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Laserfiche Partners With Boomi for Connected, Automated Enterprise


On February 22, 2023, Laserfiche, a prominent SaaS provider offering intelligent content management and business process automation, has partnered with Boomi, a well-known integration platform as a service provider. This partnership enables seamless integration between Laserfiche's content services platform and various cloud and on-premises applications, including Salesforce, Workday, and Smartsheet, using Boomi's connectors to more than 1,500 applications.

Laserfiche helps organizations create automated solutions that enhance productivity, scale with growth, and provide exceptional digital customer experiences. Customers can now leverage the Boomi-powered connectors on Laserfiche's enterprise content management (ECM) platform to streamline integration with essential line-of-business applications, accelerate deployment, simplify integration lifecycle management, and access organization-wide data analytics. The partnership between Laserfiche and Boomi enables customers to configure solutions for various use cases, including:

  • Faster recruiting and onboarding for new employees
  • More flexible data queries and reporting via popular storage and databases
  • Faster invoice processing for real-time visibility into accounts payable
  • A holistic view of client updates for better business insights
  • Simplified authentication for secure application connections

Boomi's Technology Partner Program encompasses a range of enterprise software companies operating in various industries, such as government, education, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing. With Boomi, organizations can quickly scale and control data orchestration between application transactions, enabling excellent connectivity as they adopt a more comprehensive range of solutions.

About Laserfiche

Laserfiche is a software development company that provides enterprise content management, business process automation, and document management solutions to businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The company's core product, Laserfiche ECM, enables organizations to digitize, manage, and automate their business processes, thereby improving efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. It also offers a range of specialized solutions for specific industries, such as finance, healthcare, and education. Founded in 1987, the firm is headquartered in Long Beach, California, and has a global network of partners and customers. The company is committed to providing innovative solutions that help organizations improve their operations and achieve their business goals.


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Awin Transforms the Digital Marketing Landscape with Launch of New Partner Ecosystem

Awin Global | September 27, 2023

Today, global affiliate marketing platform Awin announces the launch of its upgraded features, creating a new digital marketing ecosystem that addresses the challenges faced by brands and online publishers worldwide. In an ad landscape dominated by a handful of large tech firms, and with brands demanding more transparency, these upgrades introduce game-changing solutions that empower brands to regain control over their ad spend, create lasting marketing partnerships and generate more revenue. The Challenge: Big Tech’s Dominance of Digital Ad Spend Almost three-quarters of global digital ad spend is currently invested into three main technology platforms, whose market dominance and auction-based models have left businesses struggling with skyrocketing costs and little control over where to invest their money. Similarly, the US Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) recent study revealed that 23% of brand spend in programmatic is going to waste, highlighting the transparency issues within that space. This wasted spend amounts to at least $20bn, a third more than what is set to be invested globally in the affiliate industry by brands this year. The Solution: Choice, Control, Customization and ROI Awin recognizes the need for an alternative as companies increasingly prioritize their own bottom line and look for media investments they can trust. Its upgraded platform is a direct response to the demand from ecommerce brands for an advertising solution that is both adaptable and transparent, empowering them to achieve their marketing goals in an increasingly competitive environment. The Awin partner ecosystem allows brands to confidently break free from these costly models, offering: Choice: Brands can quickly discover and choose from over 1 million affiliate partners that align with their marketing objectives via Awin’s AI-powered Partner Discovery tool. Control: Brands can easily measure the value and impact of their investments using new in-depth funnel and journey path reports to understand how their customers find them online. And powerful sector benchmarking shows how they stack up against competitors. Customization: Brands can use new datapoints and flexible compensation models to create custom incentives that focus only on the most valuable marketing actions, ensuring cost efficiency. ROI: With their affiliate programs built to drive highly-targeted marketing value, brands can enjoy a $14:1 return on their ad investment when working with Awin. Choice, control, and customization are critical to creating mutually-beneficial and lasting relationships in any business, particularly within digital marketing, said Adam Ross, CEO of Awin. "Awin’s partner ecosystem helps ecommerce brands eliminate industry silos, complex integrations and wasteful spending to create their own advertising ecosystems that easily scale based on individual needs. We’re excited to help customers take back control of their marketing, giving them the freedom to grow their own way." To learn more about Awin’s partner ecosystem, please visit: About Awin Two-thirds of digital ad spend currently flows to the three big tech platforms - Google, Meta and Amazon. But their auction-based ad models favor their own bottom line and inflate costs at a time when every single marketing dollar counts. Awin offers a real alternative to big tech and puts advertisers back in control of their own business growth. Using Awin's platform, brands can unlock unlimited marketing opportunities that reach consumers everywhere. Choose which affiliate partners best match marketing objectives. Control costs by defining how these partners are paid. And customize affiliate marketing program using Awin's tech to mirror unique goals, whatever they may be.

