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Facebook Re-Enables Option to View Profile as a Non-Connection

May 15, 2019 / Andrew Hutchinson

Hey, remember how Facebook had to remove the 'View as Public' option on profiles last year due to a security flaw which had exposed some 50 million users to potential attack?You might not recall, it may have been overshadowed by the various other Facebook security concerns over the last year or so, but back in September, a heap of Facebook users were randomly logged out of their accounts as Facebook sought to close a loophole which could be used to steal personal data.  As Facebook explained at the time:“Our investigation is still in its early stages, but it’s clear that attackers exploited a vulnerability in Facebook’s code that impacted “View As”, a feature that lets people see what their own profile looks like to someone else. This allowed them to steal Facebook access tokens, which they could then use to take over people’s accounts.”Well this week, in an update to the original announcement post, Facebook says that its now fixed...