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Adobe Target gets some new tools for mobile marketing

February 28, 2018 / Barry Levine

A Visual Experience Composer and a visual QA make it easier for non-technical users to modify in-app experiences. To help marketers better tweak their mobile experiences, Adobe is today announcing several enhancements for Target, which offers A/B testing for customizing experiences. The key one is a new Visual Experience Composer for mobile apps. Previously, if a marketer wanted to test, say, different discounts in an existing mobile app ad — such as 10 percent off versus 20 percent versus 30 percent — she would have utilized a text-based workflow that often required some code help from a developer. Now, Visual Experience Composer lets the marketer swap images (built elsewhere) or text inside a visual simulation without a developer, and then run A/B tests. The marketer can’t change functionality, but most ads have limited functions anyway.