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10 Ways to Fight the Decline in Organic Reach on Social Media

March 11, 2019 / Dhariana Lozano

As time goes on, it feels like organic reach on social platforms continues to decline further and further, even when it already seems like you're only getting to a tiny fraction of your audience with each of your posts. In this post, I’ve compiled 10 solid principles that will help you fight the decline of organic reach on social media, and maintain your referral traffic numbers.Hopefully these notes will help you negotiate the ongoing reductions, and improve your performance. The first part to getting over a decline in organic reach on social media is to learn about the algorithms of each social media network that you’re currently using.In a generalized nutshell, social platform algorithms are based on three basic principles: Recency - How long ago you published a post Relevancy - How relevant your posts are to your audience.Engagement - How your audience reacts to posts you’ve published (likes comments and shares)