The ROI of Implementing eSignatures in Your Business


Accelerate, Simplify and Save with eSignatures

While it's easy to see how using eSignatures can help accelerate and simplify your system of agreement — the way you prepare, sign, act on and manage your agreements - the difficulty has been how to quantify these benefits in monetary terms. Until now.

Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact study on behalf of DocuSign to help identify the ROI of eSignatures in your business. And the benefits are clear, using eSignatures to modernise your system of agreement 
enables you to:

  • increase productivity by simplifying internal processes
  • accelerate the sales process
  • increase profits and lower operational costs

Download the Forrester Study: Total Economic Impact of DocuSign Australia to learn more.

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Do paper heavy processes, including approvals and signatures on documents, cause bottlenecks in your department/business?
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