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Facebook says it has suspended 200 apps for possible misuse of data

May 14, 2018 / Amy Gesenhues

Since suspending Cambridge Analytica for using an app to exploit user information nearly two months ago, Facebook says it has now suspended an additional 200 more apps. Following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook said it would begin a thorough audit and investigation of all apps on its platform with access to large amounts of user data. The company says it has now investigated thousands of apps and the result, so far, has been the suspension of 200 apps that are now pending an investigation.  Facebook had separated its investigation process into two phases: first, a comprehensive review of apps that had access to large amounts of user data, and then, interviews with the organizations behind the identified apps to determine what data it accessed and possible audits of the company connected to the app. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has previously said any apps that refused to cooperate or failed an audit would be banned from Facebook.