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How is automation changing the face of brands' social media conversations

March 12, 2019 / Micha Nielsen

It’s no secret how quickly advancements in technology are changing the digital landscape and diversifying how people talk to one another online – and automation is very much at the forefront. But as more organisations look into enhancing their everyday communication, it’s important to remember that such systems have been developed to – among other reasons – further assist instant, social media conversations with customers.There’s no doubt that with the rise in social media came an unprecedented demand for organisations to be more responsive in real-time. And that’s when the challenge was set for marketers everywhere. How could they continue to communicate with their audience online, throughout various platforms, at such a rapid rate?Automation has seemingly gone some way into answering that customer conundrum and helping brands get their messages out on a global scale, so there is no question that such systems are being taken seriously.In fact,...