Parag Agrawal: Talk of the Town-The New CEO of Twitter

Twitter | December 01, 2021

India-born, tech-savvy Parag Agrawal has been appointed as the new CEO of Twitter. All set to take Twitter to the next level by strategizing policy and strengthing campaigns.

Twitter announced one of the biggest news of the decade that an Indian, Parag Agarwal, the IIT-Bombay graduate, is the new CEO of Twitter. He joined Twitter as a software engineer in 2011. Later on, he was appointed as a chief technology officer in 2017. He was also part of top tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Adobe.

Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, has handed over the reign to Parag Agarwal. He has been a part of the organization for over a decade. He managed machine learning, revenue, consumer engineering and assisted with audience growth. Parag handled the 'Bluesky' project marvelously, the decentralized program which was introduced in 2019. In addition, Parag incredibly managed products strategy, promotional strategy, and the large-scale password security issue during his career.

On the appointment of Parag as the CEO of Twiter, Dorsey said, "He's been my choice for some time given how deeply he understands the company and its needs. He has been behind every critical decision that helped turn this company around, not only that, Agrawal has been around when the company was nothing like it is today and had fewer than a thousand employees."

Parag has committed himself to enhance Twitter's potential by maintaining data security, designing effective campaigns, and utilizing cutting-edge technologies. As a result, the company expects a tangible result with its CEO change, taking Twitter to the next level as all other social platforms compete to be the best.

Amidst receiving millions of congratulatory posts, netizens spiced up his previous tweets by creating various types of memes. This increased audience engagement as he mentioned social issues unbiased and fearlessly.


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Other News

Tinuiti Named Microsoft Agency Partner of the Year

Tinuiti | February 17, 2022

Tinuiti became the first independent performance marketing agency to win the Microsoft Agency Partner of the Year award for demonstrating excellence in engagement, revenue growth, and depth of partnership across all of Microsoft Advertising. It is the first time Microsoft honored an independent agency since it first created the award six years ago. Tinuiti's decades plus partnership with Microsoft Advertising has transformed over the years to meet the ever-evolving needs of the digital advertising landscape, to earn the reputation as early and extensive adaptors of new products that deliver the best performance results for their established and emerging roster of clients. With 32% year-over-year growth with Microsoft Advertising, Tinuiti showed clear intentions of continuing to grow the partnership into 2022. This year's awards theme was "Together we are Limitless," to reflect the powerful impact that key partnerships have had this past year, amid continued uncertainty and renewed opportunities. As the first independent agency to win Agency Partner of the Year, we're extremely honored to be recognized for driving innovation, efficiency and growth for our clients. As an independent firm, we are able to provide a limitless approach to what's possible, to deliver the strongest brand performance and ROI for our clients. We value the Microsoft partnership, one that has been a true collaborative exchange to help solve complex business issues for our clients and who has been there as we grew to become the largest independent performance marketing agency." Obele Brown-West, Tinuiti's Chief Solutions Officer Tinuiti and Microsoft Teams leveraged the firm's proprietary, award-winning technology, Mobius, a suite of AI-enabled marketing intelligence and media activation technology, to unify data sources into an ecosystem where data is interconnected to provide a truly unified marketing strategy. Tinuiti's Media teams utilized Mobius to re-forecast during uncertain times and pivot ad strategy quickly as the pandemic and societal events required brands to shift course frequently. "Microsoft Advertising is delighted to show our appreciation and acknowledge the well-deserved recognition for Tinuiti with the Agency Partner of the Year. Our partners are critical to our business and it's a privilege to recognize those who lead with a spirit of collaboration, innovation and inclusive behavior. Our partners have displayed a strong commitment to their clients, and to their communities during a time of uncertainty and disruption." – Sean O'Connor, International Marketing Director at Microsoft Advertising. Tinuiti has built strong relationships with all the major tech platforms as a charter member of the Amazon Advertising Agency Partner Network; Google Premier Partner (top 3% of all agencies) and International Growth Partner; Meta Premium Marketing Partner, Kochava Authorized Agency Partner and the first independent agency in the US to receive official TikTok Marketing accreditation. Tinuiti has experienced rapid expansion, growing seven-fold in size since 2017. Tinuiti welcomed nearly 700 new employees in the last 12 months, nearing 1,100 in headcount, a 59% year-over-year increase. The firm has consistently been on the forefront of emerging spaces years ahead of the competition—from Amazon and Retail Media, to being a respected industry thought leader on data privacy, to breaking out ahead on streaming advertising. The company is currently hiring for multiple roles across divisions to keep pace with growth. About Tinuiti Tinuiti is the largest independent performance marketing firm across Streaming TV and the Triopoly of Google, Facebook, Amazon, with nearly $3 billion in digital media under management and over 1,000 employees. With industry-leading expertise in search, social, Amazon and marketplaces, addressable TV and mobile apps, CRM and Aemail marketing, and more, Tinuiti understands that success requires both strategy and channel expertise. Each solution is delivered through Tinuiti's performance planning framework, GAMMA, and is enabled by a proprietary suite of marketing intelligence and media activation technology – Mobius.

