Infotools Introduces Paper on Optimizing Marketing-Related Data

Infotools | July 16, 2021

Infotools Introduces Paper on Optimizing Marketing-Related Data
Infotools, a worldwide leader in market research analysis solutions, has delivered a new paper, "Survey data, meet data lake. Data lake, meet survey data." The paper outlines amazing ways for organizations to capitalize on advertising-related stores in a data lake, including high-esteem primary research data. It jumps into the unique intricacies of this kind of data and how to best deal with them, so organizations can focus on key objectives, like advancement, client support, and the improvement of products and administrations.

"We identify that consumer insights are a vital data stream that many organizations are storing in their data lakes," said Geoff Lowe of Infotools. "With our lessons learned and knowledge working with some of the world's largest brands, we've come up with solutions that will assist businesses use this data to their best advantage.”Businesses want to use their marketing-related data to help map customer journeys, comprehend motivations, and proactively develop products, services, and communications that will lead to organizational success. Shaping survey data properly, both on its way into and out of the data lake, is a critical part in building understanding about why consumers or customers are doing what they are doing, and informing ways to optimize their journey.

"Survey data, meet data lake. Data lake, meet survey data" explores some vital themes such as:

• Optimizing the technology stack used to import and access the information stored in data lakes or other cloud-storage repositories
• Handling the complexities of survey data analysis and reporting, including weighting, multi-level responses, and data relationships and comparisons
• Extracting the most value from the data stored in the data lake with solutions that work within a company's existing environment, including complying with security protocols and processes.

To Know More about Infotools:

Infotools is an award-winning software and services provider specializing in processing, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing market research data. The company offers a powerful cloud-based software platform, Harmoni, which is purpose-built for market research data, and data experts who can drive data harmonization, insights discovery, analysis, visualization, and reporting. Established in 1990, and with a presence in the US, Europe, South Africa, and New Zealand, Infotools works with some of the world's best-known brands, including Coca-Cola, Shell, Orange, Samsung, and Mondelēz.


Social networking apps have become central to every aspect of teens' lives, from how they stay in touch with friends to how they engage with politics. And constantly refreshing their social feeds can feel simultaneously positive and negative - teens say that social media strengthens their relationships, but also distracts them from in-person connection.

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Social networking apps have become central to every aspect of teens' lives, from how they stay in touch with friends to how they engage with politics. And constantly refreshing their social feeds can feel simultaneously positive and negative - teens say that social media strengthens their relationships, but also distracts them from in-person connection.