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No One Can See My Posts - How Does Instagram Smart Feed Work?

August 14, 2019 / Web Desk

Every Instagrammer - no matter if this is a business owner, influencer, or regular user - has surely faced this: the reach is too low, no one can see your posts. Obviously, Instagram wants you to use its paid ads. But doesn’t it hurt when people who freely decided to follow you can’t get your posts? It sure does. Smart feed emerged on Instagram in 2016, and it’s identical to its sister-feed on Facebook. The main principle here is as follows: not you the one who decides which posts you will see, but artificial Instagram algorithms. These algorithms have a direct influence on your engagement rate and reach. If your engagement is low, well, bad luck. ER of your non-sponsored posts is now 1.9%. Isn’t it scary? And that’s a kind of a marketing vicious circle - your engagement is low, the reach is low, too. Your low reach leads to low ER. Simple.