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Stensul is First to Market with an API Integration with Pardot for Email Creation

Stensul | March 03, 2022

Stensul, the platform for collaborative email creation, announced a multifaceted integration with Pardot, Salesforce's marketing automation platform (MAP). This integration - the first of its kind between Pardot and an Email Creation Platform - simplifies and speeds email creation and collaboration dramatically. The Stensul + Pardot integration opens the door for users of Pardot to create and collaborate on emails and email templates directly in our Email Creation Platform and then easily deploy those emails from Pardot. B2B marketing teams will be able to get to market faster and deliver higher performance when using Stensul and Pardot together." Noah Dinkin, Stensul's Founder and CEO "The painstaking back-and-forth in the traditional email creation process is expensive and inefficient. It hasn't changed in decades and holds teams back," Dinkin said. "By making email creation more efficient, teams free up valuable time to focus on strategic work, ultimately delivering better performance. That's why the best teams already use Stensul + Pardot, and this new integration makes their workflow even more efficient." This new integration with Pardot extends Stensul's lead in having the most robust integrations with adjacent tools and platforms, all with the goal of saving valuable time for teams. Create emails and more Beyond creating the design and content of individual emails and Pardot email templates, users can control several email options for Pardot from Stensul. These include support for subject line and envelope settings, such as From Name, Reply-to email, From Address, To Name, To Address and Tracker Domain. Pardot users can also select specific folders to be destinations for the emails and templates they create. Enterprise admins can configure robust guardrails to restrict access and permissions to folders and other settings as desired. Stensul-created emails or templates can easily be associated with a chosen Pardot Campaign, and a list of available campaigns can be pulled from Pardot into Stensul. Further, the Email Type in Pardot, like List Email, Drip Email, One to One Email, or other types, can be selected in Stensul when uploading an email into Pardot. Along with Pardot, Stensul has deep integrations with other Salesforce products, including Marketing Cloud and Slack. Beyond Salesforce, Stensul integrates with Adobe Marketo Engage, Adobe Workfront, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Campaign, Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Responsys, Iterable, Braze, Asana, Wrike, Movable Ink, LiveClicker, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook, among others. About Stensul The Stensul Email Creation Platform dramatically reduces email creation time - by up to 90% - so teams can better focus on improving email performance. Stensul makes this possible by streamlining the collaboration process and simplifying email creation for all marketers, so they can create high-performing emails that drive stronger results. Top brands that trust Stensul to solve their most demanding email problems include ASICS, BMW, Capital One, CircleCI, Codecademy, Electric, FullStory, Lucidworks, and MURAL, and Yahoo.

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Chain Reaction Agency for Digital Marketing and SEO Awarded 11 MENA Search Awards in 2021

