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How to build a fearless marketing team

April 26, 2018 / Matt Zilli

Last month in this space, I wrote that fearlessness is the only recourse for marketers in today’s digital world. My point was that fearless marketers are those who aren’t afraid to take difficult actions — from embracing AI and large-scale personalization to aggressively proving marketing’s value — to continually increase engagement with customers. This month, I want to focus on another way to be fearless. As a CMO or marketing leader, you can’t go it alone. We need to build fearless marketing organizations populated by a mix of people eager to contribute bold ideas, unafraid of dirtying their hands with new technologies and proficient at striking partnerships across the enterprise so that marketing truly owns the customer experience end-to-end. How does one go about building such an organization? Do you cultivate existing employees, or do you recruit from outside? As usual, it’s probably going to be a combination of both, although it is genera...