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Instagram is Reportedly Working on a Password Unmasking Feature for its Login Page!

September 09, 2019 / Ali Siddiqui

Instagram has been working on a number of exciting features for quite some time now and has added yet another one to the list. Most of the users prefer to remain logged into their social media apps after submitting the login details one time. This saves them the hassle to enter their username and password every time they access these platforms. Due to the above mentioned fact regarding one-time log-in, the new feature that Instagram has been working on might not come off as an important one at first. However, the Facebook-owned media sharing service wouldn’t have decided to invest time in it if it wasn’t important. The feature in question is the password input masking. It was spotted by App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who also attached a screenshot to show the feature in action. Upon entering the password, the option to unmask the password or view it in the text form would appear at the right side in the password field. The feature, if rolled out successfully, can prove t...