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Facebook is Looking to Exclude Opinion and Satire from its Fact-Checking Program!

October 04, 2019 / Ali Siddiqui

Facebook is working on exempting opinion and satire from its fact-checking program. Wall Street Journal mentioned that publishers that get their content flagged by these checkers will have the option to appeal to Facebook. This news comes at a time when Facebook is already dealing with accusations of political bias (which it has continually denied) and trying to tackle misinformation on the platform. According to the social media giant, it doesn’t take down false news entirely but somehow displays it lower in the Feed noting that there is a difference between false news and satire or opinion. When a content piece is lined up to get reviewed, Fact-checkers are presented with nine rating options including Satire and Opinion. However, only such content is affected that is factually inaccurate, includes a false headline or is misleading in any form.