performance space and see this as an opportunity to help simplify partner engagement, support the growing types of partners and help our partners adapt to new customer buying models," said Matt Wilkinson, VP of Revenue Operations at Apica. "The new program includes three new partner tracks - Reseller, Systems Integrator, and Technology Integration. The result is an ecosystem where partners can operate in a software sales and services business model, with expertise in areas such as Synthetic, API and On-premises Monitoring, Load Testing, Cloud Migration, and Digital Experience Monitoring." About Apica Apica's active monitoring platform is used by global organizations to solve the most complex digital performance issues in today's multi-cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments. Apica delivers its scalable monitoring and detailed insights across any location, device, app, or authentication. Our SaaS platform reduces friction and time to resolution for cloud migrations, applications and underlying infrastructure outages ensuring all user experiences exceed expectations.

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