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Placed introduces ‘Placed Insights’ to educate the market about location data

March 01, 2018 / Greg Sterling

Location analytics company Placed (owned by Snap) is launching “Placed Insights,” a free tool that allows users to visualize and better understand location data. Placed founder David Shim told me that he believes this will help agencies and advertisers see the value of location intelligence and boost the entire industry. Shim said that Placed has made its “full data set” available in the tool, which is comprised of first, second and third party data. The free version doesn’t have all the capabilities of a paid, premium version but it’s still very interesting and instructive. Shim hopes that agencies and brands will use the tool to understand how location data can offer insights into audiences, brand affinities and competitive benchmarking. He hopes that once people begin to play with it that they’ll start asking more questions about their customers and their competitors’ audiences as well.