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Majestic Updates Backlink Tool – You Might Need to See This

September 04, 2019 / Roger Montti

Majestic has totally rewritten their crawler and have created an improved backlink reporting tool. It contains many useful features powerful tools that makes link researching easier, allowing you to focus on the actual link building. For me, Majestic was more of a site auditing tool than a link building tool. So when I was asked if I was interested in trying a demonstration version of their new tool, I was a little skeptical. Majestic’s new version of their backlink checker tool blew me away. It’s ability to simplify the research part of link building, to take the chore out of it, is impressive. Majestic has rewritten and completely updated their crawler. The crawler now divides every web page it finds into up to 40 segments. Majestic can not only instantly show a visual representation of links on a web page, but you can also use that information to find link pages with specific link densities.