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Channel Partnerships

Flyhomes Plans Extensive Expansion in Collaboration with Partners

Flyhomes | October 13, 2023

Flyhomes has announced its forthcoming expansion of innovative home buying and selling offerings to lenders and brokers. The leadership of this expansion initiative will be entrusted to Eric Meadow, who assumed the role of Vice President of Partnerships at Flyhomes in the wake of the acquisition of assets from his former organization, Home Sale Assured. This expansion will be carried out in a structured manner by introducing the Flyhomes Guaranteed Backup Contract, an innovative 'buy before you sell' solution. Subsequent launches will encompass a comprehensive array of lending solutions tailored for third-party originators and their prospective homebuyers. These services will be available through Flyhomes and Flyhomes' affiliated lender, Flyhomes Mortgage. Eric Meadow, VP of Partnerships at Flyhomes, stated, The long-term vision for the partner channel is to have our full suite of products available through third-party origination or distributed sales channels. [Source – Business Wire] Tushar Garg, Co-Founder and CEO at Flyhomes, articulated the real estate vision: simplifying purchasing and selling homes, reducing stress, and enhancing affordability. He shared that since the inception of Flyhomes, the company has revolutionized how people participate in real estate transactions. Furthermore, he mentioned that the exclusive products and services, designed to facilitate the closing of over $6 billion in home sales, will soon be accessible to lenders and brokers. While exceptional real estate professionals continue to excel, providing a distinctive client experience amidst current market challenges necessitates access to innovative financial tools and resources. About Flyhomes Flyhomes aims to establish the best home buying and selling experience globally. Whether one is in the process of buying, selling, or both, the company offers a consolidated platform for comprehensive education, expert guidance, and advanced technology. Regardless of the real estate journey stage, the home-buying approach instills confidence in the search, fosters decisiveness in decisions, and facilitates transparent negotiations. In tandem with innovative financial products, such as the 'Flyhomes Cash Offer' and 'Buy Before You Sell' programs, the objective is to simplify the transition to a new residence, making it convenient and efficient.

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Asimily Introduces a Partner Program for Its Channel Partners’ Success

