Evvnt Inc. and Adams Publishing Group Announce Ticketing and Event Marketing Partnership

Evvnt Inc. | November 22, 2021

Event Marketing Partnership
Evvnt Inc. the industry leader in event marketing, event discovery and event ticketing, announced an integration of its platform with Adams Publishing Group.

The integration provides over 120 Adams digital publications with the Evvnt calendar functionality for local event discovery, ticketing creation and event marketing automation, allowing event creators to be on sale, promoted, discoverable and bookable by 34 million people across local communities within minutes.

The partnership also enables readers of Adams newspapers and magazines to access the Evvnt calendar in their local print paper, where they can purchase tickets directly by scanning a QR code with their phone.

Mark Adams, President/CEO of Adams Publishing Group said: "Our consumer audience is actively looking for things to do and events to attend in their local community. Evvnt offers a best-in-class platform that opens up new revenue streams with event promotion and ticketing and we're able to collect consumer data, which helps us grow our digital subscriber base."

Adams is one of my favorite privately owned news publishers in the US. By supplying Adams with our full portfolio of event services we not only help Adams boost their revenue, but we engage with local event creators to help grow their businesses too."

Richard Green, CEO and Founder of Evvnt

About Adams Publishing Group
Since its first acquisition in March 2014, Adams Publishing Group has grown rapidly, building a portfolio of 30 daily newspapers, 90 non-daily newspapers, over 35 Magazines, hundreds of websites, tourism publications and other media-related businesses in 20 States. Adams Publishing Group is driven to provide a high-quality product that makes a positive difference in the lives of its constituents.

About Evvnt Inc.
Evvnt Inc. is on a mission to build the events infrastructure for the internet. Evvnt enables event creators to ticket, manage and promote their events across the whole Evvnt ecosystem from a single promotion platform. Evvnt Inc. forms the industry's largest Events Advertising Network with 100m+ consumers., 250k+ event creators and 5,200+ event discovery calendars operating in the US and 139 countries worldwide.


Unified Digital Measurement™ is a large panel of Internet users. comScore recruits panelists which are identified as Home or Work panelists based on the ownership of their respective machines, i.e., computers personally owned by the panelist (or their household) qualify them as Home panelists, computers owned by the panelists’ employer qualify them as Work panelists.

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SparkPost Global Survey Reveals 74% of Marketing Leaders Concerned with Impending Privacy Changes