Chain Reaction | December 21, 2021

The specialized digital marketing and SEO Amman based agency, Chain Reaction, was awarded 11 MENA Search Awards during the latter's virtual ceremony that took place on the 25th of November 2021. This achievement marked a thriving step in Chain Reaction's leading journey and growth regionally and globally as it became the most awarded SEO and digital marketing agency in the region, as well as the only SEO and digital marketing agency on the global level to have been awarded 11 awards in one year. About the wins, Head of SEO, Furat Mohammad, said: "I am thrilled to see that our use of the best SEO strategies and the most advanced tools has led us to winning multiple awards in the SEO category. It gives us great satisfaction to have our efforts globally recognized and we will humbly carry these wins as an accolade through our journey as SEO experts." Thanks to Chain Reaction's advanced tools and expertise, it won the following MENA Search Awards in 2021: Best Use of Search – Not for Profit, Best Use of Search – Health, Best Use of Search – Fashion, Best Integrated Campaign, Best Arabic PPC Campaign, Best Arabic SEO Campaign, Use of Content Marketing in Arabic, Best Integrated Digital Campaign, Best Use of Search - Finance (Silver), Best Large SEO Agency, and Best Large Integrated Search Agency. I am extremely proud of our talents for these wins that came as a reward of their hard work and dedication. Over the years, Chain Reaction has shown significant growth across performance marketing, creative and technology. Our expertise in the search marketing field and the strong partnerships we have built over the years have allowed us to thrive in the competitive world of digital marketing across the region." Saif Jarad, CEO of Chain Reaction It is worth mentioning that MENA Search Awards are part of the global Search awards that were founded by Nicky Wake nearly a decade ago. The MENA Search Awards are dedicated to rewarding and celebrating the best agencies in the search field, which is inclusive of PPC, SEO, and Content Marketing in the Middle East and North Africa region. The judging criteria that MENA Search Award's judges follow ensures awarding the best agencies that create significant change and development in the search field. About Chain Reaction Chain Reaction is an award-winning agency that combines innovation, data, and technology to craft powerful digital experiences that make an impact, shape culture and connect brands with people. Chain Reaction has offices in Amman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh, demonstrating its constant growth and development across the region in order to provide the most extraordinary digital experiences and desired outcomes for its clients.

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Independent Research Firm Names Stensul a Vendor in Now Tech Email Marketing Report

Stensul | December 23, 2021

Stensul, the platform for collaborative email creation, is recognized in Forrester Research's "Now Tech: Email Marketing Vendors, Q4 2021" report in the workflow collaboration category, the first time the category appears. Stensul is honored to be acknowledged by Forrester. Our technology enables teams to address the major headache around email creation and collaboration. We are especially pleased to see a new category in their 'Now Tech' report that we believe reflects the ability of the Stensul Email Creation Platform to enhance collaboration around complex workflows." Noah Dinkin, Stensul's Founder and CEO Forrester describes the new workflow collaboration category in the Now Tech report as including "vendors that aid email creation among stakeholders like operations, designers, agencies, and brand and compliance teams. These vendors automate approvals and content permissions, store assets, and integrate with enterprise collaboration tools like Slack to speed the pace and quality of email message development." The Forrester report pointed out the pandemic prompted a 94% rise in email volume in 2020. The firm suggests that marketers may want to "prioritize integration capabilities" and notes that "vendors that connect easily to others give you the flexibility to assemble a best-of-breed suite and to accommodate present and future internal tech stack requirements." New Stensul integrations with Asana and Wrike are the two latest examples of that orientation. They join Stensul's increasing portfolio of deep integrations. They enhance collaboration, so teams can create better emails in less time. Email program performance increases once teams have more time to test, analyze, and optimize email strategy. "Creating an email is already a collaborative process, involving stakeholders across functions and management levels," Dinkin said. "Yet most companies are still suffering from not having a proper platform to support a collaborative way of working, often using disconnected single-purpose tools. The result is a painstakingly slow process that prevents companies from being more competitive in their market." Asana and Wrike join Stensul's existing integrations with Adobe Campaign, Marketo, and Workfront, Oracle Eloqua and Responsys, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Iterable, Braze, Liveclicker, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Outlook, among others. About Stensul The Stensul Email Creation Platform dramatically reduces email creation time - by up to 90% - so teams can better focus on improving email performance. Stensul makes this possible by streamlining the collaboration process and simplifying email creation for all marketers, so they can create high-performing emails that drive stronger results. Stensul integrates with all leading ESPs/MAPs, including Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Adobe Campaign, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, as well as workflow platforms, image libraries, live content, link tracking, and messaging platforms. Top brands that trust Stensul to solve their most demanding email problems include ASICS, BMW, Capital One, Clover Health, Greenhouse, and Yahoo, among others.

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This webinar “Digital Marketing for E-commerce”, will help you know how to effectively leverage this high-potential marketing medium for your business growth. We discussed some focused & result-oriented digital marketing strategies & its effective execution for your e-commerce businesses.