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Pixability offers a new self-service video ad platform

March 06, 2018 / Barry Levine

Video ad platform Pixability is out with a new self-service integrated platform for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The Boston-based company says the new offering is unique because marketers can conduct their campaigns for those three environments via a single interface that tracks them as a unified effort. This is the first integrated platform that enables video ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Chief Product Officer Alan Beiagi told me, and the first outside of Google to offer self-service for buying and dynamically optimizing video ads for YouTube ads. The platform can scan more than 7.8 million YouTube channels, which the company says is nine times what any other tool offers. Previously, Pixiability had been utilizing a similar internal platform for a managed service that provided comparable capabilities, and now it’s making a version of that platform available as self-service. The company says its services have been utilized by such major agencies as Dent...