Marketing 360® Releases Case Study on the Effectiveness of Data-Driven Advertising for Small Businesses

Marketing 360 | May 07, 2021

Every dollar spent in digital advertising campaigns represents a leap of confidence for small business owners, which is why such leaps of faith must pay off. A good campaign will have a big effect with the right tools and experts behind it, and that's just what Marketing 360 does for a small dance studio.

They were able to improve their views by nearly 62%, engagement and clicks by nearly 41%, and conversions by more than 55% with the assistance of their Marketing 360 success manager and the use of data to guide the correct strategy.

With in-person classes resuming, the studio was focused on increasing enrollment and raised their ad investment from $300 a month to $600 a month, as well as reassessing their strategy by closely monitoring the results of the advertisements with their success manager. They saw that their Facebook advertisements were not generating the conversions they desired, so they shifted their budget to Google ads, where they saw a significantly higher conversion rate.

Using data to fuel digital advertising decisions is important, but doing so with the assistance of an expert can be much more efficient.

Marketing 360, with its many tools and integrated apps, as well as the support of a Marketing Success Manager, makes it simple for small businesses to manage their business and marketing from a single location, saving time, effort, and lots of manual work.

About Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a technology firm that offers SMBs and franchises sales management and marketing tools and services. The Marketing 360 platform provides SMBs with everything they need to manage and grow their business from a single platform, including the ability to build a professional website, accept and manage payments, manage leads and customers, book appointments, monitor reviews, manage social media, syndicate business listings, manage content marketing, run multi-channel digital advertising campaigns, and many more. Marketing 360, headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado with offices in Austin, Texas, was established in 2009 to enrich communities by assisting small businesses in growing.


Conversion rate is one of the most important statistics for any online business. It’s about getting the most from your customers, maximising their understanding and desire to convert, and countering any and every bump in the road that may stop them doing so.

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Validity Introduces Everest Elements to Drive Small Business Email Marketing Success

Validity | April 28, 2022

Validity, the leading provider of data quality and email marketing success solutions, introduced Everest Elements, an email success platform geared towards helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) access the data they need to execute engaging and effective email marketing campaigns. Businesses of all sizes need visibility into how their campaigns are performing. Everest is an email success platform providing crucial email marketing insights and deliverability guidance so companies can reach more people, increase engagement, and improve the overall effectiveness of their email programs. For organizations with lower email volumes but high email marketing goals, the Everest Elements edition provides the core tools and insights teams need to drive more ROI from their email campaigns. Getting into the inbox and engaging recipients has become significantly more challenging in recent years. Senders face a plethora of obstacles as mailbox providers strengthen their filtering algorithms, global email volume continues to trend upwards, and contact lists become out of date faster. On top of this, smaller teams typically have fewer resources to execute their campaigns than brand name competitors, nor do they often have unlimited marketing budgets or the luxury of having a marketer solely dedicated to email marketing. That means SMBs have to maximize every engagement that much more and make the most of what they do have access to. “Email is a critically important marketing channel for every business, whether you’re a global enterprise or an SMB, With global email volume on the rise and initiatives like Apple’s MPP skewing open and bounce rate data, it’s more difficult than ever to get marketing emails into the inbox and drive conversions. For SMBs without a sophisticated email marketing program already in place, these obstacles can make launching one seem like a non-starter. The lower price point of Everest Elements allows Validity to empower businesses of all sizes to navigate the changing email landscape and get the most out of their email programs.” Greg Kimball, SVP, Global Head of Email Solutions at Validity Key features of Everest Elements include: Sender reputation monitoring: Users can see what blocklists, spam traps, and other critical reputation signals they are hitting using the largest data network in the industry that analyzes 10 billion data points per day. Integrated list validations: Users can identify inaccurate or problematic addresses before mailing them to reduce bounces and protect their reputation. Inbox placement insights: Users can view inbox placement insights by mailbox provider so they can prioritize areas that have the greatest impact on their program. "Anyone who knows anything about email knows that Everest is the gold standard of email deliverability monitoring,” said Robert Schoneman, Director of IT at Blumenthal Performing Arts. “Everest allows us to see which of our emails are going to spam or taking a day to get to the inbox. We’ve seen a massive improvement in our inbox placement, from 50% before we started using Everest to now almost 100% inbox placement." ABOUT VALIDITY For over 20 years, tens of thousands of organizations throughout the world have relied on Validity solutions to target, contact, engage, and keep customers – using trustworthy data as a key advantage. Validity’s flagship products – DemandTools, BriteVerify, Everest, and GridBuddy Connect – are all highly rated solutions for CRM data management, email address verification, inbox deliverability and avoiding the spam folder. These solutions deliver smarter campaigns, more qualified leads, more productive sales, and ultimately faster growth.

