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Facebook decides to interfere with your time zone too!

March 22, 2020 / Saima Salim

The experts at Facebook have releases a time-keeping service titled the time.facebook.com. According to reports, the timekeeping software will work in a similar manner as time.google.com and time.apple.com. Of course, there will be some modifications!
According to Facebook, inaccuracy in timekeeping can lead to a number of missed appointments and delays. However, their new public time-keeping service relies on a combination of satellite data and their own service to minimize any imprecision in time.
Facebook also highlights that in everyday circumstances like setting the oven timer – a minute difference won’t matter much. But it is an important consideration for other services that are dependent on making transactions in different data centers at the same time.
Facebook further explained that internet services are synced via a Network Time Protocol (NTP). Even our computers and mobile phones are coordinated with the NTP that syncs our clocks to UCT or U...