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Facebook Announces Changes to Ad Metrics, Including Removal of 10-Second Video Views

November 01, 2019 / Andrew Hutchinson

Facebook has announced that it's implementing some updates to its video view metrics as of this month. First off, Facebook is removing its 10-second video view metrics, which includes '10-Second Video Views', 'Cost per 10-Second Video View' and 'Unique 10-Second Video Views'. Facebook says that it's making these changes "to make the names clearer and more consistent". Please note that these are merely naming updates. There will be no change to how these metrics are calculated. See the links below for detailed definitions of each metric. Given there's no impact beyond the titles for each, the changes shouldn't cause any major issues - though as always, this will depend on how you've been using Facebook's video metrics, which aspects relate to your own reporting, etc.