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Tinuiti Named Microsoft Agency Partner of the Year

Tinuiti | February 17, 2022

Tinuiti became the first independent performance marketing agency to win the Microsoft Agency Partner of the Year award for demonstrating excellence in engagement, revenue growth, and depth of partnership across all of Microsoft Advertising. It is the first time Microsoft honored an independent agency since it first created the award six years ago. Tinuiti's decades plus partnership with Microsoft Advertising has transformed over the years to meet the ever-evolving needs of the digital advertising landscape, to earn the reputation as early and extensive adaptors of new products that deliver the best performance results for their established and emerging roster of clients. With 32% year-over-year growth with Microsoft Advertising, Tinuiti showed clear intentions of continuing to grow the partnership into 2022. This year's awards theme was "Together we are Limitless," to reflect the powerful impact that key partnerships have had this past year, amid continued uncertainty and renewed opportunities. As the first independent agency to win Agency Partner of the Year, we're extremely honored to be recognized for driving innovation, efficiency and growth for our clients. As an independent firm, we are able to provide a limitless approach to what's possible, to deliver the strongest brand performance and ROI for our clients. We value the Microsoft partnership, one that has been a true collaborative exchange to help solve complex business issues for our clients and who has been there as we grew to become the largest independent performance marketing agency." Obele Brown-West, Tinuiti's Chief Solutions Officer Tinuiti and Microsoft Teams leveraged the firm's proprietary, award-winning technology, Mobius, a suite of AI-enabled marketing intelligence and media activation technology, to unify data sources into an ecosystem where data is interconnected to provide a truly unified marketing strategy. Tinuiti's Media teams utilized Mobius to re-forecast during uncertain times and pivot ad strategy quickly as the pandemic and societal events required brands to shift course frequently. "Microsoft Advertising is delighted to show our appreciation and acknowledge the well-deserved recognition for Tinuiti with the Agency Partner of the Year. Our partners are critical to our business and it's a privilege to recognize those who lead with a spirit of collaboration, innovation and inclusive behavior. Our partners have displayed a strong commitment to their clients, and to their communities during a time of uncertainty and disruption." – Sean O'Connor, International Marketing Director at Microsoft Advertising. Tinuiti has built strong relationships with all the major tech platforms as a charter member of the Amazon Advertising Agency Partner Network; Google Premier Partner (top 3% of all agencies) and International Growth Partner; Meta Premium Marketing Partner, Kochava Authorized Agency Partner and the first independent agency in the US to receive official TikTok Marketing accreditation. Tinuiti has experienced rapid expansion, growing seven-fold in size since 2017. Tinuiti welcomed nearly 700 new employees in the last 12 months, nearing 1,100 in headcount, a 59% year-over-year increase. The firm has consistently been on the forefront of emerging spaces years ahead of the competition—from Amazon and Retail Media, to being a respected industry thought leader on data privacy, to breaking out ahead on streaming advertising. The company is currently hiring for multiple roles across divisions to keep pace with growth. About Tinuiti Tinuiti is the largest independent performance marketing firm across Streaming TV and the Triopoly of Google, Facebook, Amazon, with nearly $3 billion in digital media under management and over 1,000 employees. With industry-leading expertise in search, social, Amazon and marketplaces, addressable TV and mobile apps, CRM and Aemail marketing, and more, Tinuiti understands that success requires both strategy and channel expertise. Each solution is delivered through Tinuiti's performance planning framework, GAMMA, and is enabled by a proprietary suite of marketing intelligence and media activation technology – Mobius.