Asimily | October 12, 2023

Asimily has introduced its channel partner initiative, 'Launch.' This innovative program is designed to equip global technology and service providers, security resellers, and managed service providers (MSPs) with the comprehensive resources required to offer Asimily's revenue-generating solutions to their clientele. The experienced security channel team at Asimily is supporting 'Launch,' with Peter Hancock, Vice President of Global Channel Sales and Strategic Partnerships, in charge. The program is specifically designed to bolster Asimily's channel-focused go-to-market approach. Peter Hancock said, The financial and reputational costs of data breaches and ransomware attacks via internet-connected devices and equipment are growing quickly. Our partner-friendly solutions enable security resellers, MSPs, and integrators to mitigate those risks, keep their clients from becoming the latest headline, and grow revenue with a program that is focused on making them successful. [Source – Globe Newswire] Asimily finds all internet-connected devices and equipment in different networks using data from the devices, algorithms, and already-set-up device profiles. So, the solution makes it easier to manage vulnerabilities in a structured way, speeds up the analysis of possible exploits, and automatically ranks threats to help with forensic incident response while keeping business operations running as smoothly as possible. Russell Feldman, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Asimily, emphasized that IoT device fleets in organizations play a vital role, serving as critical assets on which employees and customers rely daily. He highlighted that Asimily's central mission is to protect these complex networks and data robustly. 'Launch' is instrumental to success in collaboration with growth partners worldwide. This new program is designed to provide the necessary scale and insights, offering innovative IoT security solutions that empower current and potential customers to address security threats consistently. About Asimily Asimily, a leader in risk management platforms, specializes in fortifying IoT devices across various sectors, including medical, diagnostic, life sciences, pharmaceutical, and enterprises. The company's core mission is to equip businesses with proactive, efficient, and easily accessible cybersecurity solutions, enabling them to safeguard their digital assets effectively. Asimily's offerings encompass a range of critical capabilities, including inventory and visibility, vulnerability mitigation, threat detection and incident response, and risk modeling.

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Marigold Unveils Unique Martech Solution for Hyper-Personalization

Marigold | September 22, 2023

Marigold has introduced the industry's most extensive Relationship Marketing solution. This solution is strategically designed to assist marketers in achieving hyper-personalization on a large scale, all the while effectively addressing the intricate and continually evolving challenges related to privacy and deliverability. Desta Price, Chief Product Officer of Marigold, remarked, "Relationship Marketing is a long-term strategy focused on the customer relationship over time, not on a single touchpoint, campaign or transaction." [Source – Globe Newswire] The new solution will integrate top-notch email marketing, omnichannel marketing, SMS messaging, and loyalty technology with a comprehensive suite of features, including zero-party data, robust management of permissions and preferences, and dynamic personalization tools. These combined elements are intended to aid brands and businesses in establishing and nurturing trustworthy, enduring relationships with their customers in an expedited manner. Desta Price added that this announcement, which sets the stage for a new era of customer engagement and brand success, will give marketers access to messaging and loyalty program data, enabling them to deliver essential use cases. She further stated that the new solution will also equip marketers to establish more significant real-time customer connections throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Wellford Dillard, CEO of Marigold, highlighted the announcement's importance as a significant milestone in Marigold's commitment to offering clients a comprehensive view of their customers within the full spectrum of Relationship Marketing. This expanded perspective enables clients to orchestrate data-rich engagement initiatives within a unified solution, leveraging Marigold's extensive martech heritage and expertise. He emphasized that Marigold is again taking the lead, assisting marketers in achieving more while providing brands with a more intelligent approach to securing additional business, fostering customer trust, and future-proofing growth strategies. Marigold's Relationship Marketing solution offers real-time visibility across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to loyalty. It allows marketers to access and utilize customer data across Marigold and third-party applications. With a flexible architecture, users can tailor it to their needs. Including zero-party data and personalization tools enhances non-Marigold martech investments, simplifying audience building, personalized content delivery, and loyalty cultivation. About Marigold Marigold stands as a prominent global leader in the field of marketing technology, specializing in the provision of relationship marketing solutions. These solutions have been instrumental in assisting more than 40,000 brands and organizations across the globe in discovering their customer base, fostering deeper connections, and ultimately transforming them into devoted advocates. Marigold's product portfolio comprises tailored martech, email, and loyalty solutions: Marigold Grow, Marigold Engage, and Marigold Loyalty. These offerings cater to the entirety of the customer lifecycle, facilitating the establishment of enduring relationships, cultivating loyalty, and expanding business enterprises.

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Cloud (Saas) technology is known for being a cost-effective solution with quicker implementations, minimal use of hardware, and low maintenance costs. For your indirect tax function, regardless of whether you use native ERP functionality or an integrated on-premise tax engine to calculate tax, there are both external and interna