SparkPost | January 20, 2022

SparkPost, the world's largest email sending and optimization platform delivering nearly 40% of the world's email, released its annual email benchmark report, titled Email in 2022: The trends, behaviors, and benchmarks driving email forward. The report closely examines how digital marketers and email marketers have adjusted two years into the pandemic, and what digital marketing strategies they've leaned on to accelerate growth and connection with key audiences. The report includes data from two global surveys: 1) of 2,000 marketing leaders that looked at changes in strategies and budget, teams and workload, effects of privacy changes, and email marketing value and investments; 2) of 224 email marketing practitioners focused on how industry and economic changes have affected their ability to execute and succeed. The marketing leaders survey found that while businesses are showing a strong rebound from two challenging years, they are very mindful of how privacy can and will affect their future digital marketing success. The good news is most leaders recognize the importance of investing in aligning each marketing discipline, shoring up solid data practices, and bolstering their arsenal of branded content and communications channels. 2021 Proved Most Businesses Have Recovered Economically Businesses, for the most part, are bouncing back to pre-COVID levels, but marketing leaders are more mindful of where dollars are spent. Last year, only 42% of leaders were optimistic that economic recovery was within reach. Now, 63% report their budgets and priorities reflect pre-COVID levels. Priorities are shifting in that advertising and wide-net marketing efforts like social media marketing are too much of a gamble for organizations. Instead, they are investing in building out content and branding, which points to organizations knowing the value of investing in themselves. 91% of leaders say their team has been successful this year, signaling changes brought on by the pandemic have allowed marketing teams to prioritize budget and energy to their benefit. Consistently positive performance is good news for business: 71% of businesses have grown their marketing teams in the last year, reflective of a strong industry landscape, prioritization of marketing to the business, and appetite for good talent. 70% report business performance as better overall compared to last year. In 2020, only 42% of leaders said their businesses were performing better than the previous year. Comparatively, in 2020, 32% of leaders said business performance was worse. Fast forward one year, and that figure shrunk to 15%. Budgetary spend has shifted in the last year, with 2021 ranked budget priorities: 1) Branding, 2) Content Marketing, 3) CRM and Email Marketing, 4) Digital Advertising, 5) Social Media Marketing, 6) Demand Gen, 7) Website. In 2020, the top three areas of spend were (in order): Digital Advertising, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Email Marketing Continues to Perform as a Trusted Channel, Delivering Against the Bottom Line In years past, email marketers have been viewed as siloed parts of the marketing organization, but the tide is turning in a major way. Alignment across all marketing channels has skyrocketed in importance to marketing leaders in the last year, with 95% of leaders noting email marketing specifically is more tightly aligned with the marketing ecosystem compared to last year. The effort is paying off, with 76% of leaders saying their email marketing program has made a positive impact on the business in 2021, compared to 58% in 2020. 52% of marketing leaders deem their teams as "highly efficient," due in large part to bringing the email campaign production and management work in-house. Globally, 63% of leaders say everything is done in-house. This is mostly true in North America, where 76% of leaders have taken the work completely in-house. With returning budgets alongside bigger objectives and goals, workload is also on the rise – 69% of leaders say their teams are "busier than ever" (compared to 48% in 2020); 77% of North America leaders say there is a significant workload increase. Privacy-Related Changes and Challenges Continue to Worry Marketers The overall fragility of privacy – regulations, consumer behavioral shifts, and big changes coming from the likes of Apple and Google – are having both short- and long-term implications on business. Changes in privacy regulations and a shift in consumer perception of personal data are a big factor in marketing leaders' commitment to invest in earned and owned marketing channels. Email continues to grow in importance for CMOs, as many audiences have leaned on it for information and connection throughout the pandemic. The boom of email in the early stages of the pandemic shows no signs of slowing in 2021 and beyond. As such, marketing teams are prepping now for changes that are expected to come, with an overall approach of proactively respecting customer privacy. 82% of leaders are actively preparing for privacy changes. 67% of practitioners say they're concerned with how privacy changes will affect their ability to perform. 59% of leaders report their organization's email engagement data has "taken a hit." Specific changes that are keeping leaders up at night: Apple's iOS 15 changes are of most concern (81% rank it medium to high concern), followed by Google's third-party cookie tracking (77%), government regulations (72%), and deprecation of app tracking data (72%). Future of Work Success and Employee Happiness Hinge on Improved Collaboration and Communication Globally, nearly half (49%) of companies are still fully remote; 41% are hybrid. When asked if they love it, hate it, or are indifferent to working remotely, 85% of marketing leaders say they love it; 90% of practitioners agree. Despite significant workload increases, it's clear most companies have rebounded financially, and the increased investments in hiring and collaboration tools is allowing workers to succeed, mitigating frustrations, bottlenecks in work, and redundancy. For those fully remote: 98% actually say their collaboration is either the same (16%) or better (82%) compared to being in-office. 96% say communication is the same or better. 95% say productivity is the same or better. When gauging how changing work situations have impacted happiness: 95% of fully remote workers say it's the same or better, compared to 89% of hybrid workers and 89% of those in the office full-time. Work situations related to on-site, hybrid, and remote work still vary, yet it's clear that workers are happiest (and most productive) when they have the flexibility to determine their own ideal work-from-home/office routine. For the 41% of companies that have a hybrid work set-up: 71% of marketing leaders say they love it; 45% of practitioners agree. 94% say collaboration is the same or better compared to being in-office. 93% say communication is the same or better. 90% say productivity is the same or better. About SparkPost, a MessageBird company SparkPost is the industry's most trusted email optimization platform. SparkPost helps senders reliably reach the inbox with powerful solutions to help plan, execute, and optimize email. The SparkPost platform is powered by the industry's largest data network, a team of email experts to help brands elevate every aspect of their email program, and a security and compliance posture to support even the most regulated industries. SparkPost is the world's largest sender, delivering 40% of all commercial email – 4-5 trillion sends annually – and also boasts the world's largest data footprint to help enterprise-level brands make data-driven decisions to improve email performance. The world's most sophisticated senders, including The New York Times, Zillow, Adobe and Booking.com trust SparkPost to elevate their email.

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Klaviyo Unveils New Marketing Automation Innovations with Personalized Benchmarks Tool and Conversational SMS

businesswire | March 30, 2021

Today at the company’s virtual product launch event, Klaviyo, the leading customer data and marketing automation platform, unveiled two new products to support the growth and success of its customers, Personalized Benchmarks and Conversational SMS. Personalized Benchmarks is a tool that offers merchants data-driven insights on marketing efforts, comparing performance to their peers, and offers tangible recommendations for improvement. A new version of Klaviyo’s conversational SMS marketing platform helps online brands to communicate with customers in fast, casual format. The Personalized Benchmarks tool is built natively into Klaviyo’s platform and evaluates the performance of online businesses in comparison to other similar brands. The function was born out of customer requests asking for performance feedback. Previously solved manually via customer service representatives, Klaviyo developed technology to automate and scale these data-driven insights.

