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Powerful Marketing Strategies To Reach B2B Customers

June 10, 2019 / Megan Totka

With the advent of virtually universal cellphone ownership and so many means of digital communication, I think that’s a phrase that today is only heard in old movies. (A similar situation is depicted in the funny "Bob Wehadababyitsaboy" Geico commercial.) Yet I believe, on closer inspection, it leads us to some important insights we can use as we’re planning our marketing strategies.

First—and this is the single most important lesson—all communication is person-to-person. Personalization has been a major topic in digital marketing for a long time, and its importance in B2C marketing and advertising is easy to grasp. The more you know about your prospects’ likes, dislikes, needs, and desires, the more likely you will be able to effectively target your marketing message.