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Ruby Ribbon's C-Suite Executive Team Grows With the Hiring of Dana Long as Chief Marketing Officer

Ruby Ribbon | February 07, 2022

Ruby Ribbon, the social commerce-driven women's intimates, shapewear, swimwear and athleisure company, announced the appointment of Dana Long as their new Chief Marketing Officer. Throughout her career, Dana Long has established herself as a Global Brand and Digital Marketing Expert with experience working for a variety of startups and Fortune 500 companies looking to grow their business through omni-channel and online marketing through owned, earned, and paid media strategies. Prior to joining Ruby Ribbon, Dana led the Global Brand and Digital Marketing Teams for The Walt Disney Company for seven years where she worked on their Global Brand Marketing and Product Development teams for their Interactive Division. She also created the Global Digital Center of Excellence for Mattel, inc. where she provided knowledge and expertise in eCommerce performance marketing, digital content creation, social media marketing and created a digital analytics division. Dana also spearheaded the West Coast Digital & Influencer Practice for Golin, an Interpublic Group Agency. As her entry into the Social Selling sphere, Long spent three years at JAFRA Cosmetics International, as their Global Head of Digital Marketing, Strategy, and Communications at their headquarters in Westlake Village, California. Long said, "I'm so thrilled to join the talented team at Ruby Ribbon and work alongside like-minded individuals who are striving to provide high quality products empowering entrepreneurial business opportunities for women around the country. I look forward to working with the team and our community of women Stylists to share all that Ruby Ribbon has to offer." When she is not developing marketing strategies for Ruby Ribbon, Dana also serves as an advisory board member for Dress for Success, a non-profit dedicated to providing women with professional advice and appropriate attire to help them succeed in the workplace. Dana brings a wealth of global brand and digital marketing expertise that is strategic to the company, as we continue to lead in our rapidly evolving channel. Her career-long commitment to creating empowering growth and income opportunities for women serves as an encouraging reminder to our Stylist network that their own success is always achievable." Clint McKinlay, Ruby Ribbon CEO About Ruby Ribbon Launched in 2012, Ruby Ribbon is an innovative, social commerce-driven women's intimates, shapewear and athleisure company offering comfort, style and confidence for women of all shapes and sizes. From the start, Ruby Ribbon's mission has been to support and empower women by offering products that make them feel good and by creating opportunities for women to develop their own entrepreneurial businesses and support each other through a body-positive community.

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ZENVIA launches Marketing Campaign Manager solution

ZENVIA | April 11, 2022

Zenvia Inc. the leading cloud-based CX communications platform in Latin America empowering companies to transform their existing communications with end customers along their life cycle, today announced the launch of its new marketing campaign product, ZENVIA Campaign. Managing marketing campaigns across various channels is a task that can be difficult for many companies. That's the reason behind the launching of ZENVIA Campaign. Unlike other tools on the market, this feature was developed to offer multichannel communication throughout the entire user journey. Companies can now interact with consumers using a combination of direct and indirect channels, allowing users to react to the brand's actions in the channel they are most active in, effectively contributing to the campaign's success. For example, companies can initiate the first contact through WhatsApp and preset another message at a scheduled period to be sent through a different available channel. "This flow prevents the user from becoming saturated, contributing to a better experience. It is possible to orchestrate the journey so that messages always arrive at the most opportune moment. With the possibility of integrating different channels, the campaign also becomes more efficient," explains Bruno Tonetto, head of ZENVIA Campaign business unit. ZENVIA Campaign also allows to manage the contact base within the platform, regardless of the channel used. Companies will be able to exclude and include new consumers in a list, making it easier to segment the target audience at a particular stage of the campaign. This feature offers autonomy to managers, as they can select customer profiles for a specific channel and, later on, include or exclude them from the automation rules. The launch is aligned to ZENVIA's strategy of leveraging organic growth through the introduction of new SaaS products to its growing client base. ZENVIA Campaign is first being introduced in the Brazilian market and will be rolled out to Latin American countries until the end of the second quarter of 2022. About ZENVIA ZENVIA is driven by the purpose of empowering companies to create unique experiences for customer communications through its unified end-to-end platform. ZENVIA empowers companies to transform their existing customer communications from non-scalable, physical, and impersonal interactions into highly scalable, digital first and hyper contextualized experiences across the customer journey. ZENVIA's unified end-to-end CX communications platform provides a combination of (i) SaaS focused on campaigns, sales teams, customer service and engagement, (ii) tools, such as software application programming interfaces, or APIs, chatbots, single customer view, journey designer, documents composer and authentication, and (iii) channels, such as SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, Instagram and Webchat. Its comprehensive platform assists customers across multiple use cases, including marketing campaigns, customer acquisition, customer onboarding, warnings, customer services, fraud control, cross-selling and customer retention, among others. ZENVIA's shares are traded on Nasdaq, under the ticker ZENV.

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Conversion rate is one of the most important statistics for any online business. It’s about getting the most from your customers, maximising their understanding and desire to convert, and countering any and every bump in the road that may stop them doing so.