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Ombori Grid Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

OmboriGrid | January 10, 2022

OmboriGrid AB (publ) announced the availability of Ombori Grid in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Azure. OmboriGrid customers can now take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management. Ombori Grid is a SaaS platform designed to create digital experiences in physical spaces. Based on Azure IoT, with integration to Microsoft Teams, it provides a bridge between the online world and the brick-and-mortar world. It includes a suite of modular, customizable IoT, screen, Web, and mobile apps that share data to provide a seamless user experience, easy management, and detailed analytics. Many of these apps can be deployed across an enterprise, with no coding, within a few minutes. Available apps cover visitor management (e.g., appointment booking, virtual queuing, occupancy control), omnichannel (e.g., order pickup, endless aisle, integration of online and offline appointments) and unique experiences that surprise and delight users (e.g., selfie mirror, interactive voice-controlled digital signage, smart recycling). In addition, developer tools allow users to create their own Grid-compliant apps. By deploying the right combination of Grid apps, users can increase revenue, reduce costs by streamlining operations, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Microsoft Azure Marketplace allows us to scale rapidly and reach qualified, high-profile buyers throughout the world. Being certified by Microsoft is a very exciting step for us, and we look forward to seeing growth over the coming years." Andreas Hassellof, CEO, OmboriGrid "Through Microsoft Azure Marketplace, customers around the world can easily find, buy, and deploy partner solutions they can trust, all certified and optimized to run on Azure," said Jake Zborowski, General Manager, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. "We're happy to welcome OmboriGrid's solution to the growing Azure Marketplace ecosystem." The Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure. The Azure Marketplace helps connect companies seeking innovative, cloud-based solutions with partners who have developed solutions that are ready to use.

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DestinFlorida.com Partners With Five Channels Digital Marketing

DestinFlorida.com | May 11, 2022

DestinFlorida.com, a robust business directory for the local Destin, FL area, has announced a marketing partnership with Five Channels, a done-for-you digtial marketing agency offering SEO, social media marketing, paid traffic campaigns, and so much more. “The new partnership is going to bring the local Destin businesses the experience and expertise of a professional marketing agency. Paired with the leverage offered by the massive marketing footprint of DestinFlorida.com, this partnership could be the ultimate marketing platform for local businesses." Jason Hall, CEO of Five Channels Mr. Hall continues, "Here at Five Channels, we have assembled a team of certified digital marketing and traffic experts to make sure your business acquires more leads and more sales consistently. Now that we have access to the robust customer acquisition and promotion infrastructure that DestinFlorida.com has already put in place, our team will optimize the website’s existing sales funnels and marketing strategies to give local Destin businesses the boost they need to increase their sales manifold. This is a match made in heaven. This new dream team is not only going to work tirelessly to give the hard-working small business owners in Destin, Florida, the help they need to succeed, but also help those that choose to visit our beautiful city make their trip a memorable one." The biggest advantage that DestinFlorida.com offers businesses is its ability to leverage data from real travelers. The website has tons of blog posts, knowledge articles, and visitor guides that cover topics such as vacation rentals, Destin real estate, local events, weather updates, news, interesting activities to do in the city, and more. Readers who are planning to visit spend a lot of time on the website and make purchase decisions based on how appealing they find the services being offered. Visitors can also book appointments, rentals, and activity appointments directly from the website. DestinFlorida.com uses proprietary analytics to leverage all of this digital activity to gain an insight into visitor behavior and then uses it to create awareness of its clients’ businesses, help them acquire new customers, and generate bookings or visitors. Joe Godar of DestinFlorida.com further explains how the website adds value to local Destin businesses and the role its partnership with Five Channels will play in increasing this value proposition by explaining, “When a user books a vacation on DestinFlorida.com, we use our knowledge of the local tourism industry to keep your business and your services at the top of their mind. We use our best marketing techniques to influence their travel plans and convince them to add local businesses to their itinerary. We have been using our highly effective marketing techniques to help Destin businesses for years, and now that Five Channels is going to be partners with DestinFlorida.com, we are confident that it will usher in a new era for the website and the local tourism landscape. We are going to benefit greatly from the digital marketing experience that they bring to the table. We are excited for what the future holds and can’t wait for our clients to reap the benefits of this dynamic partnership.” Five Channels provides a wide range of digital marketing services such as local and national SEO, video marketing, social media, and content marketing campaigns to drive engagement, leads, and sales for their clients.

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Unified Digital Measurement™ is a large panel of Internet users. comScore recruits panelists which are identified as Home or Work panelists based on the ownership of their respective machines, i.e., computers personally owned by the panelist (or their household) qualify them as Home panelists, computers owned by the panelists’ employer qualify them as Work panelists.