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Google Shopping Ads to Automatically Appear in Google Images

March 12, 2019 / Matt Southern

Google Images is now a default placement option for Google Ads users who are running shopping ads.An email went out late last week to inform advertisers of this change.Previously, users had to manually opt-in to the Search Partner Network in order to have shopping ads displayed in Google Images.The images section of Google search was previously part of the Search Partner Network. Now it’s part of Google’s own search network.What’s most important for Google Ads users to know about this change is that shopping ads will now start to appear on Google Images.The change is automatic and advertisers will not need to make any manual adjustments to their campaign settings.Not only is it automatic but it appears to be mandatory. Google Ads users cannot opt out of this change. Even if advertisers do see a traffic increase, it’s fair to question whether they’ll be receiving the same quality of traffic.It’s not unreasonable to assume that traffic from Google Shop...