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Instagram Looks Set to Ramp Up its Efforts Against Apps Selling Likes and Followers

May 14, 2019 / Andrew Hutchinson

Given that influencer marketing has become such a prominent part of the Instagram eco-system, it comes as little surprise that the platform is now working to crack down on users who’ve purchased likes and followers in order to inflate their standing, and potentially profit from the same by pitching their perceived reach and relevance to unknowing brands. Last November, Instagram launched a new push to remove likes and followers gained through third-party apps, and this week, code hacker Jane Manchun Wong has found some new warning messages within Instagram’s system which appear to indicate that another advance on this front is coming, with specific messaging listed for accounts that have been found to have used third-party tools to gain followers. There’s no specific info as to when and how these messages will be applied, but as noted, it suggests that Instagram may well be looking to ramp up its efforts on this front yet again, which, as most would agree, is a positi...